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Step into the World of Commercial Flooring – the Best Office Floor Solutions

September 9, 2020 — by Valeriya Vimon


Creating a pleasant working environment for your employees and an enticing office aesthetics for your clients can be a challenge. Flooring plays an important role in the overall design and feel of a room, which is why there are various factors to consider when choosing a model for your office. You can find a wide range of flooring options on the market but not all of them are suitable for a working environment.

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Steps to Choosing the Best Commercial Vinyl Flooring Tiles

June 15, 2020 — by Valeriya Vimon


Starting your own company comes with a range of challenges and important decisions. That being said, creating a functional and pleasant working environment for your employees and an inviting one for your clients is definitely one of the main tasks that awaits you. To narrow it down furthermore, choosing the right flooring is no doubt a pivotal aspect as this is the base for all other design elements.

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Design Your Workstation Right: 3 Steps to Choosing an Ergonomic Office Chair

December 6, 2019 — by Valeriya Vimon


According to the latest researches sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for a long time is unhealthy but sitting in a poor quality chair is even worst. If you are an office worker you spend at least eight hours sitting in your office chair and this is probably the main reason for your bad posture and back problems. Also, non-ergonomic chairs don’t provide spine support which further can lead to spinal musculature and pain in your back and neck. Fortunately, today all people who work in a sitting position can feel a lot more comfortable without harming their health condition. Ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide better support and help to maintain a good body posture which makes them a healthy choice when it comes to sitting solutions. A well designed ergo chair will lower the discomfort and fatigue in your body while improving productivity. So, when it comes to designing your workstation, choosing the right chair is a great place to start.

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3 Steps to Adding Stylish & Comfortable Banquette Seating in Your Restaurant

December 5, 2018 — by Valeriya Vimon


How many times have people called in to make reservations and requested a booth? As the lines between fine dining and lounging begin to blur, more and more restaurants decide to add banquette seating to their existing layout. Banquettes are a popular seating option for the reason that they offer guests more comfort while bringing them closer together with family and friends. So, if you haven’t already installed booths, here’s a quick guide on how to select the ones that suit your restaurant’s style and meet your guests need and arrange them in a way to make the most of your space.

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Steps to Creating a Perfect Open Plan Office

July 31, 2018 — by Valeriya Vimon


Within the last few years, open plan offices have become increasingly widespread in the corporate world. From small and medium businesses to multi-million dollar corporations, this design is now the “new way of working” and planning it right is essential for reaping the benefits and minimising the disadvantages. The main benefits of these offices are their cost-effectiveness and the fact that they facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Co-workers are able to communicate freely and break down barriers which results in happier and more productive atmosphere. Designing an open plan office is a challenge as it needs to be a perfect blend of comfort, openness and privacy. Here are a few tips that could be of great help in creating an open working environment every employee would enjoy.

In order to make the most out of the newly created dynamic atmosphere such office can provide, it is important to ensure that the health and comfort of the employees are considered a priority. The open office plan is trendy, but what’s even trendier is ergonomics. This is why it’s smart to invest in commercial furniture of the ergonomic variety. What this means is investing in ergonomic chairs that offer adjustable lumbar support. The benefits are countless as these chairs can reduce MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), improve productivity from 5 to 50%, and reduce stress.

Open Plan Office

Furthermore, consider the employees’ need for privacy and the desire to individualize their work environment. One way to do this is by setting up screening. They come in different types, such as freestanding screening, desk mounted, full to floor, fly-by or wrap around screening. This ensures privacy without feeling too closed off from the team. Another way to keep privacy is by reducing the noise with soft furnishings like two-seater lounges, armchairs and thick floor-length curtains as they can decrease some of the disruptive sounds of the office. And if you want to bring life into the office, you can create separate the space with plants. Not only will this liven things up, but it will also improve the air quality of the office.

Apart from implementing screening, there’s another way to ensure that employees have the option to work on something in complete silence. This can be achieved by having a designated quiet space. This space can be used for holding a meeting, conversation tête-à-tête, taking an important phone call or simply for the necessity of having a quiet alone time. Such an intimate space can be achieved by designing a glass office, a booth with high walls or a booth lounge with high back and sides.

Last but not least, an aspect you should really consider is creating a space for taking breaks where employees can recharge their batteries, socialise and simply feel good. You can choose comfortable sofas, armchairs, coffee tables or some other commercial furniture that can add to the “positive vibes only” atmosphere. The more you ensure that the different needs of the employees are met, the better the productivity will be. A happy employee is a productive employee.


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The Tools Geologists Need to Stay a Step Ahead

November 17, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Although geologist are already one step ahead of many other earth-dwellers, since this filed of work is concerned with analyzing the structure of the very materials this planet is made of, in order to be more efficient in the midst of new discoveries, one must be well equipped and keep ahead of the competition. The sweet irony about geology is that they go the distance by going back in history. So unless your ambition ends at rock hounds level, here’s what tools this complex scientific field requires.

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Ergonomic Chairs: Your 3 Steps to Better Health

August 31, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


If you are someone who works in an office or spends most of their day in front of a computer, then you need to have a proper chair to avoid back and neck pain as well as to maintain a good posture. Today there are specially designed chairs that have adjustment features which make sitting for prolonged periods of time comfortable and bearable. Nevertheless, there are a couple considerations to bear in mind before you make the final purchase.Ergonomic Chairs

First and foremost, the chair needs to be ergonomic, meaning, it has to perfectly fit your body and absorb your weight while providing a great posture. Ergonomic chairs are slightly more expensive than regular ones but there’s no price that can be put on health. You won’t experience as much shoulder and neck pain, and your knees and feet will be positioned comfortably, reducing numbness in the legs.

Furthermore, to avoid leg numbness you need to make sure the height of the chair is adjustable. Some chairs, however, don’t have adjustable height, so if you are the only one using that particular chair, make sure its height is right for you. Your feet should be flat on the floor at all times while sitting. Your thighs should be also parallel to the floor just like your arms should be parallel to the desk.

One of the most neglected aspects in the whole process of buying a chair is the position of the eyes in regard to the height of the screen. The height of the chair should allow your eyes to stare straight forward into the center of the computer screen. If the eye glaze is lower or higher than that, it will cause strain on the upper spine.

Also, ergonomic chairs should have an excellent lumbar support. The back has a natural inward curve and badly designed chairs will cause that curve to straighten. Making sure your chair helps maintain that curve is the key to staying strong, healthy and productive. Having a cushion where your lower back starts is of utmost importance so that you prevent slouching.

It’s very important to tick all of the aforementioned things before deciding to purchase an office chair for the sake of your health and productivity. Being comfortable while working will allow you to get the work done faster and it won’t tire you that much, keeping you full of energy after the working hours are over.

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Height Adjust Desk Can Help You Work More Healthily and Productively

August 11, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Here’s an interesting topic for thinking: can something as simple as a working desk affect the quality of work you do? And if it can, to what extent? While sitting behind the cash-counter on my work place and trying not to scream because of the pinching needle sensation in my spine, I was wondering if I could do my job standing – I would do a lot more and be far more efficient. But then again, I’d also want to be able to sit once in a while, after all, it’s an 8 hour job of processing transactions – attention should be at high levels.
Adjustable Desk

That being said, I took the challenge to search for a suitable solution. Someone, somewhere must have thought of something regarding this matter. It can’t be just me suffering from too much seating in the vast corporate world! And there it was: a height adjust desk. Ah, even the name sounds amazing. It’s the most convenient solution for people who have to sit for 8+ hours a day. Sitting for long hours is just wrong from all aspects: health, body figure and mental alertness. You start to lose your mind after sitting for a few hours because blood circulation is poor and oxygen reaches the brain slower. The height adjust desk is the invention to solve this problem; it has a rather simple design built on one very smart concept: height adjustment. You can lift the working surface up and adjust it according to your needs.

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3 Steps to Implementing Ergonomics in Your Office

June 2, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Lately, there is more accent put on the healthy lifestyle image celebrities have, so seeing that on a daily basis can be inspiring to try it in your own life. From including exercise several times a week (if not every day) and looking for healthy meals and shakes recipes, to adding specific supplements, more and more time is spent on overall health and appearance. However, even in these cases it is safe to say the society of today is a society of couch potatoes. With the fast changing technological world, language is also susceptible to alterations. One of the words of modern days that can be used as the adjective to describe population, is “workaholic”.Buy Ergonomic Office SetupThe advancement of technology brought to a more efficient way of working, however, this largely affects the working hours. The number of people who work well beyond the hours of the end of their shift is increasing and we see an expansion of office employees sitting their lives away. Prolonged sitting badly affects creativity and productivity alike, which then leads to work piling up that requires more of your time being stuck in the office, making it all seem like a vicious circle. Along with being mindful of your habits when you are away from the workspace, it is important to make sure you create a pleasant working environment as well and there is no better way to do this than to buy ergonomic office setup to make office work bearable. Here are three steps to help you choose the three most essential ergonomic pieces for you.

  • The most important ergonomic piece you have to look for when you buy ergonomic office setup is the chair. Based on your working and the amount of time you spend on your computer and typing on the keyboard, you can decide whether to buy a chair with an armrest and ensure that the cushion is comfortable enough to provide you with the much needed support. The best option is to buy an adjustable chair that you can easily set to be suitable for your requirements as well as to match those of the desk. Another feature to look for is a great lumbar support so you refrain from slouching and keep your back in an upright position. Moreover, you can add an additional neck support part for the ultimate convenience.
  • Same as with the chair, the choice of desk you make greatly depends on the type of work you do as well as on the size of the office. If you want to use it to store all of the computer parts (monitor, keyboard, mouse, system unit and speakers), then you will require a bigger desk. You can use this opportunity to become a bit of a minimalist and remove all unnecessary items to get a clean working environment for an increased productivity. With height adjustable desks you can work on your feet for a while and put the chair aside. It is crucial that you organize the desk so that everything you make use of is within your reach without straining your body to get it.
  • Since many injuries are bound to happen even when working on your desk, another part of the ergonomic office setup are the keyboard and the mouse. Whether you choose to buy one or both, the difference will be noticeable from your work prior to using them. You may not be aware, but your wrists, hands and arms as a whole are prone to getting RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury). This is where ergonomic keyboard and mouse come in handy, as they are especially designed to provide comfort. When you invest in a quality ergonomic setup, you invest in your health.
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Steps to Better Posture: The Benefits of Ergonomic Notebook Stand

May 10, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


In today’s modern world technology is an indispensable part of everyday life. It seems like life without the Internet and social media has become unimaginable as most people spend at least two hours per day on some sort of a gadget. The constant evolution of technology brings many advantages which improve the quality of life. So far, probably the most revolutionary invention has been the computer which has greatly evolved in design, construction and purpose throughout the years. A popular choice these past few years are notebook computers or laptops. These are small in size and have many advanced features for performing various tasks.notebook-standHowever, despite all the benefits notebook computers provide, they also have some disadvantages. Prolonged time of usage can lead to various health problems as their design can cause muscle and joint pain and it can also increase the risk of shoulder, wrist or arm injuries and strains. Plus, the way it is designed does not allow for comfortable sitting positions. All of this can lead to bad posture as well as serious neck and back problems.

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However, it is not all bad news; the solution to all these problems is buying a quality and practical ergonomic notebook stand which will not only improve your posture, but it will also make working on your laptop much more pleasant. It is specifically designed to provide comfort while sitting and enhance the operation of laptops. Restricted airflow is a common problem when you use a laptop on a flat surface. However, that is not an issue with notebooks as the notebook stand helps in increasing the airflow and it can even include fans that could additionally improve its operation.

The adjustable features of the notebook stand make typing easier and less tiring. It is a well known fact that it is more ergonomic to have the keyboard raised at an angle than using it in a flat or some other uncomfortable position. Working this way not only improves efficiency, but it also puts less stress on your wrists and hands. There are three basic types of ergonomic notebook stands that have different designs and of course provide different benefits.

  • Adjustable notebook stand: very practical and easy to use. It has a modern design that is suitable for any laptop or notebook and enables you to adjust the height of the screen to your own preference.
  • Portable notebook stand: lightweight and very convenient – the perfect companion for your notebook. You can take it with you anytime and use your laptop pretty much anywhere. It incorporates a smart slim design with advanced features.
  • Desktop notebook stand: it usually comes with additional features like USB hubs or document holders. It is the perfect office solution as it improves organization and efficiency.