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Step Into a World of Relaxation: Infrared Sauna Buying Guide

March 29, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Infrared saunas are becoming more and more popular nowadays as people have started noticing the many advantages they have over traditional saunas. For one, they emit infrared waves which heat up the body gradually and to a pleasant level, causing no sweltering temperature shocks the way steam saunas do. Moreover, the steam from normal saunas can be very uncomfortable for the eyes and even unbearable for people who have breathing problems. On the other hand, the infrared heat is mild. And knowing that sweating is the most effective way of detoxification, it’s important to mention that infrared saunas beat traditional ones by penetrating up to 6 cm under the skin and eliminating about 7 times more chemicals and toxins.

And that’s not all, other beneficial sauna infrared effects are being researched just as I speak, with some scientists arguing that they are good for the cardiovascular system and can soothe muscle and joint pain. If this did not convince you to buy one, then maybe you were intrigued by the spa-like feeling it gives you without creating a mess to clean up and take care of after, unlike traditional saunas. If you do decide to buy though, here are the three things to keep in mind when looking to create a quality sauna infrared home experience.

Infrared Sauna

Size Matters

When it comes to saunas, an important feature is how many people can fit in. Home infrared sauna models come in sizes that are able to fit one, two or more people. Depending whether you want to have a more private experience or you like having guests over for some mutual sauna time, you can choose either of these models. Normally, the bigger its capacity, the more expensive it will be. You might be single now, but after a while you might get married and the single person sauna can feel too cramped for your enjoyment. Think in advance before making a purchase. The most common size you can find on the market is the one which can accommodate two people as it doesn’t take up much space, it can be used by one person and it still allows for a shared experience. Watch out for retailers that want to sell you a sauna which is meant for more than 2 people at an incredibly low price – it might be far smaller than they claim it to be. Ask about the sauna’s dimensions in order to determine the exact number of people it can fit.

Consider the Type of Heaters

Infrared heat emitters come in two types: ceramic and carbon. Cheap and low quality saunas have heaters made from ceramic rods or coils and the problem with them is that they break down easily. But heat emitters made from carbon elements are far superior for several reasons. First of all, the infrared heat they emit is very soft and enjoyable, which closely resembles the one of sun’s rays on warm summer days. They heat up the whole sauna faster and evenly distribute the heat throughout it, which means there are no unheated spots left in it like there are with ceramic heaters. Carbon heaters are also much safer then ceramic ones as they do not get too hot to the touch, which allows you to lean on them and unwind as the heat relaxes your muscles.

Dual Control Panels Are More Convenient

The control panel allows you to set the perfect temperature level, the timing and switch on the lights. Going through the wide choice of infrared saunas, you’ll notice that most of them have operating controls only on the outside. This is very inconvenient because every time you feel like the temperature level does not suit you, or want to switch on or off a light, you’ll have to step out to do so. However, if your sauna has an inside control panel as well, you can make changes anytime you feel like, without having to go outside and risk getting a temperature shock.

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Steps to Choosing the Letter Box That Suits Your Home

February 21, 2017 — by Richard Dawson


Often times neglected, letter boxes are key in creating the first impression of a home. Your letter box is the visual staple that all guests and by-passers recognize. By simply investing a few more dollars in the model and make of your mailbox, you can create an impression that will last. It is an essential outdoor home accent that can serve both a decorative and useful purpose. Yes, it’s the letter box Australia home buyers see first, before seeing the interior of the house.

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3 Steps to Light Up Your Home Best

January 27, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to completely transform the way your home looks like is lighting. The proper lighting can highlight all of your house’s best assets and help hide its shortcomings, while at the same time it makes it look more inviting and safer. However, proper lighting and bright lighting are not the same thing; a well-lit room offers illumination at different levels. The combination of shadow and light helps sculpt the space and can make the room more atmospheric and interesting. So in order to capitalize on the lighting in your home, I highly recommend you to follow these 3 simple steps.

exterior wall lights

Consider Function

Before you install lighting in a room, consider how you are going to use it. Will the room be mostly used throughout the day or mostly in the evening? What kind of activities will take place there, and in which particular parts of the room? For example, if you intend on using the room for reading, you should provide lamps beside every reading spot. If the room is used for watching TV for the most part, you’ll want overall lighting that can be adjusted to various settings and won’t reflect off the TV screen. If the room is used for circulation, completing certain tasks, or by elderly people, you’ll want brighter and uniform lighting. If a particular room is your go-to relaxing spot, then you’ll want to tune down the wattage a bit and turn up the atmosphere.

Consider Decor

If the décor of your room is contemporary, fewer lamps and more built-in lighting is the way to go. If the style is more traditional, pendant lights, lamps and sconces will enhance the look you’re trying to pull off while providing the right illumination.

Consider the Type of Lighting

There are three principle types of lighting, as briefly mentioned above – ambient, task and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting provides overall room illumination and can come from a recessed can, sconces or a ceiling fixture. All of these illuminate the space more evenly and are bright enough to allow you to do your tasks. In order to determine the amount of ambient light you’re going to need, a great way to do so is multiplying the room’s dimensions to get a total square footage, then multiply it by 1.5 – the result will be the total amount of watts you need.

Task light illuminates areas for activities like cooking or reading. It most often comes from a hanging fixture or a lamp. It should cast a pool of light that is at least twice the room’s ambient light and it should be placed in front the person doing the task to prevent him/her from casting a shadow over the work surface. For reading, however, the source of light should come from the person’s side.

And lastly, accent lighting is used to highlight a specific feature in a room, like an architectural element or a piece of art. These usually come in the form of recessed cans or spotlights. While this type of lighting is not as critical as the others, it definitely adds a nice finishing touch to the room. You can use it to highlight a painting you value or showcase the texture of a masonry wall, or simply place it behind a plant to cast a pleasing shadow or accentuate its form.

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More Impact, Less Care – 3 Steps to Spring to Life Your Concrete Yard

January 26, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


There is no need to scoff over the idea of implementing artificial grass in your exterior home design anymore – with more realistic-looking types and options than ever, fake turf can be a real boon. In the world of today, artificial turf grass is moving beyond golf courses and football fields and is becoming more common in home landscapes. It is bright and green and can certainly bring unexpected style and fun to your exterior design – ready to earn its fame as a fresh and modern accent element. Consider these three steps to spring to life your yard with artificial turf.

Infuse Your Driveway with Some Greenery

The strip that runs beneath your car’s park trail can be a tricky spot to plant. This is so because the soil in that area is compacted from the weight of the vehicles and is usually not connected to the garden irrigation system. To get the sophisticated look of a lush ground cover without the maintenance and watering part, create that strip from artificial turf grass. You can also install fake turf between flagstones to add more interest to your driveway. These also soften the hardscape and can act as a transition from the paved areas of your yard to the garden. Easy, simple and basically effortless.


Add Some Green Love Between Pavers

Ground covers that grow between pavers are great for softening the hardscape and can serve as a transition from the paved areas in your yard to the garden. These add more interest and drama to your outdoor space, but frankly speaking, they can be difficult to maintain if made from living grass since pavers will stand in the way of the mower. The solution – artificial turf glass, of course – it will add greenery in between your concrete pavers while beautifying your outdoor space without the maintenance needs of real grass.

Green Up Your Narrow Side Yard

Tight areas that are frequently used and handle much traffic throughout the day can largely benefit from artificial turf grass. Covering a small narrow yard entirely in concrete paving will make it look rather utilitarian. However, installing artificial turf on one part of a narrow yard will give it a brighter and greener look. This way, it can still withstand traffic and look tidy and inviting.

Artificial grass will make your outdoor space look stylishly designed and carefully maintained at all times. Effortless and stunning! Quite the convenient combo I’d say.

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3 Steps to Grasping the Usefulness Of Honeycomb Structure

December 28, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


Honeycombs are a mass of hexagonal cells that bees make out of wax. This awesome shape is present everywhere in nature: plants, human and animal cells. These almost perfect and very stable structures can be both natural or man-made. Honeycomb structures are so versatile and so useful in today’s world and everything started thanks to their small, buzzy inventors – the bees. But what are the uses of a honeycomb structure? Here’s a list of three interesting hexagonal realities found in the modern world: the home od honey

The Home of The Honey

Bees are extremely intelligent creatures that can build honeycombs from rectangles, squares or triangles. And I’m not talking about the basic six-sided hexagon, I’m talking about a perfect hexagon structure with all of its six sides equally long and wide. We all know that honeycombs store, well, honey and we also know that honey is really valuable to bees. They fly around from flower to flower for thousands of hours to gather healthy, delicious nectar that will later give them honey. For thousands and thousands of years people have wondered, how can bees build a structure so perfect like the hexagonal honeycomb? It turns out that the hexagon is actually the perfect structure to store not just honey, but so many other things as well and bees knew that long before mankind did. It’s actually a mathematical truth that the hexagons are one of the three geometrical figures with equal sides that can fit together a flat surface without leaving gaps, along with triangles and squares. And bees know that, so the honeycombs are the real and the most flawless masterpieces of engineering.Architecture's Inventions

Architecture’s Inventions

Bees have inspired so many architects with their perfect honeycomb structures, that there are so many buildings around the world that remind us of the bees’ wax masterpiece. Hive-shaped homes are nothing new to this world, since they became very popular in the countryside of Scotland and Ireland many centuries ago. However, modern architects have used the honeycomb structure for breathtaking buildings such as hotels, residential buildings, libraries, houses etc. One of the latest trends among campers are the honeycomb structured tents that are so intriguing they will make you the coolest group of friends on a festival or at the beach. Just like it was cited before, honeycombs are the masterpiece form of engineering and that’s why many architects took this structure as an inspiration to create wonderful, mind-bending buildings.honeycomb cellular shades

Cellular Blinds For Privacy and Style

Yes, blinds. Did you know there actually are honeycomb cellular shades that will keep you warm when cold days arrive and cool in summer? They are available in many colors and sizes and one of the coolest things about them is that they are cordless, which makes them the perfect blinds when having kids around. The honeycomb cellular shades can be easily operated like regular shades, so besides raising the bottom you can also lower the top. That’s why they are the ideal privacy blinds and the coolest part is that they are very easy to install. Honeycomb cellular shades can be used in any room of the house, because they are adaptable to every style, mood or furniture. Their multiple control options and their functionality is what makes them one of the most favorite shades on the market these days. Besides, they are elegant, stylish and can be made out of many different fabric materials.

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3 Steps For Growing The Best Plants For Your Backyard

November 22, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon

source: glowpear.com.au

Imagine if the greenery in your backyard always looked fabulous. This is the real twenty first century struggle for almost everyone who owns a backyard: how do I keep my plants alive? You love your flowers yet you always somehow forget to water them. I know, the pressure is on, you are convinced that you’re not the best plant owner in the world and you are in a desperate search for a decent solution for your green friends. But don’t just give it all up because keeping your plants alive has become easier than ever with the modern plastic planters that are self watering, require low maintenance and are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Believe it or not, the trick is in the choosing of your planters. So before you head out to buy new plants for your porch, your patio or your backyard, learn what it takes to choose the right planter that will give you both function and style.

  • Size And Structure of The Planter

Are you planning to plant some beautiful flowers like begonias, geraniums or orchids or do are you planting some herbs and veggies on your own? Because if you do, the modern plastic planters will be the perfect home for your fruits, vegetables and herbs as well. So, depending on your needs you’ll need to choose between a big urban planter, a cafe or a mini planter. All of them are self – watering and veggie/fruits/herbs-friendly, the main difference is the size. If you’re going with herbs, a mini planter should be totally fine, but if you want to plant some tomatoes or cucumbers, you should definitely choose a bigger planter. Flowers are best in medium sized planters, but of course it all depends on the type of the flower, the number of seeds you’re going to plant and the way the flower grows.

  • The Growing Conditions

Think about where your planter will be located and then select the plants that will like living there. Make sure you know if the desired plant needs sun, shade or both. Also, if you want a few different plants in one planter, pay close attention to their moisture requirements. It’s of a paramount importance for them to be similar because if not at least one of the them won’t survive. You can’t plant a cactus and an orchid, but you can definitely pair a cactus and a desert – loving portulaca in one planter and they will be safe and sound together. Also, the type of soil is very important. A rosemary or a thyme for example prefer a sandy and sharply drained soil mix and the hibiscus wants a moisture environment. Every plant has its own preference when it comes to their living conditions, so make sure you study all of them before you plant them.

  • Contrast, Textures and Colors

If you achieve to make a well – composed planter you’re going to have a real life painting in your backyard. The right contrast and texture will give you a beautiful garden corner that will make you proud and happy. And don’t get too shy with colors. Go bold and confident. Use powerful colors like yellow and blue or green and red and you’ll get a visually stunning floral arrangement. But if you want to go safe, you can also create a sophisticated look using nothing but green plants. Simple yet so fresh and natural. And for an exciting texture you can combine a gentle pink rose with white day lilies or a purple iris and make the best home flower arrangement every housewife would die for.

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Office Furniture: 3 Easy Steps to Creating a More Productive Environment

November 2, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Doing something you love from the comfort of your own home and getting paid for it is one of the many perks of the digital era we live in. As a freelancer, for instance, you can arrange your own working hours and create beautiful content whenever you feel like it. However, as you get more serious in your area of expertise and more tasks start to pile up, you will feel the need for a proper home office. You also might begin having clients (depending on the job) come into your house or apartment for meetings and you sure can’t impress them slouching on your couch with a laptop placed on your abdomen. And there’s more harm regarding slouching that meets the eye.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing a Bountiful Vegetable Garden

October 17, 2016 — by admin


My dear readers, since you are here, I believe it’s safe to assume that you are considering the option of growing your own vegetables at home instead of buying them at a supermarket or a local farmers’ market, so let me congratulate you for that. Gardening has always been perceived as a noble and truly enjoyable activity, one that not only feeds our bodies, but also our souls. If you haven’t given it a chance yet, now can be the perfect time (it’s spring, after all).


Now, I’m well aware of the fact that people love cultivating both vegetable and fruit plants in their yards, but I decided to focus solely on vegetables in this text, as there is so much that needs to be said and learned about the whole process of planting them and taking care of them. Well, shall we begin?

  • First things first – pick the ideal spot for your crops. Before you choose the vegetables you will open your garden’s gates for, you need to determine where exactly you will plant them. Many experienced gardeners think that growing vegetables in raised beds is one of the smartest gardening techniques, for that is how you can feed and water only the important plants (since your crops will be separated from the rest of the landscape) and prevent weed woes. Furthermore, elevated garden beds can be filled with fresh, fertile soil when the native soil is not healthy and rich enough to provide the plants with all the necessary nutrients. Oh, I mustn’t forget to remind you that most vegetables require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, so have this in mind when thinking about their location.

Raised Beds

  • Your next step should be preparing the earth for the vegetable seeds and/or seedlings by turning, loosening, smoothing, and watering it. After this short phase, you can start planting the vegetables you and your family have decided to look after. Green beans, carrots, lettuce, beet, and kale are some of the tastiest and easiest-to-care-for vegetables, so you might want to start off your gardening experience with them.

Garden Vegetables

  • We all know that this is not where the fun ends. Once the seeds and/or the seedlings are planted, you will need to maintain them. Since most vegetable plants are drought-intolerant, you must remember that watering them regularly is crucial to their health. Mulching should be on your to-do list as well, as feeding the soil with organic materials improves its retention of moisture, regulates its temperature, and reduces the risk of diseases. Removing the dead and rotting leaves and weeds is another thing you will have to do, for if they stay, they will most likely attract pests.

So, what do you think? Are you cut out for this exciting challenge? Are you willing to give it a try? I really hope you are.

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The Power of Laminate Floors: Step into Your Refined Home

September 29, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


Changes, both planned and spontaneous, are something all of us should fully embrace, for they are the only way we can improve ourselves and the quality of our life. It is totally normal and advisable to take a long trip somewhere beautiful every once in a while, to enroll in a course we are strongly interested in, or to refresh the décor of our house or apartment. Ah, yes, most people look forward to redecorating their residence, as the process of considering different interior design ideas and shopping for all of the necessary elements is a really enjoyable one.

Laminate Flooring

Now, I believe that it is safe to say that when you are thinking of ways to breathe a new life into your residence, the option to replace your rooms’ floors is not the first one that pops into your mind. While I can completely understand why you spend so much time and energy on finding the right sofa set, dining set, coffee table, and bedroom suite for you (these are the central furniture items of your rooms, after all), I cannot say that you shouldn’t pay any attention to your home’s floors. They are an important piece of the puzzle as well.

If you wish to find a tasteful flooring option for your house or apartment, one that can complement its décor perfectly, laminate flooring may be exactly what you need. Today, every experienced interior designer recommends it, since it is a much more elegant and stylish flooring alternative than hardwood floors. The minimalist look of laminate floors, as well as the possibility to determine their colour, make them ideal for both rustic and modern residences. They truly are the most universal flooring choice out there.

When you are looking for high-quality laminate flooring for sale, make sure to visit the websites of Australia’s most reputable flooring manufacturers and sellers, as there you can find plenty of details related to the products they offer. However, searching for flooring online is not enough. You should also visit several well-established physical flooring stores in your town and see their laminate flooring for sale. This will give you the opportunity to compare the quality and the cost of your favourite products and make a smart decision.

Trust me, nobody ever regretted buying and installing laminate floors in their rooms, for these floors have everything it takes to satisfy even the pickiest of individuals. Who knows, maybe at the end it will turn out that they are precisely what your home is missing.

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Home Lighting: LED Strips Can Really Step It Up

September 20, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


strip lighting

The light-emitting diode or LED was invented back in the early 1960’s and just like any new technology, it took some time before it can live up to its true potential. The LED is a semiconductor light source which was originally used as an electronic component, mostly as indicator lights in different devices and they were limited to a low-intensity red light. However, modern LEDs are available from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths and have very high brightness levels. Over the past decade LEDs revolutionized lighting in more ways than the original inventors could possibly imagine.

Today, LED’s have a wide range of application mostly due to their size, energy efficiency, low heat emission, lifespan, flexibility, and so on. You can find them in things like an optical mouse or light-up shoes. But what I want to talk about is the use of LEDs, or more specifically the use of LED strip lighting Australia wide for home lighting.

LED strips are thin and flexible which means you can install them in places where conventional lighting will never fit. Whether you want to set the atmosphere in your bedroom, accent certain features of your home, or you want to make your house look like it came out of a Daft Punk video, with LED strips, the only limit is your imagination. Here is a perfect example of exactly what I am talking about.

LED strip lighting Australia wide are available both online an in hardware stores, but before you go shopping, here are some things that you might want to consider.

First of all, there are a number of different types of LED strips and each of them is more or less suitable for certain applications. For example, there are encased LED strips, non-encased ones, self adhesive, rigid LED bars and so on.

The length of the strips is also important. Most of them come in 5 meter strips, but what’s even more important is the LED count within that length. If the LED’s are too far apart, you won’t get that clean line of light you want. Instead, you will end up with spots of light similar to cheap Christmas lights.

You should also pay attention to the brightness of the LED strips. Despite the fact that LED technology has significantly advanced over the past years, you shouldn’t just assume that they will be bright enough. In fact, in some case you might not even need a strip that is too bright. So be sure to check the light output of the LED strips which is expressed in lumens per meter.

Another important aspect is the colour of the light which is more a matter of personal preference. Some LEDs are able to change colours while some have fixed colour of light. Also, LEDs may have different colour temperature. This doesn’t refer to actual temperature, but how cold or warm the light appears. This is important since it can significantly affect the overall atmosphere.

And finally, check the wattage of the LED strips and whether your power outlet can cope with the energy demands of the strips. Wattage also determines the energy consumption and although LEDs in general don’t use too much electricity, if you overdo it, it may end up taking a toll on your electricity bills.

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3 Steps to Turning Your Outdoor Area into an Oasis

September 14, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


No matter where you are and what you’re doing, there’s always time for some rest and relaxation. If you’re skilled enough to put the rest of the world aside despite being present in all the noise of living in a concrete jungle, any spot can be your opportunity for some meditating. However, when it comes to taking a real break that can work wonders for your health, then the great outdoors is the place to be. If you have an outdoor area, regardless of the size, you must make use of it and decorate it in such a way that you’d love to feel a part of it. You’ll feel the need to share all that beauty and invite guests over to join you in your stress-free zone.

Sun Lounge

The outdoor area, whether it’s a backyard, balcony, patio or rooftop, is your chance to extend the comfort of your home. A question arises here: how can you have the same cosiness as that of your living room? The answer of course lies in the choice of furnishing. Even if you don’t have the space enough for as much furniture as you’d like, you must make sure you have the right amount for a lounge chair.

Lounges were widely used by royalty back in the time of antiquity, and their existence to present day is proof enough of their usefulness. If you’re up for some fun under the sun in the upcoming summer, take a look at the variety of sun lounge Australia round and choose the ideal one for your enjoyment. Just imagine the joy of sunbathing, soaking up the sun while reading your favourite novel with your feet up on a cosy lounge.

Sometimes you may not be that much into working on your tan and rather stay away from the sun altogether. Instead of confining yourself to the indoors, you can still make use of lounge relaxation with the simple addition of a retractable shade. A purchase of such shade paired with sun lounge Australia shops offer will give you the chance to stay out despite the scorching sun or stormy weather.

Your joy wouldn’t be complete without the addition of some plants here and there (after all, it’s the outdoors). Since plants are very versatile, it’s up to you to decide how much of colour you want, whether you prefer more greenery or flowers in striking colours to match your decorative lounge cushions and set the tone of your surroundings. When you’ve covered these three steps, you can rest assured you got yourself your special oasis. Look up some cocktail recipes or fruity mixed drinks to keep yourself refreshed and drink up to life.

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3 Steps to Proper Roller Blinds Installation

August 31, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Every now and then, we feel like we need to change something in our homes in order to make it look fresh and more stylish than before. Changing furniture can be expensive, but furniture doesn’t always have to be the thing we change. Sometimes, something as small as a pillow can do the trick, or even a rug, or the blinds on the windows. The blinds are something that can be noticed from both outside and inside the house, and can add an extra layer of coziness and elegance to any room.Roller Blinds Installation

The reason why roller blinds are a great addition to any room is their versatility regarding colours and materials. You can choose, depending on personal preference, to match your furniture, or go for achieving contrast in the room. Furthermore, you have to decide where you want to mount your blinds, inside or out. Here are a few steps you should take in order to successfully install roller blinds.

Roller blinds installation is quite simple, however, it’s done differently for blinds that are mounted inside and blinds that are mounted on the outside of the window frame, so the first step is to decide where you want them. After you decide where you want them placed, you can continue with the roller blinds installation process – taking measurements.

If you are installing the blinds on the inside of the window frame, get a ruler and measure the hard width and the hard drop from top to bottom, and make sure there is a minimum of 60 mm (millimeters) depth for flush mounting on the inside. However, If you want to have your blinds installed on the outside of the window frame, measure the width from architrave to architrave from side to side, and from top to the bottom of the frame. Adding a few millimeters to both sides to ensure maximum light and privacy control is always a great idea.

Secondly, stick to the golden rule of measuring twice and cutting once as this can save you a great deal of nerves and time. Furthermore, use a steel tape to improve accuracy and make sure it’s tight and straight while measuring. Avoid deduction and always measure all windows, regardless whether you think they are similar or the same in size.

Lastly, there are many online web sites that have guides on how to measure and how to install roller blinds. Do a little research and gather the necessary knowledge before you start this process as to save time, money and nerves. If you don’t feel confident enough to install the blinds yourself, there are many professionals that will come and do it for you. Their policy generally includes measuring the windows and arranging the making of custom made blinds per your requirements.

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3 Steps to Making a Grand Entrance with a Hallway Table

August 11, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


Regardless of whether we are aware of it or not, people form impressions about us based on our appearance and body language. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean they are greatly agreeable ones (no matter how much we’d like that), but luckily it’s something we can work on, like starting off with visiting the shop with clothes that most speak of us and can help us express our personality in the right manner or paying a trip to the hairdresser’s for a new hairdo. Since the connection with our homes is a rather deep one, everything about them is associated with who we are so in this aspect, people can get impressions about us based on our homes as much as on the clothing style we have.

Hallway Table

Along with the exterior appearance, just a step inside a home can be enough to give off a sense of the persona of the owner. They don’t call it the grand entry for nothing, thus when you decide to add a few changes to your interior, make sure they also include the hallway. It’s quite a common sight to see foyers with a pile of shoes, coats and umbrellas which could speak volumes of a person who prefers mess. Luckily, you don’t have to be a designer or hire one to be able to transform your home into a welcoming place. You can create big changes with the right piece of furniture and this is where hallway tables can help you. With so many different models available for sale, you will easily find the hallway table that matches your taste. Once you do, you can use it to have fun with your interior by choosing varieties of decorations. We’ve come up with three steps to inspire you and make the designing process all the more appealing.

Considering the table gets a rather focal point, it’s the object people would immediately notice upon crossing your doorstep. You can make the aesthetics give off a calm and modern vibe by choosing to use the beauty of symmetry as your base, making sure you opt for a sleek and sophisticated hallway table. Using nature as decoration always livens up the space, so picking some matching flowers and vases is highly recommended on the account that you place them aligned. If you go for asymmetry in the end, at least have in mind to create some balance with items in a variety of sizes rather than the same.

Style doesn’t have to compromise functionality; just because this table is used to make a styling point it doesn’t mean it can’t be used for storage (like the keys you so often misplace) and collecting mail. This is possible by finding the adequate decorative baskets. Don’t forget the space below the table as well, which could be the perfect spot for the basket of a pet or a little library.

The wall surrounding the table is another key transformational element that can be used for art, such as hanging paintings in different sizes, decorative plates, hanging plants, as well as mirrors. If your hallway is small, mirrors can visually broaden the space. Colour is also an ally that you can have in your favour by turning that wall as an accent one with vivid colours or vibrant wallpapers. The more colourful the wall, the less colour and items you will have to use with the table decoration.

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Wooden Venetians: Give Your Windows a Clean, Put-Together Look

August 9, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


For many people, venetian blinds seem to be the best looking and versatile choice for window blinds. They can be used in pretty much any room and are incredibly easy to maintain and clean. There are many types and styles of venetian blinds, however, the wooden venetians seem to be the preferred choice of many as they look really great and have many advantages over other types of blinds.

Wooden venetians add an elegant, warm look to any room that makes the space feel cozier and classier. They are a simple and elegant solution for a window treatment and on top of that they are practical and durable which makes them the go-to choice for every home. They consist of thin slats of wood which is strung together. You lower and raise them with a cord to adjust the optimal light, which in return provides the wanted privacy level to your rooms. Here are some other things you will benefit from if you decide to go with wooden venetian blinds.

Wooden Venetian Blinds


As mentioned before, adjusting the level of light that enters your room is a big advantage. Due to the thickness of the blinds, you will be able to even hide the shadows and outlines of the objects and people in the room.


When you compare them to other types of venetian blinds, wooden venetians are much easier to clean. Other types will require you to take them down in order to soak them in a tub and rub them with soapy water to get them properly cleaned, while wood blinds can be cleaned with a dry towel or a piece of clothing. Another feature that they have that makes it easier to clean them is their notches that hold them together. These notches also contribute to the prevention of light coming inside a room.


Wooden venetians are pretty simple and easy to install. They come in various sizes and styles, so picking the ones that are right for you should be a simple task. You don’t have to worry about them not fitting your windows. Take proper measurements or have a professional do it for you. Usually, they will come with an installation guide that will require just some basic tools in order for you to successfully install them on your own.

To conclude, you can’t be wrong if you decide to go with venetian wood blinds, they are compatible with any interior and make every home feel classier and more elegant. They require minimum maintenance and cleaning and are simple to install. On top of that, they provide optimum privacy and keep the sun out of your house.

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Custom Made Venetian Blinds: 3 Steps to Ensure You’re Ordering Them Right

July 18, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


As much as I love the sun, having it blind my eyes every morning is not something I am ready to allow for the rest of my time in my new home. You know how you’re cranky in the morning, yearning for coffee and a miraculous move to make your eyes open painlessly and all of a sudden boom – sunlight so bright it makes you want to scream: “ The hell with this, I am going back to bed.” But you can’t – you have work to run to, children to take care of, errands to finish. And you need the energy and the positivity to do it all flawlessly, otherwise you’ll be the nasty lady who screams too much and looks scary.

Besides this very valid reason, another reason I decided to take care of the sunlight breaching my bedroom in the morning is because my windows are completely bare and as such they lack a certain design charm. Yes, they look perfect just the way they are, but at some point you need the warmth and cosiness that closed spaces provide. And since there’s no way I am putting curtains over them, I decided to order custom made venetian blinds.Custom Made Venetian Blinds

It’s hard to know exactly what to order; the palette of manufacturers offering custom made venetian blinds is so vast and versatile it’s just simple choosing confusion. So, I talked to a professional on the matter and he introduced me to the world of getting exactly what you want for your interior design in three simple steps.

Impact or no impact on the room design?

If the windows are large, expensive and more like a design element on their own, dressing them with venetian blinds should be done very, very carefully. You can’t put on this type of windows just about anything, and moreover, you can’t choose something that will not fit by measurements. Also, if the blinds have a lot of positive impact on the room’s style, complement it, make it look better and more beautiful, then go with it by all means. In any other case, stay away from them in order to avoid clutter.


The style of the room will dictate the choice of material. If vintage style elements dominate in your room design then wood or timber could be a great option. If there are more modernistic pieces like a lot of metal, fancy seating sets, minimal chairs and tables and decorations, then plastic or metal venetians would be a better choice.


Use the colour wheel here to determine the right hue for your venetians. They shouldn’t be a sore to the eye, but a complement to the room. Therefore, according to the walls and the seating furniture, choose between stronger nuances and the classic whites. The same rule can be applied here as well; more modern homes will benefit from the simpler colours and nuances, while others can always benefit from something a little bolder when it comes to colours.


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Create a Cozy Spot to Get Work Done With the Right Office Desk

July 15, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


The most suitable office desk furniture for your workplace will be the one that makes you feel most comfortable and productive in. The right desk will make a difference in the way you see your job and your satisfaction from your work environment. Before you let yourself fall for a beautiful desk, it is important that you keep in mind the space you have available in your office, your budget and how frequent you will be using it. Here are a few steps for choosing the right office desk furniture that will help you create a comfortable work environment and be more efficient at work.

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