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Steps to Choosing the Ideal Fire Pit to Enhance the Outdoor Area

November 2, 2022 — by Valeriya Vimon

Australia has always been very much synonymous with the outdoor lifestyle and it’s not surprising considering most of the homes used to have backyards. As the cities started becoming denser, however, the typical backyard started becoming smaller. Nowadays, especially in a world post-pandemic, having a home with a significant outdoor area has become a sort of commodity not to be taken for granted.

If you’re among the lucky ones to own a home with a beautiful yard, you know how much value it adds to the overall property. As such, it’s worth making use of it as much as possible because many of us are only dreaming of having it. This includes turning it into a comfortable area even as the summer nights get colder and autumn announces its arrival. One easy way to achieve this without having to overspend is by getting a fire pit to make the space warmer and more inviting.

ethanol fire pit modern
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What Should You Look for in an Outdoor Fire Pit?

With so many options available, it’s natural to get some dose of confusion when deciding to shop for this backyard element. It would help if you simplify the process by organising it into a few steps, like the following:

Type of Fuel

Although the primary choice for most people may be good old timber, there are various options nowadays that are much better alternatives. Take the eco-friendly ethanol fire pits as an example – the trendy choice as of late. They’re trendy for a reason – for one, they’re based on a renewable fuel source that’s better for the environment since it burns clean without resulting in smoke, soot, or ashes.

This is something that would give you some peace of mind knowing your own comfort doesn’t contribute to pollution. Two, they’re low in odours which makes them safer than their gas counterpart, and they’re also long-burning with over 90% of efficiency which translates to more warmth and convenience for you. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve had experience in dealing with burning wood.

More on their benefits, the ethanol fire pits are portable as they require no permanent connection, and are affordable, quick, and easy to install. Still, if despite all these benefits you choose to invest in a traditional wood burning pit for the crackling sound, or already have a gas pipeline to connect the fire pit, no one would blame you – it’s all a matter of personal choice, so long as it’s something you feel glad to have around. Weigh in the pros and cons of each option and take your pick!

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Overall Design

There’s no question the fire pits serve as fancy focal points, so their aesthetics matter just as much as their functional features. By this I don’t only refer to the style, but size, material and design altogether too. An ethanol fire pit can be brought to the spotlight as a focal point only when you choose the adequate model for your space considering all these aspects.

Deciding how and where you want it installed will give you an idea of whether you could do it with a small tabletop or a space-savvy wall-mounted design, a portable floor-standing or a big and permanent fixed design. This would also point out if you can work with a simple bowl or something more stylish and elaborate with various levels or a multi-purpose table style.

In terms of material, it comes down to how durable and heavy you want the pit to be, with options like heavy-duty cast iron, low-maintenance stainless steel, and lightweight copper. Of course, these come with different price tags so this is where you get to decide how much you’re willing to spend on such an addition.

And lastly, I’d like to add ease of cleanliness because, trust me, this is something you’d consider essential the more you use the pit. Spending more time on cleaning and less on enjoying the fire doesn’t exactly sound like a good deal for most of us!

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Fuel, style, size, material and design are all equally important and yet safety is one last aspect you ought to consider if you want to make the most of this backyard enhancement. Unbeknownst to you, there may be laws and restrictions where you live regarding wood or gas burning due to the pollution so splurging on that lovely wood or gas fire pit you’ve been eyeing without checking this would be imprudent.

Then again, even after you’ve chosen your ideal pit, there are still some regulations you’d have to follow to avoid hefty fines and scary hazards, and these are to do with the installation and clearance. When adding a fire pit, it should be in a non-combustible area of the outdoor space with plenty of room around it. If you have furnishings, make sure there are at least two to three metres of distance between them and the pit. Warmth and comfort may be important, but safety always comes first.