3 Steps to Outfitting Yourself With Everything You Need for a Hunting Trip

September 11, 2018 — by Richard Dawson

People think that hunting is much more dangerous than it actually is. Granted, carrying a gun around doesn’t help to make it the safest activity in the world, but if you follow the proper procedure, it is really no different from mountain climbing or trekking. But I will not deny that like those other two activities, hunting is not only made easier, but significantly safer with the addition of the proper tools and equipment.

The first thing that you’re going to need is a backpack. While a lot of first-timers will immediately go for the largest and bulkiest one that they can find, this is the worst choice that you could make since those backpacks are designed for camping in mind. The requirements for a hunting backpack is that it’s slim and light enough that your movement won’t be hampered, and still capable of fitting the provisions you need to take with you.

hunting torch

If the hunt takes more time than you expected and night starts to set in, or if you always planned to go for a night time hunt, then you will of course need to bring along a hunting torch with you. There are many types to choose from, and ultimately the one you go with will come down to your personal preference. The hand-held hunting torch is the standard that everyone goes for, but using it means your hands aren’t free and your gun isn’t at the ready for the prey. The gun mounted variety leaves your hands free but always points in the same direction as the barrel, meaning you always need to be careful. And the head-torch eliminates the problems of the previous two models, but has less range and battery life.

Finally, the last item that you should probably bring along with you is either a hatchet or machete. Their purpose is pretty much only to clear away the branches, bushes, and any other obstructions of the floral nature that might otherwise make going through some areas more difficult for you. If you limit yourself to wide open areas you can actually skip this item as it will only weigh you down there. However, if you are heading to a forest, you really need to make sure that it is strapped to your hip. Speaking of which, always exercise proper care with these items and only take them out of their sheath to use them and put them right back in.