Camp Like a Champ with the Right Campervan Awning

September 21, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

I am one of those people who love the sea and love spending a month or so living by it, but I am not the type of person who loves spending a fortune for it. By spending a fortune on it I mean paying for an apartment rent or worse, a hotel. I’m no Rockefeller, just a mere mortal. But a smart one, luckily. When I realized life is too short to torture myself every month just to save up a few dollars so I can go on a trip, I decided I was going to solve the accommodation problem and unchain myself from all the limitations like choosing the cheapest option. So, I bought a campervan. And oh, all the wild trips I’ve had since then!

campervan Awning

Every campervan owner knows the feeling of not having to worry about leaving the apartment at a certain time and all the freedom you get when it comes to sleeping the way you want and how much you want. It’s camping, and you all know camping is all about connecting with nature and well, saving a dollar or two. However, if you accept the camping way of travelling you’ll see that it’s actually quite fun. You can customize your campervan and re-create your home everywhere you go. You’re probably thinking that’s impossible in such a small space, so let me talk to you about the convenience called a campervan awning.

If you don’t have it in your campervan accessory arsenal, start searching for campervan awnings for sale to get one ASAP. It’s like you get an extra room packed in a bag and carrying it on the back seat ready to be installed and put into work. There are basically two types of awnings you can choose from: a canopy – which is permanently attached to the outer side of your van and taken out as necessity requires, and a drive-away awning – which is tent-like and has to be installed separately, attached to your van, or as a separate tent. Both types have their advantages, and choosing would largely depend on the length of your journey, your destination, or how much people are travelling with you.

The right way to get one

Just like any other purchase you’d make, you need to know your facts before buying an awning. That means – researching all that is offered on the market. You can wander around brick and mortar shops, or you can do an online hunt for campervan awnings for sale – consider your time and convenience here. However, for success, you need a few things cleared well in advance.

What type will you get?

Decide if it’s more convenient for you to get a canopy or a drive-away. Mainly, campers who don’t stick long on one place go with the canopy, as this provides good sun, wind and rain protection. If you’re planning on camping for days on one place, then the drive-away would be more convenient – it will provide extra sleeping space, space for a kitchen, or place for keeping a dog safe at night.

The much-needed accessories

Along with buying the awning itself, you should consider getting the much needed accessories. This includes cleaning products, de-flapper clamps for keeping the awning steady on the ground and a stabilizer kit made of screw anchors and spring-loaded tension straps. You should also be prepared if it starts to rain, as your awning can be drowned completely if not installed properly.

Bottom line, if you have a large family and you love travelling, a campervan and an accompanying awning can really upgrade your entire camping experience. You’d feel as if you were at home, while being on some beach and enjoying all the surrounding natural beauty.