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Steps to Adding Privacy to Your Outdoor Area

August 22, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon

When you have an outdoor area, it’s always a good time to get a bit of sunbathing, read a book in fresh air, or just unwind listening to the songs of birds, idly marvelling at the surrounding sights of nature, spending time enjoying your own company. But question is: Are you really alone?

If you live in a densely populated area, it’s needless to say you might not always go unspotted by some nosy passer-by. If this is your case, then read through the article as it’s meant to provide you with steps to enhance privacy in your home outdoors.

One of the most enjoyable solutions, as it both provides you with some liveliness and lush greenery, as well as helps keeping prying eyes away, is adding one of the many lilly pilly trees Australia round nurseries have in store. Lilly pillies have become known as Australian cherries due to their reddish pinkish fruit, but one of the reasons many Australians are including them in their yards is they grow quickly, as up to 30 metres, and are evergreen.

Of the many varieties of lilly pilly trees Australia wide nurseries provide, you can expect to find dwarfish varieties as well, if you’re up for smaller growth (50cm-3m) – all of which have the same resilient properties, able to tolerate drought, growing in full sun or semi-shade spots. As long as you tend to their needs correctly, you wouldn’t have to worry about pest problems since keeping them well fed and watered would ensure they’d grow to be resilient.

Wanting to keep noise pollution out of the way, along with the prying eyes, you can resort to the many fencing solutions, in the likes of stone walls, or wooden boards. You can further amp up their level of privacy by planting a few thick shrubs right beside them. If you’re up for more natural options, you can consider building up a wall of vertical garden, with plenty of plants and pots shielding you, or try the raw beauty of a wattle fence – a fence you can decorate with numerous branches.

Curtains and shutters are obvious privacy screen options, if you’re up for spicing up the area with a bit of colour and texture. And, of course, we can’t omit the power of pergolas, trellis, and canopies. The great thing about them is, apart from providing you with the privacy you require, they also serve as the decorating canvas for lighting fixtures for instance.

You can make the most out of this addition by engaging in a DIY project, and incorporating ideas of your own; Adding privacy equals customising your outdoor area.