3 Steps to Reignite the Flame: Something New, Something Classy, and Something Exciting

June 26, 2024 — by Richard Dawson

Let’s talk routines. The dictionary describes the word as a sequence of actions regularly followed or something performed as a part of regular procedure rather than for a special reason. The examples that follow all have some sort of negative connotation. For instance, “I settled down into a routine of work and sleep” or “It was just a routine annual drill”. 

But routines aren’t all that bad; they help us function more efficiently, saving us time, frustration, and sometimes even money. The problem arises when something special turns into a routine. Like sex, for example. Is sex really that important that you should go out of your established day-to-day ways and patterns? 

Why Sex Matters?


Physical intimacy and sexual passion strengthen the bond between partners. But the effects of lovemaking extend far beyond. Studies show that regular intimacy has numerous physical and psychological benefits due to the release of hormones like oxytocin, which promote feelings of well-being. 

But the thing with anything regular is that it quickly turns into a routine. And when things feel ordinary or predictable in the bedroom, the excitement can wear off, leading to a decline in intimacy and potentially a disconnect between partners. Reigniting the flame is possible, however, and it can be easier than you think. 

Try Something New 

Sometimes, the simplest way to add excitement is to introduce something completely new to the bedroom. For instance, you can consider exploring adult bondage toys. Contrary to popular belief, bondage isn’t just about restriction; it can be an empowering way to heighten intimacy and pleasure for both partners. The key, of course, is clear communication and setting boundaries for comfort and safety. 
Although for many, the term BDSM gear immediately paints a stereotypical image of leather straps and dungeons, the world of bondage can be as simple as a blindfold. Blindfolds amp up the anticipation of physical touch and heighten the pleasure as the partner is only guided by voice. 

There are many other beginner-friendly pieces of BDSM equipment that can spice things up in the bedroom. Masks can create a sense of anonymity and help unleash hidden desires. Breathable ball gags can also be a playful element in foreplay if muffled groans and moans are your thing.
Beyond the basics, feathered handcuffs can add a tantalising touch to exploration. The light tickle of feathers against the skin creates a heightened awareness of every caress. As a gentle form of restraint, these soft cuffs are perfect for building anticipation and focusing attention on specific erogenous zones. Teazers provide another way for gentle stimulation, allowing for greater control of pleasure; you can keep it playful or dial up the intensity depending on your mutual preference. 

Moving on to whips and paddles, these adult bondage toys come in a range of textures and intensities, from featherlight ticklers to more stimulating leather floggers and so on. As comfort levels increase, you can explore firmer options together for an unforgettable experience tailored to your unique desires. Remember, it’s not about inflicting pain; it’s about exploring what feels good together. 

Unleash Your Sexual Prowess


Feeling sexy and confident is a mighty aphrodisiac, and sensual lingerie is the secret weapon to unleashing that prowess and self-esteem. Wearing nice underwear, whether for yourself or your partner, can boost both self-love and your partner’s attraction. The act of choosing and wearing something “special” can also provide a sense of control and escape from the routine complacency mentioned earlier. 

When shopping for lingerie, embrace what makes you feel confident and powerful. Forget about conforming to stereotypical beauty standards and trends; buy underwear that’s unapologetically you—it’s the only way to harness its secret power. And fret not, these delicate intimates come in various styles and sizes to flatter any body type. 

Set the Mood 

Harsh lights and pitch darkness—two extremes that can hurt your sex life. Bright overhead lighting can be glaring and unflattering, making you feel overly self-conscious about every little self-perceived flaw. And even if it’s only you who notices these imperfections, it can still hinder intimacy. 
Pitch darkness, on the other hand, can make it difficult for you and your partner to read each other’s body language and non-verbal cues. Not to mention that some people find it difficult to relax and enjoy the moment in complete darkness. 

Consider installing dimmer switches to create a softer glow that suits the mood. Table lamps and floor lamps are another great option for achieving a more intimate ambience. And of course, candles—a timeless classic taking centre stage in any romantic scenario. 

Lack of privacy and stressful reminders can also have a negative impact on your love life. Consider investing in blockout curtains and reliable locks to ensure you don’t have to worry about curious eyes. Tech goes on mute, and any to-do lists that create stressful associations with work and everyday life go out so you can focus on yourself and your partner. 
Last but not least, prioritise comfort. Treat yourselves to new, soft bedding for more enjoyable moments under the sheets—think silk for the ultimate sensory experience.