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Industrial Equipment

Beyond Aesthetics – Steps to Finding the Ideal Work Boots

November 4, 2019 — by Richard Dawson


If there’s one piece of protective gear that you can’t be without once you clock in, it’s a pair of high-quality work boots. They’re of great importance to have no matter what industry you’re working in. The right pair of work boots will keep you safe from whatever the job throws at you and will help make sure that you stay comfortable during your workday. However, not all work shoes are made the same. There are many different types of work boots with different features to suit different needs and styles.

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Steps to Selecting the Ideal Label Printer

March 7, 2019 — by Richard Dawson


commercial label printer

Whether you’re working in an office, a factory floor or a distribution facility, you’ve probably used or needed a label printer at some point. Labeling printers aren’t just useful for managing and labeling stock, but they also play a crucial role in managing internal files and documents to make sure they don’t go missing. With that said, if you’re on the market for a brand new commercial label printer, there are a couple of important factors to consider in order to ensure you buy the best one.

As is the case with most printing solutions, finding the best commercial label printer will mostly depend on your business needs. In order to determine them, you first need to ask yourself and find the answer to the following questions:

  • How often will you be printing labels?
  • How many labels will you need at once?
  • How important are speed and quality?
  • What size labels will you need?
  • Is label printing an ongoing or a temporary requirement?
  • Will you need a portable label printer?

Understanding your specific requirements and knowing your budget will be key to picking the right printer. But before I get into the different printer types, worth knowing is that you’ll come across two classes of label printing mechanisms – thermal printing and inkjet printing technology.

Thermal printing technology uses heat to create a permanent image. There are two basic types of thermal printing – direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. Direct thermal printing uses a chemically treated material that becomes darker when it’s heated up through the thermal print head. It doesn’t require ribbons or ink, but it can only create black and white prints that fade over time. It’s a very popular method for barcode printing. Thermal transfer printing, on the other hand, works by applying heat to a wax- or resin-based printer ribbon via the thermal print head. The heat melts the ribbon’s surface and the resin or wax is applied to the label to get the desired design.

As far as types go, there are two basic types – commercial colour label printers, and handheld and desktop printers. Commercial colour label printers are for heavy-duty printing requirements such as manufacturing plants or factory floors. They offer quality prints and can meet high demands without compromising speed and quality. Handheld and desktop printers are portable and quick, which makes them ideal for warehouse and office labeling. Although they’re small, these label printers can also handle heavy-duty operations and can be used in demanding industrial environments.

There are also two types of inkjet printing technology – piezoelectric and thermal. The piezoelectric method is the more sophisticated, more accurate and faster one, and it is the only one used for commercial label printing. In this method, each ink droplet is pushed out of the head nozzle by a plate that’s powered by an electric current. These droplets are then precisely fired onto the label surface to produce a quality image. Piezoelectric printers are very efficient, fast, and cheap to operate.

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Be the Muffin in a World of Cupcakes: Step Up Your Muffin Game with the Right Equipment

January 4, 2019 — by Richard Dawson


“Muffins should always be eaten quite calmly, as it is the only way to eat them!” – Oscar Wilde

Agreed. Nothing beats a morning coffee and the smell of freshly baked muffins. Wholesome recipes, quality ingredients and a whole lot of love … that’s what it’s all about. For us consumers at least it is. For the players on the other side of the counter, it’s not as simple.

muffin depositor

Fierce competition among industry players, asks for creative measures. To be able to stay in the game, bakery cafes need more than clean stores and amazing customer service. But improved sales are not always just about devising a new plan. More often than not, seeing brilliant results is about making the right investment. Equipment investment that is.

Let’s take muffin depositors for example. The main goals of muffin depositors are accuracy and maintaining product integrity. This machine is designed to faultlessly process a great variety of muffins and is especially suitable for depositing muffins with nuts, raisins, fruit, chocolate etc. Another thing that depositors take care of is waste – it is minimal, or, in some cases, non-existent.

The features that make muffin depositor a very convenient piece of equipment are many, starting from the possibility to easily pre-program it, to the option to deposit semi-liquid/ less liquid products as well as heavier or harder goods. Moreover, you can adjust the speed and dosage even during the production process and you can control up to 25 different products at the same time. By using this machine you will certainly notice that the production speed is increased. Muffin depositors are easy to clean and are gentle on all products. Large port openings permit the passing of chunky ingredients (often found in muffins) without crushing and destroying the form. The muffin depositor uses diving spouts for depositing viscous batters including those with a high concentration of frozen fruit or berries.

An important thing each cafe owner should be aware of is that the production process is not the only key thing when it comes to satisfying the customers. One additional essential element for success, besides high-quality production, is the consistency of the goods you sell. The right amount of ingredients must be used each time a new muffin is produced. One simple way to achieve this is by using a depositor. This way you can be sure that you’ll get the same amount of product, in the chosen pattern, with the same quality – every time, without the possibility of failure.

Finally, when it comes to the food industry, sanitation is something that is taken very seriously. This should also apply to the equipment you bring into your kitchen. Contaminated muffins may lead to poisoning which in turn can ruin your reputation. This is why proper processing and production techniques are so pivotal. Luckily, there are sanitary muffin depositors that keep products separate and use product guards that direct contaminants away from product zones.

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Step Up Your Packaging Game Using Bundling Stretch Film

December 18, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


stretch film bundling
Packaging is the last but arguably one of the most important business operations. The constant innovations in the plastic industry have a huge impact on the packaging industry. Bundling stretch film, in particular, has made packaging much more easy and convenient in a wide range of industries. It’s made by polymerising ethylene in a high-pressure reactor. The resin is subsequently blown, slit and wound to create thin film rolls, which are used by product manufacturers for a wide range of packaging purposes.

The manufacturing process of bundling stretch film makes the stretch potential around the product to be in the 40%-60% range in the length of the film, and in the 5%-15% range in the transverse width of the film. Stretching happens when the film absorbs energy which is typically applied in the form of heat energy, which results in the molecule’s chains to return to their natural arrangement. The film casts to the product, and that results in a tight, unitised pack. This results in additional palletising, shipping and handling benefits over unitising and packaging products using a corrugated box.

Stretch pallet wrap bundle

Furthermore, using stretch bundling reduces waste production. Opening a corrugated box entails opening it, breaking it down and storing it until you get the chance to dispose of it properly. On the other hand, stretch bundling significantly reduces the amount of packaging, which results in creating less greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the film can be recycled to create new products. This makes stretch bundling very appealing to product manufacturers who are looking for environmentally-friendly packaging solutions.

Additionally, stretch bundling minimises the overall weight and size of the package, which results in lower shipping costs. At the same time, this can increase pallet density, which is another huge benefit. However, stretch bundling still doesn’t compromise on the safety of the package. There are stretch bundling films that vary in blends and thickess, so you’ll eventually find one that’s appropriate for your specific applications.

And last but not least, stretch bundling has various properties that allow for a wide range of enclosures to be achieved. The enclosure type will depend on the distribution requirements as well as the product requirements. Besides creating unitising packs, different enclosure types can provide extremely appealing packaging, as well as protection from abrasions and dust, containment of leaks inside the package, or protection from tampering evidence. All of these benefits make stretch bundling one of the most popular, if not the most popular packaging solution for businesses world wide.

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Handling Equipment: The First Step to a Productive and Safe Warehouse

November 19, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


The purpose of material handling equipment is pretty straightforward – to make material handling in commercial settings more convenient, more efficient and safer for the workers who are handling a broad range of products. Lifting heavy materials can take a toll on a person, which can result in serious injuries, followed by a sick leave and possibly getting sued. All of these things can leave your business financially strained, and employee satisfaction may drop significantly, which in turn can reduce productivity. A safe worker is a happy worker, and all managers have a duty to ensure their employees are safe from harm and happy with their jobs. For that reason, investing in material handling equipment such as trolleys, trucks and racking systems can be one of the most valuable long-term investments.

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3 Steps to Picking the Right Spill Response Kit

October 26, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


If your facility deals with liquids on a daily basis, then a spill kit is an absolute must-have. Picking the right one is important when dealing with leaks and spills. However, with so many choices available, how do you know which spill kit is best for your business? Determining that isn’t as difficult as it seems, as spill kit manufacturers have made it quite easy. In fact, it’s quite easy only after you have the answers to the following questions.

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Drum Handling Equipment: The First Step to Safe and Efficient Drum Handling

April 16, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


If you’re a third-party logistics business manager who deals with liquids on daily basis, then you probably understand the dangers that can arise from wrongly handling a full 55 gallon drum, which can weigh up to 2000 pounds. The last thing you want is your employees being hurt, and spilling the contents of toxic chemicals can become a serious hazard. Some people use forklifts to “safely” move the heavy drums, some roll them on the bottom rim of the drum, while others roll them across the floor.

All of this can be practical, but very dangerous and inefficient when compared to using special drum handling equipment Australia safety experts advise. The first thing companies that deal with drums need to do is advise their employees on safety and preventive procedures when handling drums. All drums should be properly marked with the Material Safety Data Sheet which showcases the level of danger the drum can cause to the people handling it.

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Steps to Getting All That You Can from Your Polyethylene Bags

January 3, 2018 — by Richard Dawson


Somehow everyone knows that there are in fact only two types of household items. There are the ones that have a very specific purpose, and they will either be very ineffective or just downright break if used for anything other than that singular function and then there are the other type of items that are much more flexible in their utility.

One such very commonly used multi-purpose item are the polyethylene or poly bags. You can find these poly bags for sale anywhere and with good reason since they are one of, if not the most useful items that inevitably turn up in every household. They are made out of the most common plastic in the world (polyethylene), which is actually much more durable than people give it credit for, and depending on the thickness of the plastic itself, can be used to possibly store and carry a large number of items without ripping.

Poly Bags For Sale

Speaking of tearing and ripping, a lot of poly bags for sale are made out of different thicknesses and sizes. The more heavy duty ones can be used for bigger and bulkier objects and even ones with sharp and jagged edges, and still be able to withstand quite a bit without giving out.

The bigger but slightly thinner bags can be used for the trash, as they can fit a large load inside and are of course made of plastic, so they are very durable when it comes to not letting liquids and other unpleasant substances, in general, to leak out.

The smallest and most delicate ones can be used to keep your little knick-knacks all in one orderly place or you could use them to wrap your fruits and vegetables so that they can keep their freshness for a longer period of time.

A thing you should always keep in mind while using poly bags is that because of their durability they are usually capable of handling a much larger load than you would have initially guessed. That means that unless you are sure that a single one might not be able to reliably carry a certain object or weight, then there really isn’t much of a need to waste too many bags for a task that one would be more than sufficient for. This will both save you a bit of money, as well as cause less potential damage to the environment in the long run.

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Steps to Buying the Ideal Strapping Tool

October 20, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


If you own a warehouse or any other type of shipping company, then you probably understand the importance of properly reinforcing, fastening, holding, combining and stabilising the products you work with, or in other words, the importance of strapping products. While getting the right strapping material can be rather easy, as there are only a few options to choose from, buying strapping tools can sometimes be somewhat confusing.

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Steps to Choosing the Right Power Drill

October 16, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Need to drill a cabinet into a super thick wall? Or perhaps fit your new hardwood floors? Or maybe you have the hard job of fastening something onto concrete? With a power drill all of these tasks are easily achievable. Power drills are built to tackle more heavy-duty work than your average household tool. Their powerful rotating motion significantly increases the force of the drill and gives the tool a lot of oomph. Although a power drill looks rather simple, considering the unlimited number of different models out there, the choice can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you, here are the 3 most important steps which should guide your decision.

power drills

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Steps to Safely Using a Circular Saw

September 29, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Perhaps you’re a DIY enthusiast, perhaps not, but there still comes a time and day when you make use of certain tools. Let’s be honest, nowadays it’s more affordable to enlarge your toolkit (or tool collection), and learn how to create things on your own than having to rely on professionals.

Such is also the case with woodworking, and apart from paying attention on all the different types of circular saw online available for sale, it’s equally important to pay attention on the PPE (personal protective equipment).

Circular Saw Online

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Steps to Choosing a High Pressure Water Pump

September 22, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Poor water pressure can make simple everyday activities like bathing and washing the dishes difficult and more time-consuming. A great solution in this case would be to install a high pressure pump that is designed to increase the pressure in your pipes at relatively low water flow. All high pressure water pumps rely on the same principles by applying pressure to water with the main purpose to boost the flow. They make use of a specifically designed device know as prison or plunger, which is placed inside a cylinder that applies more pressure on the water, thus making it move faster within the pipes.

It’s important to mention that the name high pressure water pumps can often be misleading since these pumps don’t create pressure, instead they’re designed to deliver a higher water flow. The flow of water, measured in gallons per minute (gpm), is basically the volume of water that is moving at a given speed during a specific period of time. The operating cycle of all high pressure water pumps consist of two stages: suction and compression. During the suction stage, the pump delivers water into the cylinder, while the compression stage is the part of the operating cycle when the pump pushes the water out of the cylinder.

There are various types of high pressure water pumps that differ in both efficiency and performance. Some are specifically designed for heavy duty industrial applications, others are better suited to home applications and there are models that can be used with both. To choose the right pump that will best suit your specific needs, there are some essential factors you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

High Pressure Water Pump

Electric vs. Gas Powered Water Pumps

A high pressure water pump can be powered by either a gas engine or an electrical motor. An electrical water pump can operate on either 120V or 230V, depending on its design and specific use. Both models are designed to be used indoors and can be plugged into a standard outlet. But, it’s important to mention that some models of 230V pumps may require installation of special electrical outlets. Unlike electrical pumps that can only be used in locations where outlets are readily available, the use of gas powered pumps is not limited by electrical sockets and cords. This makes them ideal for outdoor use. They are more powerful than their electrical counterparts, but also require more maintenance and emit carbon monoxide, which means they shouldn’t be used indoors. Therefore, if you’re looking for a safe and efficient pump that can solve the poor water pressure in your home, an electrical model might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Essential Features to Look For

When comparing different models of pumps, there are some essential features to keep in mind that will help you figure out what model will best suit your specific needs. The gmp discharge capacity is the first feature to look our for simply because it has a major influence on the pump’s performance and efficiency. As mentioned before gmp (gallons per minute) determines the speed at which the pump moves the water from one point to another. Another feature to look out for is the design and material of the volute, which is the component that creates the pressure needed to boost the water flow. Look for a pump that has a sturdy volute, preferably made of cast iron which is a highly resistant material.

Accessories for Enhanced Pump Performance

All high pressure water pumps have advanced features and practical design, which makes them the ideal solution for any kind of issues in your home related to low water pressure. However, there are some accessories that can further enhance the efficiency of your pump. For instance, modern adaptors allow you to connect your pump to a hose, thus extending its uses around the house. Investing in quality durable gaskets designed to keep the pump hose kit working at optimum performance is also a smart move.

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Increase Your Knowledge Level on Laser Levels

September 6, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


With the large variety of laser levels available nowadays, it can be quite difficult to just shop and decide on which model to purchase. Moreover, researching and learning about all the different models is something most people don’t want to, or simply don’t have the time to deal with. In this article, I’ll try to talk about the popular features in most level lasers, and which model may suit you best.

The first thing you need to do, is figure out what tasks you aim to accomplish with your laser. Are you only going to work indoors, only outdoors, or a little bit of both? Do you want to install chair rails, an underground pipe, construction site grading or fence posts? All of these questions may help you define what features you’re looking for. Moreover, finding laser level sales, especially online discounts can save you a ton of money.

Laser Levels

When looking at laser level sales, you’ll typically come across 3 types of lasers that can make your layouts less time consuming for specific distances – dot lasers, line level and rotary level lasers. For shorter distances, both dot and line laser levels are recommended, while rotary are ideal for longer distances. However, this can vary depending on the application or task.

Dot lasers produce multiple or a single dot of reference on the work surface or wall, they work like a laser plumb bob or a reference point. Line level lasers emit a level line on the work surface or wall in a single or cross-hair manner. They typically emit level lines in a single direction onto a single workplace or wall. Line level lasers are typically used indoors and are compact, hand-held devices either positioned on a saw horse, ladder, desk or mounted on a laser platform, or light-weight jamb pole which extends from the floor to the ceiling.

Rotary lasers, on the other hand emit a level line in a rotary manner. They typically emit a line throughout the whole room in 360°. They’re typically larger in size and are mounted on surveying tripods. Some can be laid over on the side by utilising a trivet, which enables them to project a vertical plane. If you want to operate a rotary laser outdoors, you should also get a laser detector, because your eye can’t see the laser in daylight.

Lasers are typically manual or self-leveling. Manual lasers require the user to manually level the unit while self-leveling lasers automatically find and maintain a level within a particular range. Moreover, consider whether you want a horizontal only or a dual beam laser. Horizontal beam lasers only emit a single beam from the beacon, while dual-beam lasers emit both vertical and horizontal beams which establish both plumb and level reference lines.

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What Makes Power Generators a Stepping Stone for Convenience?

July 27, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


History has proved that Australia is Earth’s magnet for floods and bad weather. That has led many homeowners in Australia to rely on power generators as a precaution regarding prolonged power outages. They are buying power generators that have enough capacity to run some of their essential appliances, like for example, a refrigerator full of spoiled food.

Utility companies do try to keep up with the power failures after storms, however, they do not always make it. And that is why homeowners decide to take matters into their own hands. And since increased number of severe storms are to be expected in the upcoming years, increased sale of power generators is a part of the forecast too.

Power Generator

That high demand is contributing to the falling prices of these devices. For example, a 2.4 kVA power generator can be bought for about $650. It can keep small home appliances running for several hours as well as small hand tools, allowing you to get the job done on your home or work site. To keep a refrigerator or other essential equipment like pumps running, a bigger and more powerful generator is required. Thus, an extensive range of power generators are available to suit almost any power requirements.

Manufacturers have reported that sales have been unusually steady in the last few years. This is probably due to the convenience these devices offer.

  • It Can Save Your Life

This is not an attempts to sound dramatic – a power generator can be a blessing emergencies wise. For example, you will be able to connect your television or radio to obtain information concerning the current situation and the required safety measures to take, such as evacuation. Plus, you’ll be able to have the area properly lit as to help eliminate the risk of injuries and accidents.

  • Mobility

Portable power generators are easy to move around and some models even come with wheels and handle. Smaller models are even easier to carry by hand and take from one place to another.

  • Safety

It is common for people to be a bit concerned when using a device that produces electricity, but for your peace of mind, power generators come with a range of safety features that reduce the risk of injuries and damages to almost zero. All generators come with circuit breaker protection, which prevents overloads, and effective mechanisms that regulate voltage. Many models also come with inverter technology that allows the production of clean energy which is totally safe for powering sensitive electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.

All in all, a power generator is a versatile and efficient apparatus that helps families in Australia keep their most essential home appliances running in times that they most need them to. In addition to emergencies, you can also use your generator for recreational purposes, such as camping if you’re all about that extra convenience while in nature trend.

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The Step to Improving at Sandblasting is Through the Speed

July 20, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Thanks to the evolution humankind has gone through, we’ve been able to produce whatever we felt the need of throughout the centuries. That’s how we ended up with so many useful tools that are meant to save us the effort and time. This is also the case with cleaning out, and restoring, all sorts of surfaces, and preparing them for paintwork – all with the help of sandblasting.

If you’ve tried out your sandblasting skills, you were probably as impressed as I was in finding out exactly how powerful the whole process is, and every other surface cleaning and paintwork prepping process, such as wire brushing, and the use of rust neutralisers, pales in comparison. An air sandblaster has the power to clean and blast away rust, or corrosion that may have cropped on your belongings, no matter the materials they’re made of, so you’d increase your workmanship by getting things done in no time.