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Scandinavian Home Décor 101: Steps to Adding a Nordic Vibe to Your Bedroom

December 1, 2022 — by Valeriya Vimon

The best-designed bedrooms are serene areas where it’s simple to shake off the stresses of the day. Nothing achieves such a calming vibe quite like the Scandinavian design. Scandinavian bedrooms are perfect for unwinding on a lazy Sunday morning and obtaining a good night’s sleep every single day since they are brimming with natural materials, soothing colours, and well-appointed furniture and items.

There are no hard-and-fast design guidelines for achieving a tranquil Nordic aesthetic, but a few components that are common to most Scandi spaces might help you achieve the look in your own home, from adopting a minimalist style to choosing the most serene hues and warm materials.

Scandinavian Bedroom design with a mirror in a frame railing for clothes, a paper ruffle lamp and grey bedding

Prioritise Light Wood Mirrors

We adore mirrors for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they reflect light, enlarge a room, and, of course, allow us to check our faces for makeup smudges. Therefore, a luxurious statement mirror for bedroom made of the finest woods will instantly level up your Scandinavian décor game!

Nowadays mirrors come in a wide range of styles and shapes, including full-length mirrors, circular mirrors, hexagonal mirrors, and more. However, most Nordic-style bedroom mirrors are minimalist in design and highly practical pieces since the décor is all about simplicity and function.

To make your bedroom appear larger and feel like you’re staying in a boutique Manhattan hotel every day, opt for a light wood mirror that leans against the wall. The best part? No need for screws, nails, hammers or fixing, so you’ll be able to relocate it easily.

Speaking of style and large mirrors, nothing beats handcrafted pieces. It will easily suit your style with the right choice of timber stains and a huge range of fabrics. These custom mirrors can also come in rough-sawn and hand-sanded solid timber frames and legs creating a distinctly modern design.

If appearance and function matter to you, you can never go wrong by choosing a mirror for bedroom with a footlocker and with an upholstered top to match the headboard. This will provide both roomy storage and an opulent bedroom seat. Offering bedsides with a porcelain tile top inlay adds to their opulent beauty while also providing a practical advantage. It will be the focal point of your bedroom sanctuary for years to come thanks to a wide variety of additional storage choices, including lingerie chests, low chests, and tallboys.

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Layer with Nature-Inspired Wallpapers

Wallpapers are great for personalising the walls in your bedroom. It’s the perfect option for covering the white and dull walls when painting them isn’t an option or when you want to add a specific pattern or themed design that wouldn’t work with plain paint. They are easy to install, don’t leave any residue on the wall and stick to any smooth and flat surface.

Creating a hygge vibe in your bedroom will require finding nature-inspired themes. For that reason, vintage floral wall paper will instantly revamp your bedroom and take it to the next level. Floral wallpapers come in tons of different patterns and colours, so there is something for everyone.

A vintage-style wallpaper design with a garden-inspired pattern is a great way to dress up your blank walls. The navy background contrasts with all the brighter colours and the white contours of the trees, leaves and everything else. There are also wallpaper patterns that resemble murals, great if you want to make an entire wall the centre of attention in the bedroom. A vivid wallpaper with a botanical theme that features a lot of ferns and other foliage is also an option.

However, not all floral wall paper styles will work the same, therefore the way you style it will determine its functionality. All the walls should be covered if you want a big, simple design. This gives the room a Scandinavian trendy vibe. Highlight one region of a wall to create a focal point in your space. Place wallpaper in the middle of your living room or near the headboard. The wallpaper is typically placed above a strong solid colour in most designs. But you can make it distinct by switching up the design.

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Declutter the Space

You must ensure that the bedroom is free of clutter and garbage for the Scandinavian décor to properly shine. This does not require you to eliminate everything and simplify your life. Just make sure that each thing has a specific location and that it returns there after usage.

A decluttered radius is necessary around focal points, such as a wood-panelled wall or a Nordic chair, to fully appreciate their beauty. Every element should serve a purpose. So, if you have items laying around that you haven’t used in a while, get rid of them or donate them.

Scandinavian bedroom with mirror and white details
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Drench in Neutrals

Because it looks so good all the time, Nordic home design is simple to live with. Simple designs, natural materials, and a restrained colour scheme are timeless. The hygge bedroom typically has muted colours with accents of grey, black, or green. You may create a traditional Danish style by adding a few rustic accents and plants.

Black and white patterns are also common in this design and can be applied in many ways, such as graphic prints on cushions, throws, or artwork. Vertical black-and-white stripes on the drapes look amazing and add an eccentric touch to the space. If stark white isn’t your thing, consider adding a soft bedroom hue, such as peach, pink, or lavender.

Neutral Scandinavian Bedroom with soft blankets and white caprets
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Go for Natural Materials and Textures

Remember to give your Scandi bed a lot of attention, whether your bedroom is conservative, conventional, or futuristic. For a cosy, lived-in look and feel, layer your bedding with textured blankets and pillows.

Choose bedroom carpets that are soft beneath your feet so that as soon as you enter the space, a sense of peace and warmth takes over. Consider carpets with level loop piles that have a smooth pattern throughout and a uniform, uncut loop texture. Or a frieze carpet with luxuriously soft, thick tufts that are incredibly smooth to walk on.

In terms of accessories, opt for wood, stone, bamboo, or jute. These enhance the eco-friendly appearance of Scandinavian bedrooms which look best with calming, neutral designs that are reduced down and paired with geometric or natural stone patterns. Style with light wood, rattan, lots of soft white linen, and monochromatic lighting and accents to finish the décor.

Scandinavian Bedroom with soft grey and yellow blankets and pillows
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