Kitchen Upgrade: Steps to Choosing the Right Cabinet Knobs

January 16, 2024 — by Valeriya Vimon

As the saying goes, beauty is in the details. Often, we forget how true this statement can be. Take home décor as an example – it’s common for people to focus on the big details at the expense of the small ones. How often is it that you can remember doing this yourself? Perhaps more frequently than you’re willing to admit.

And that’s the beauty of small stuff – you don’t get to spend as much as with the big, yet they can still carry as much functionality and aesthetic appeal as the big counterparts. Something as small as sleek and easy-to-care-for cupboard knobs can be as significant as that gorgeous table set you’ve been eyeing or those brand-new kitchen appliances with all the right features.

How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets Knobs?

Next time you’re up for a little bit of a kitchen upgrade with something as stylish as a set of shiny or matte knobs, it’s advisable to take a few crucial steps by focusing on some essential considerations. These are basic things like:


Cabinet knobs

Sure, the aesthetic aspects, like the material, finish, and ornaments, are all important, but before you can move on to this, it’s first necessary to have an idea of the perfect size for your cupboards. This is needed so you can be certain you get cupboard knobs that would work properly and add to the function of this significant kitchen element that comes in handy with keeping out of sight and neatly organising dishes, kitchenware, as well as groceries.

As a rule of thumb, it’s helpful to base the choice on the cupboard’s size. If you have standard-sized options, then you could do with knobs that are standard-sized too, available from 3 – 5 cm in diameter. When it comes to large storage furniture, going larger than 3 cm is recommended. As for the small and specialised designs, going smaller than 2 cm is a smart decision that you’re sure to like.

Speaking of size, another consideration would be based on how ergonomic it is you’re after as the larger designs tend to be easier to handle than smaller ones, especially in cases when you’re working with wet or greasy hands. What would also help you make up your mind easier is the placement of the knobs.

Some cabinetry and drawer elements may even allow you to be more flexible with the sizing as you can then use a pair of smaller knobs for large drawers in place of a larger pull, allowing you to be more creative and have a say in how the personality of the kitchen turns out. It’s a wise move especially considering knobs tend to be somewhat cheaper and easier to install as they need just one hole to be drilled in the cabinetry.


Gold knob

Once you have the size sorted out, you can move on to another crucial factor which is the choice of material you make, knowing it influences much more than the aesthetic – it has a say in how functional and durable the set of cabinet knobs is going to be.

If you’re looking for something of value, and you have the budget to back you up, metals should be your go-to picks. From brass and chrome to nickel and bronze, they’re versatile, durable, timeless, and can easily fit in with your well-established design and style, no matter whether it’s modern or traditional.

If you love the warmth and charm of wood, wooden knobs are other options of value that can stand the test of time. The best thing about them is the rustic vibe they give off, perfect if rustic is what you’re aiming for with the overall kitchen appeal. Glass and ceramic are two additional picks that are equally gorgeous as they’re valuable, especially ones that are more ornate and handmade.

The downside is they may be somewhat less durable than their metal and wood counterparts, depending on the craftsmanship. Lastly, there are plastic-like acrylic options available for those who prefer something less costly and more low maintenance.


Aesthetic knobs

This is a factor that largely depends on the existing style of the kitchen. Everything plays a key role in the choice you end up with, from the general style of the room to the style of the cabinetry and the rest of the hardware. Be sure to pay attention to the existing colour schemes, finishes, designs, and ornaments as this could all be decisive for creating a cohesive outcome.

There are knobs available in all kinds of colour combinations, textures, designs you can possibly imagine, so knowing beforehand what it is you’re after could simplify the search and make it less of a hassle. Then again, going for a matchy-matchy look when it comes to finishes, designs, styles, and ornaments takes secondary importance as opposed to your preference and need – after all, the item you pick should be something you like having around, as you’d be using and looking at it day after day.