Big Bra Woes: Common Issues for Full-Busted Women

July 8, 2024 — by Valeriya Vimon

Wearing the wrong bra size can look unsightly whether wearing a formal dress, a simple tee or corporate wear. This goes especially to the busty women who often struggle to find the right fit. Wearing the wrong size will not only ruin your outfit but it will also make you feel extremely uncomfortable. That is why you should carefully choose your bra, and shop from stores that have big bras for sale.

What Is a Big Bra Size?

plus size bra

Well, if C cups are considered medium size, then D, DD and everything above it are marked as larger sizes. The size of cups can vary from one brand to another so make sure to measure yourself and compare the measurements to the manufacturer’s sizes. They come in a range of styles just like any regular ones, so finding a comfortable and beautiful bra in big size won’t be difficult at all.

If you’re busty and have larger size cups, know that some stores can offer cups up to J size, so make sure to do your research right and find a store that can provide you with a bra and cup size according to your measurements. Don’t settle for anything else because the discomfort and unsightly appearance will be on you. Take your time to browse and find a store that will provide you with the needed bra size.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Bra

As you know by now, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than having to adjust your bra all the time. Wearing a bigger bra will result in constantly having to pull its front part because it’s digging into your skin. Given the fact that not being able to find the right size is the biggest problem for these women, it isn’t strange that they’ll start dealing with a lot of skin issues. But did you know that aside from this, women may also experience a lack of energy and difficulty breathing with wearing a tighter bra?! Yup, that’s right, that serious wearing the wrong bra can go. So, knowing the signs and choosing a comfortable fit is the only thing you can do to help you feel and look good.

Common Signs That Your Bra Doesn’t Fit You

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Chafing is a prevalent issue women experience, and even though in most cases this happens because you wear a bra that is a bit too big for you, in some cases, this means that the bra model doesn’t fit you. For that reason, you should look for a different model, like for instance, a sports model with a wider band.

Breast Pain

Wearing a smaller or too-tight bra can result in feeling pain and discomfort. This usually happens because the underwire or too-tight bra presses against the tissue, causing extreme discomfort, and the only solution that will give you immediate results is opting for a bra in big size.

Bra Straps Digging Into Your Shoulders

If the straps of your bra are digging into your shoulders, this is a huge sign that you need to size up your bra. Wearing your bra like that can lead to constant shoulder pain which will become a chronic one.

Marks on the Skin

Aside from the straps digging inside your skin on the shoulders, you may also experience your bra leaving deep marks on your skin after removing it. This is a sign that your bra is way too tight, so you’ll need to look for bras for women with a larger band size.

Body Discomfort

Any sign of feeling uncomfortable while wearing your bra means that you should look for another size. Feeling restricted when making any kind of movement is certainly a sign that you should go a size up, so make sure not to overlook it in order to prevent any further problems.

Shortness of Breath

As you can assume by now, wearing a smaller bra can result in experiencing shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Comfort should be your priority, so you should certainly look for one that allows you to breathe easily.

Experiencing Rash

Those of you who start experiencing rash on either the strap or band line should know that this is because of wearing a bra that’s too tight. Practice shows that wearing a smaller bra can lead to friction and, when sweating, this can lead to the appearance of rash and acne which can be extremely unsightly and uncomfortable especially in summer when you’ll want to show some skin because of the unbearably hot temperatures.

Neck and Back Pain

Did you know that wearing the wrong bra size can lead to experiencing neck stiffness and back pain?! Yup, that’s right. The main reason for this is that a bra that’s too tight can impact your posture, and this can lead to experiencing severe chronic pain in both the neck and back. Experiencing this in the long term can lead to developing a bad posture. This might sound strange to some of you, but wearing a bra that feels tight and small can lead to slouching which can negatively affect your spine and overall well-being.