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Soft Steps: Tips for Choosing the Right Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

December 13, 2021 — by Richard Dawson

cozy living room
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It is true that decor is one of the important steps to creating a meaningful home. However, the flooring you choose can also contribute a lot to the final appearance and comfort of the rooms. If you are renovating or building a brand new home, you may be wondering which flooring could deliver the pleasant atmosphere and aesthetic appearance you need and want. Vinyl flooring is a fantastic option to consider. 

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Step Up Your Green Thumb Game: Self-Watering Plant Pots Do the Watering for You

December 2, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon


In all honesty, everyone needs some type of hobby or recreational activity to help them get their minds off their stressful work lives and busy schedules. Some people do sports, others take time out by reading and you just so happen to join the gardening bunch. Gardening is perhaps the most rewarding hobby of the bunch because you literally get to watch the fruits of your labour grow and marvel at their beauty. You definitely only want the best plants for your backyard. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Dining Table Buying Guide: Concrete vs. Wood

October 14, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon


Dining tables have a central place in people’s homes. Despite their name, they are almost never used only for dining. This important piece of furniture may turn out to be the table around which you will have some of the best conversations of your life with family or friends, where you have your morning coffees alone or with the people you love, the table on which your children or your future children will make their homework, read books, or draw. 

concrete table
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But even though when you are choosing a dining table for your home, you are not simply choosing a table, it’s still a big piece of furniture that will be used a lot. And while any old table can serve the purpose, you should buy something that you will love for a long time. This can be a very hard task because there are many, many different models by many manufacturers and in many stores. So, even before starting looking, if you can, you should narrow down your options according to several factors, including style, materials, shape, size, etc.

Every piece of furniture in your home serves an important decorative purpose. This is why dining tables, which have a main role in the dining room, should be a part of your whole concept, they should be stylish, they should match the rest of the décor. In other words, they should look good, be positioned in the right place, be decorated in an aesthetically pleasing way… There is a vast range of dining tables to choose from, which are made from many different materials such as glass, concrete, stone, wood, metal, etc. Here we will be looking at concrete and wooden dining tables, as two somewhat opposite but stunning options. 

When to Choose Concrete Dining Tables 

For homes designed with contemporary décor styles, such as Scandinavian or industrial, homeowners and interior designers can choose a variety of dining tables concrete or wood top for a minimalistic and open concept. While wood is quite a popular choice for dining tables, concrete is somewhat more daring. 

source: schots.com.au

Concrete dining tables are typical for industrial style design, which is inspired by big, open, industrial spaces like factories and warehouses, and characterised by furniture made of raw materials with an unfinished look. However, furniture pieces like this can also look gorgeous combined with other styles, including Scandi or coastal, enriching them with a touch of edginess and personality.

Concrete furniture has become popular in recent years, because of its simple but unique look. It’s also very durable and resilient, and it can last longer than most other types of tables. So, if you are looking for uniqueness and personality, a concrete dining table can be a great option for your home. Like all other types of tables, dining tables concrete tops can have round or rectangular shapes. They can be entirely made of concrete, or they can be combined with metal.

You can match industrial style furniture like a concrete dining room table with wood, metal and glass. Generally, it looks best with neutral colours, even though it can also be combined with more vivid colours. The contrast between the cold colour of the concrete and the colour of metal, or the warm colours of wooden floors and wooden furniture pieces, or other colours, can add a lot of style and elegancy to your dining room, and make it quite eye-catching.

When to Choose Wooden Dining Tables 

wooden table
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Wood is probably the most common material used for dining tables, and while concrete gives a cold vibe, wood brings warmth. Wooden tables come in a wide variety of shapes, colours, finishes and designs. These tables are classic, and while usually, they come in rectangular, square, oval or round shapes, you can also find wooden dining tables in irregular shapes, which can look very unique. In other words, because of their incredible diversity whether your home is contemporary, modern or traditional, there are wooden dining tables that can be suitable for your home.

Aside from dining tables entirely made of wood, you can also find ones made of a combination of wood and metal, or other materials, which can give them an even more modern look. One of the reasons why wood is a great option for tables is that it looks beautiful and manufacturers can make incredible things with it. Moreover, tables made of wood are incredibly strong, durable and long-lasting. In fact, high-quality wooden dining tables can serve a family for years, and even for generations.

Not only are they easy to clean, but they can also handle lots and lots of spills, scrapes and scratches for a long time, and because they can be so easily maintained and repaired, there is rarely a reason to replace them. Namely, unlike other types of tables, wooden tables can even be sand down and refinished. They can also be painted in a different colour if you are looking for a change. 

Furthermore, wood has the ability to add warmth to your room, which is why it’s great for a number of home décors, including industrial, Scandinavian, traditional, etc. It is also a great option for minimalistic interior styling. Wooden tables can have a gloss or a matt finish. Both options can look good, but it all depends on your personal preferences as well as the décor of your dining room.    

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Home Décor: Easy Steps to Creating a Meaningful Home

October 14, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon


Few things make a house your home like decorations. Even though everything we choose to place in our homes serves an aesthetical purpose, and it is all a reflection of our personality, the objects that only serve to decorate are where you will be able to express yourself much more clearly and noticeably. Home decoration accessories are a very broad term that can include an endless number of objects. From the bigger ones, such as the wall coverings, the rugs, the curtains, all the way to the smaller ones like the wall art, vases, candles, etc. 

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How to Pick the Perfect Lamp for Your Bedroom

August 27, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon


Lighting enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room and dictates the mood and ambience of your living space. Therefore, choosing a good home lighting design can define your interior, giving it a different feel and sense of style. With so many lamp styles available on the market today, it can be hard to pick the right one. The type and design of the lamp you choose can either make or break the entire atmosphere of the room, as each design is different and many models have multiple functions. 

bedside lamps
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Steps to Choosing the Perfect Footstool For Your Living Room

August 16, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon


If you’re looking for a stylish, yet affordable way to enhance your living room’s look without draining your wallet, then a nice footstool can be the perfect solution. Not only do footstools & ottomans work as gorgeous decoration elements for every living room, but they’re also great as extra storage, extra seating and even as coffee tables.

So, if you suddenly got tempted to get a gorgeous ottoman seat for your living room, know that you’ll undoubtedly come across the huge range of choices the market nowadays offers. This is why we put together a couple of great tips to help you choose the right option.

Choose the Right Material

Source: The Footstool Workshop

Before you decide to explore the footstools Australia wide furniture shops offer, know that these gorgeous furniture elements can be made of many different materials and not all of them are equally good.

For instance, leather is a very popular choice when it comes to footstools. Not only is it a natural material that looks very elegant and lavish, but leather is also very breathable, durable and features high-tensile strength as well as good heat insulation for keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Leather is also very resistant to tearing, flexing, puncturing, wet and dry abrasion, fire, different fungi and chemical attacks which makes it the perfect material for upholstered furniture elements.

In addition to leather, cotton upholstery fabrics are also a great choice when it comes to ottomans & footstools. This is due to cotton being one of the softest and most breathable upholstery materials that offer ultimate comfort while letting the material breathe and allowing the air to circulate. Cotton materials are also completely washable as well as resistant to abrasion, which makes them the perfect material for people with sensitive skin and other skin conditions.

Some cotton upholstery materials can be blended with wool materials which are considered one of the best furniture fabrics without any doubt. Wool materials are very comfortable, durable, hardwearing and look warm and cosy at the same time. But the best part of wool upholsteries is that this fabric is resistant to fire, mould, mildew, stains, different allergens and repels moisture very effectively.

Get the Right Size

Source: Evening Standard

Deciding about the material is not the only thing you should consider before you throw yourself into searching for footstools Australia wide, since size plays a big role in the footstool’s overall appearance and how it impacts your living room and comfort too.

For instance, if you want to prop your feet up the footstool while having a cup of coffee, make sure you choose one that won’t be taller than the furniture you’re about to sit on. Such footstools have a height of around 35cm, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose a shorter one you can carry to different areas of your home and rest your feet while sitting on furniture seats featuring different heights.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an ottoman that will serve as an extra seat for your guests, then make sure that it’s also shorter than your living room couch, but still a little bit taller than the one you’re about to rest your feet on. This way, the person sitting on the ottoman won’t feel like they’re sitting on the ground, and you can still use it to prop your feet.

Some ottomans can also feature opening lids and they’re known as storage ottomans. Such ottomans usually feature sturdy construction and can be also used as portable, yet stylish coffee tables. If you’re looking for this kind of ottoman, make sure that it’s tall enough so you can comfortably reach for your cup of tea or coffee, and accommodate different stuff inside.

However, don’t forget to consider your living room size and the overall décor. If you’re choosing an ottoman for your small living room, then a too tall and bulky one may overwhelm the entire space and ruin the cohesion of the entire room décor. On the other hand, choosing a too-small one may not be as functional as it should be. So make sure you opt for your room and choose with functionality on your mind.

Pick a Gorgeous Design

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So, starting from the leather upholstered ones, they’re perfect for adding a dose of luxury and elegance and work perfectly in almost every living room style. On the other hand, there’re also modern footrests featuring sharp and straight edges and lines and sleek designs which are perfect for every minimalistic, contemporary, industrial or Scandinavian-styled living room. Such footstools are usually upholstered in fabrics featuring different colours, and can also come with wooden legs.

The range of different colours, styles and designs on the market is huge, so make sure you unleash your inner designer and choose the perfect stylish option for your home.

Where to Place a Footstool?

Source: Home Stratosphere

One of the main purposes of a footstool is to rest your feet on, and if you’re looking for one of these, you’re obviously going to place it near your favourite resting spot. But footrests aren’t intended just for resting your feet, since they also work as a great decoration element for every living room out there.

So, if you’re in need of something extra for your living room, you can always go for two identical ottomans and place them across from your sofa or the coffee table. This way they will also work as extra sitting options or side tables while elevating your living room décor to the next level.

A new ottoman can also become the focal point of your living room since it can act as the ultimate accent element. So, make sure you place it in front of your fireplace, under a console table or anywhere you feel it’ll steal the attention once somebody enters your living room.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these gorgeous furniture pieces. As long as you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, you’ll see how your new footrest becomes a universal furniture element and the most lavish decoration at the same time.

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3 Easy Steps to Enhance the Look of Your Living Room

May 12, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon


Living room decor
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Whether you’re moving to a new place or the time for a home makeover has come, the living room is usually one of the first areas you think about decorating. It’s one of the most important rooms of a home, the place where you may be hanging out alone and recuperating, or enjoying time with your family, but most people feel a lot of pressure here since this is the room most of your guests will see and spend time in.

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Outdoor Kitchen Guide: Step Up Your Al Fresco Dining Game

April 20, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon


No matter what time of the year it is, if you live in the parts of Australia where summer is a constant, you know that having a nice backyard and a big, comfy patio is irreplaceable. 

Even in the parts of our country where the seasons do change, having the luxury to spend the warm months outside in the sun, but still within the privacy of your own home is something people with apartments really do envy. 

Big backyard
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A backyard and a patio have many perks. They can be used for so many things! From a playground for the children to a lovely space to meet with friends during those warm, lovely nights – the possibilities are endless. 

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3 Steps to Increase Your Bathroom Functionality

February 18, 2021 — by Richard Dawson


Few rooms in our house serve as many purposes like the bathroom. The bathroom needs to be functional and enjoyable, and a poorly planned space can affect the way you feel about it. And despite usually being the smallest, it’s one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. Therefore it’s important to get your bathroom functionality right the first time. Here are 3 simple steps to help you make a functional bathroom that will serve you and your family for years to come.

A Glass Shower Screen

A glass shower can turn an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like retreat at a glance. This modern set up provides an airy and light look and can visually expand a small bathroom. Glass bathroom shower doors are also essential for keeping your bathroom clean, tidy and safe. Indeed, most accidents at home happen in the bathroom, and that can be avoided by making this simple change. Besides being very functional, gorgeous high-quality bathroom shower doors will also add to the aesthetic and style of your bathroom.

glass shower screen
source: inglassdesign.com.au

The most affordable way to create a functional shower screen is to use a glass door on a walk-in shower stall. Shower doors are available either framed or frameless. Those with framing are considerably less expensive and they use glass panels joined by metal. Bath screens are waterproof barriers that prevent leaks and floods outside of the shower.

Frameless showers have a seamless look (because there is no metal). These doors use heavier glass that is fixed directly to the wall with minimal hardware. For an ultramodern glass shower, many designs nowadays include glass on several or all sides. If your goal is to achieve a minimalist design in your bathroom, frameless bath glass screens would be an ideal solution. A decision is even easier when you know that glass is free from corrosion, and you won’t have to worry about unflattering rust and black spots.

Bath shower screens may have single or double panel doors, and depending on your bathroom size and shape you can choose from rectangular, rounded, wall to wall, diamond shape etc. If privacy is your concern, glass shower doors can be transparent, semitransparent or etched for an additional cost.

bathroom glass shower screen
source: firstclassglass.com.au

A glass shower isn’t exactly a weekend renovation. And if it’s something you want to have in your bathroom, you should upgrade it during the initial building process and thank yourself later. Kitchens might sell homes, but any homeowner knows that a comfortable, functional bathroom is just as important.

Extra Storage Space

Extra storage is one of the features that can make considerable improvements in your bathroom’s functionality and therefore your lifestyle. Extra cabinets, practical wall hung bathroom vanities and organisers make a big difference between a cluttered cave and a serene space. Because there is much you can do with the space on the wall, opt for upgrades such as a wall hung vanity that can provide ample storage.

bathroom storage
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A variety of modern and classic styles offered in a hinge or sliding designs means that you can find a variety of wall hung bathroom vanities to complement any aesthetic. Depending on your bathroom decor, you can go for sleek, contemporary design in a matte finish, or create a relaxed coastal feel with wall hung vanity made from rattan. Rattan is an ideal choice for bathrooms as it’s a very sturdy and durable natural material that provides good moisture resistance.

There are also wall-hung vanities that come with drawers in different sizes to fit into any bathroom, and you can hang each drawer separately and create a unique vanity system. Modern technology allows full-length extension runners and adaptive cushions which close gently and silently and come with a premium slide-out feature.

Your storage space will be within convenient reach, great for keeping bins and boxes out of the direct sight. There is so much you can do with the extra wall storage space and keep your things totally organised. First of all, throw away all the stuff you don’t use on a regular basis. Then separate all your items into piles and keep similar products in the same drawers to create a coherent system. You can use plastic dividers within your drawers.

extra storage space for your bathroom
source: diynetwork.com

Simple doored cabinets are another great option to maximise the use of space under and around piping and it comes with open shelves inside. If it features pull-outs than you can fit thee house baskets and loose items and fit in there many objects and even a few large pieces.

Better Lighting

Bathrooms tend to have little access to natural light, which explains the need for brightness. There are a few changes you can do when it comes to brightness transformation, and excellent lighting is one of them. The first important lighting change should be a dimmer for the main lights as full artificial lights aren’t much fun when you want to relax and have a leisure bath.

You can also consider adding lighting in the shower instead of around it. You’ll find your shower more pleasant and safer when they’re lightened up. With a combination of bright light, dim light and coloured light you can create any atmosphere you want and make the right feeling and functionality of your bathroom.

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Step Up Your Kitchen Appeal with Vinyl Tile Flooring

February 16, 2021 — by Richard Dawson


The kitchen is one of the most frequent and hard-working rooms in the house. It’s easy to make a mess in the kitchen, and we’ve all been there. To minimise dirt and mess you need a kitchen floor that’s durable, comfortable and easy to clean. But aesthetics can’t be overlooked, so whether you’re furnishing a new kitchen or renovating your current one, one of the most important things to look for is the right flooring solution. 

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Waterfall Bathroom Sink Taps: Create a Personal Oasis in One Step

January 28, 2021 — by Richard Dawson


Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but our days begin and end in the bathroom. Taking a shower, brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, preparing for bed… So, you could easily say that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. However, it’s more than functionality that matters. The way your bathroom is put together aesthetically can play a big role in setting the tone for the rest of your home. Even minor accents can help step up your bathroom style and define the look and feel you want to get in one of the most frequently used rooms in the house.

Whether you’re renovating an already existing bathroom or styling a new one, you don’t have to spend a fortune on styling it right. If chosen carefully, the bathroom sink tap can easily become the focal point of the entire space. Apart from being a functional necessity, it’s a design statement as well which has the power to embrace the overall look and feel of your bathroom space. Depending on your bathroom design and your personal preferences, you can choose from basin mixer taps to three-piece tap sets to waterfall bathroom sink taps and wall-mounted options to find what fits your bathroom style perfectly.

waterfall tap

Choose Bathroom Taps Wisely

The idea is to find a sink tap that ticks all the boxes, enhances function and style and complements the look of your bathroom. There is a wide range of styles both modern and traditional, square or curved designs, waterfall or aerated spout and more. Basin taps are frequently used on a daily basis and investing in a quality bathroom sink tap pays off in the long term. If you’re going for luxury and unique feel, choose waterfall bathroom sink taps, the latest design in the evolution of the traditional tap.

What Is a Waterfall Tap?

The waterfall faucet is the latest, most stylish solution that fits perfectly both classic and contemporary bathrooms. It’s a type of mixer tap that offers a minimalistic, yet luxurious and artistic touch to every bathroom. Waterfall sink taps are available in a variety of width and sizes and usually are controlled by one easy-to-use handle.

basin waterfall sink

Waterfall taps combine the hot and cold water via a mixer for a more controlled temperature. They use an open spout to create an elegant cascade of water rather than a controlled stream. This type of bathroom taps sees water cascade from a single, open-top spout, unlike other taps, to look like a waterfall. It can instantly add a touch of glamour and become the centrepiece of your bathroom.

They feature a spout mechanism that works to control the temperature of the water as well as the amount of flow that the tap produces. Waterfall taps have been extremely popular lately, thanks to their eye-catching design, but they are easy to install and easy to use. They can fit any bathroom and transform the appearance of the space.

When it comes to the size of spouts, always think about the depth of the basin. Consider the size of the basin and how far away from the edge of the basin are the tap holes. And if there are cabinets or shelves above your basin, make sure it won’t be difficult to lean over once you have the tap installed.

bathroom waterfall tapware

Chrome may be the go-to finish for most taps, considered the most common finish as it can blend in seamlessly with other chrome fixtures in your bathroom. Waterfall taps in chrome work beautifully with almost every décor, from traditional to minimalist approach.

Matte black waterfall taps, on the other hand, offer an effortlessly cleaner look. They are a great option to have and can create a cool and chic appearance for both classic and modern bathroom styles. A black finish takes the design up a level and can instantly make your bathroom on-trend.

Deck or Wall Mounted Taps?

Deciding between deck or wall mounted taps can have a huge impact on how your bathroom looks and feels to use. While many are accustomed to using deck mounted taps, wall mounted taps are worth considering for a few reasons. They can offer a more modern look in your bathroom and have the appearance of taking up less space, so if you’re working with a small bathroom, they might be the ideal choice.

wall mounted waterfall sink

Understand Your Water Pressure System

Knowing what water pressure system is installed in your home is the most important things when it comes to selecting your bathroom taps. The performance of your taps can depend on the water pressure system in your home and whether the taps are compatible. If you have a high-pressure water system, you’ll be able to choose from most bath and basin taps, but if you’re working with a lower pressure system, then it’s better to identify the exact water pressure and find taps that will ensure a strong flow of both warm and cold water.

Having the right water pressure is most important when it comes to tall basin mixers than any other type of basin taps. Due to their design, the water has to travel further in the basin tap, so the pressure required is a little bit higher than with other basin taps. Keep this in mind if you opt for a tall waterfall basin mixer. There are fall basin taps that work well with low pressure as well, so make sure you check the product carefully before making the purchase.

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Steps to Turning Your Cold Bathroom Into a Cozy Retreat

November 13, 2020 — by Richard Dawson


Many people perceive their bathroom solely as a space meant for maintaining their hygiene. However, that doesn’t mean that yours can’t be a cozy and relaxing spa-like retreat. With the right approach, you can create a warm and comfortable bathroom where you will feel good while performing your skin care routine and washing away the stress of a long day. Tiny changes can make a big difference in this part of your home.