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3 Crucial Consideration Steps Prior to Getting a Letterbox

May 5, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon

Despite being a small design element, the letterbox has the most prominent position in a home’s exterior. It’s the first thing that captures the eye’s attention and therefore, it is important for creating a nice first impression of a home. Simply by taking the time and investing a couple of dollars more in the model and make of your letterbox, you can create the perfect combination of functionality and style. For that reason, here are the 3 important steps to consider when looking for the letterbox that will complement your home.


Perhaps the most important step in choosing a letterbox is finding the right material. Remember, your letterbox should be able to withstand the elements. Therefore, when going through the wide range of letterboxes Australia stores sell, look for a material that can endure harsh weather. However, the material of the letterbox also needs to fit in well with the rest of your house’s exterior.

A stainless steel letterbox will suit a house with a modern facade. Plus, metal offers the much needed safety, making your letterbox hard to break into. But if you have a more traditional or a cottage-like exterior, then you might consider a timber letterbox. A rich coat of timber oil or stain will improve this letterbox’ longevity, protect the colour from fading away and maintain its glow. We should mention that there are cheap plastic models of letterboxes as well, however, they don’t add much in terms of looks and have a much shorter life span.



Different homeowners have different preferences regarding the positioning of their letterbox. For this reason, there are a couple of types of letterboxes Australia residents can choose from.

Door Installed – This type of letterbox is not mounted but rather incorporated into the door. There are models that come with a small opening on the back that lets you get your mail without opening the door.

Wall Mounted – If you don’t want to disturb the precious look of your door but still want to be able to get your mail in your pyjamas, go with a wall mounted letterbox. You can attach it to the wall next to your front door or on any other wall you like.

Flush Mounted – This type of letterbox is a dream come true for all the minimalism lovers out there. It is subtly inserted into a wall cavity, completely sinking in. However, without a clear indication, such as putting your name or address on it, postmen might find it difficult to spot it.

Fence Mounted – This type of letterbox is attached to your fence making it convenient for postmen to deliver your mail without actually entering your property. The downside of it however, is that it might get vandalised if you live in a though neighbourhood.

Post Mounted – Don’t forget the good old post mounted letterbox. Also called a curbside letterbox, this is the most traditional model and it is the first image that usually comes to mind when mentioning letterboxes. You can put it behind your fence to protect it, or in front of it if you live in a calm neighbourhood and are confident nobody will destroy it.


There’s one rule about colour which can also come in handy when choosing a letterbox: when in doubt – go neutral. White, cream, grey and even charcoal hues will fit in well in all kinds of surroundings – from a quiet suburban neighbourhood to a busy city block. However, if you want to try out something interesting, you can use these colours to create an ombre effect, or go completely bold and use bright colours like sky blue or pink.