3 Steps to Picking Out Great Skate Style Shoes

September 10, 2018 — by Valeriya Vimon

When you’re just getting into skateboarding, you usually don’t worry about other pieces of gear other than your skateboard. However, with time you’ll discover that your skating style depends on a lot more factors besides the board. Like for instance, the shoes. As a newbie, you might wonder “Do I really need special skateboarding shoes?” Truth is, you can ride in thongs if you like, but skate style shoes are specifically designed to help you skate better. They give you grip, flexibility, protection and comfort – everything you need to master those cool tricks. So, without further ado, here’s how to choose great skate style shoes.

skate style shoes

The Material Matters!

First of all, turn your attention to the material the shoes are made of and whether it fits your riding style. Usually, skate style shoes are made of either leather, suede, canvas, or hemp. Canvas and hemp are a great choice if you want something lighter and breathable, and suitable for warm weather. Unless you plan to ride your board aggressively, that is. In that case, you’ll need more protection which leather and suede can provide or something synthetic that’s just as strong. Technical street skaters usually go for these materials as they are very resistant to wear and tear.

Padding Offers Protection

Skating can be very rough on your feet and legs. And even though you haven’t noticed its impact the first couple of times, with time your ankles and joints will start to ache. To reduce the stress your lower body is exposed to while skating and prevent injuries, skate style shoes come with various forms of padding. When the insoles, tongues, heel areas and side walls are padded, there’s less risk of injuries when performing harder tricks like jumping over gaps or stairs.

Breathable Designs Keep You Comfy and Fresh

Every skateboarder has experienced them, nobody loves them – sweaty feet. When you spent a lot of time in shoes, your feet will get sweaty, that’s a fact. However, skateboarding shoes are specifically designed to prevent this problem and keep your feet fresh and comfortable for as long as possible. You can easily notice whether a pair of shoes is breathable or not, as it will come with perforations (breathing holes) in the front or be made from breathable upper materials that allow air to circulate and prevent moisture. Additionally, some skating shoe brands place perforated side panels and vent holes into the sides of the shoes and use tongues made of breathable mesh material.