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Custom Made Venetian Blinds: 3 Steps to Ensure You’re Ordering Them Right

July 18, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon

As much as I love the sun, having it blind my eyes every morning is not something I am ready to allow for the rest of my time in my new home. You know how you’re cranky in the morning, yearning for coffee and a miraculous move to make your eyes open painlessly and all of a sudden boom – sunlight so bright it makes you want to scream: “ The hell with this, I am going back to bed.” But you can’t – you have work to run to, children to take care of, errands to finish. And you need the energy and the positivity to do it all flawlessly, otherwise you’ll be the nasty lady who screams too much and looks scary.

Besides this very valid reason, another reason I decided to take care of the sunlight breaching my bedroom in the morning is because my windows are completely bare and as such they lack a certain design charm. Yes, they look perfect just the way they are, but at some point you need the warmth and cosiness that closed spaces provide. And since there’s no way I am putting curtains over them, I decided to order custom made venetian blinds.Custom Made Venetian Blinds

It’s hard to know exactly what to order; the palette of manufacturers offering custom made venetian blinds is so vast and versatile it’s just simple choosing confusion. So, I talked to a professional on the matter and he introduced me to the world of getting exactly what you want for your interior design in three simple steps.

Impact or no impact on the room design?

If the windows are large, expensive and more like a design element on their own, dressing them with venetian blinds should be done very, very carefully. You can’t put on this type of windows just about anything, and moreover, you can’t choose something that will not fit by measurements. Also, if the blinds have a lot of positive impact on the room’s style, complement it, make it look better and more beautiful, then go with it by all means. In any other case, stay away from them in order to avoid clutter.


The style of the room will dictate the choice of material. If vintage style elements dominate in your room design then wood or timber could be a great option. If there are more modernistic pieces like a lot of metal, fancy seating sets, minimal chairs and tables and decorations, then plastic or metal venetians would be a better choice.


Use the colour wheel here to determine the right hue for your venetians. They shouldn’t be a sore to the eye, but a complement to the room. Therefore, according to the walls and the seating furniture, choose between stronger nuances and the classic whites. The same rule can be applied here as well; more modern homes will benefit from the simpler colours and nuances, while others can always benefit from something a little bolder when it comes to colours.