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Simple Steps for Making the Most of a Foam Roller

October 10, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Foam Roller

Muscle recovery is an important part of every exercising routine. After each workout you need to make sure your muscles recover properly before you hit the gym again. Beginners are more likely to experience muscle sourness after the first few workouts simply because their bodies are yet to adjust to the workout sessions. However, this can also happen to bodybuilders and professional athletes. They might experience pain in the muscles and limbs when increasing the intensity of their workout or when they expand their routine with more demanding exercises. Muscle pain is the direct result of inflammation within the muscles. When performing any kind of workout, be that weight lifting or running, your muscle fibres break down due to the enhanced pressure they have to endure while doing such an activity. After each workout, the fibres expand and become stronger, so next time they can withstand the exercising pressure better.

The best way to restore your muscles to their normal function after each workout is through a massage technique called self-myofascial release. This is basically a self-massage performed with a foam roller that has the purpose to alleviate muscle tightness. Foam rollers can be described as workout tools designed to apply pressure to trigger points on your muscles, thus providing fast and efficient muscle recovery. Rolling enhances blood circulation, alleviates pressure points and provides pain relief. Using a foam roller is not only a great way to improve your circulation and speed up muscle recovery, but it can also enhance your performance and help you to quickly reach your body goals. Here are three simple steps on how you can make the most out of a foam roller and make exercising less painful and more enjoyable.

A Soothing Massage

As mentioned before, foam rollers are great massage tools that you can use to soothe sore areas on your body. Not only does the method of foam rolling remove tension from the muscles, it can also increase your range of motion and help you become more flexible. There are various types of foam rollers that differ mainly in density or firmness. Firm foam rollers are designed to provide a more intense massage that can alleviate very tight or tensed muscles. Softer models have more cushioning and are designed to deliver a gentle massage. They are very easy to use and can therefore be the ideal choice for beginners.

An Effective Exercise

In addition to being great massage tools, foam rollers can also serve as practical exercising equipment. Due to their unique design, they can be used for doing many different types of exercise. A foam roller is most commonly used in workouts that promote flexibility and engage the core muscles, like push ups and planks. You can also use it to stretch your body before each workout and perform light bending exercises.

A Practical Yoga Prop

Yoga is all about reaching a state of balance while placing your body in all kinds of challenging positions. Foam rollers can help you balance your body and alleviate pressure points while doing many different yoga poses. For instance, a firm foam roller can be a great choice for doing an extended triangle pose. Just place it on your yoga mat and use it as a prop for enhanced balance while doing this demanding yoga posture.