Navigating Navara Upgrades: The Ultimate Guide to Turnkey D40 Tray Packages for Maximum Performance in Australia

February 23, 2024 — by Richard Dawson

There’s no shortage of reasons that Nissan’s scrappy D40 Navaras are among the most popular utes in Oz. From high-performance exhaust systems to heavy-duty suspension kits, Navaras are anxious aftermarket upgrade recipients, and a lightweight aluminium tray is all that’s needed to instantly transform one into a perfect beach, bush, or job site companion.

Buying ute trays can be a tricky proposition though, especially when it comes to piecing together the right canopy and undertray accessory combination. They don’t always fit or function together as expected, making turnkey tray packages the best option with the surest fit and the widest range of accessories. Not surprisingly, there are a number of turnkey packages already on the market for the D40; and if you’re thinking about purchasing one, you need to take steps to ensure that you’re buying the best.

Turnkey D40 Tray Packages are the Ultimate Navara Accessories

Tray on Nissan Navara D40

Let’s be honest: with so many different tray and undertray possibilities, not only is a turnkey tray option one of the most cost-conscious Nissan Navara D40 accessories you can invest in, it’s also one of the most advantageous. These premium package options are direct bolt-on/wire-up replacements for the D40’s OE tub, but unlike standalone tray offerings, they’re configured to simplify the accessory selection process.

Tray package options that are equipped with Nissan Navara D40 extras typically come in 3 variations:

  • Base trays outfitted with essential road safety and cargo securing features;
  • Trays with underside accessory tool boxes; and,
  • Trays with underside accessory tool boxes and a canopy.

By using only purpose-made Nissan D40 accessories and components that are designed and constructed to work and fit together, turnkey packages allow you to avoid the problems that can occur when selecting parts and boxes from multiple, and potentially incompatible sources. With a turnkey package option, you can be sure that no matter what type of tray configuration you choose, it’s built to do the job you need it to do.

Lightweight Trays are the Backbone of Every Basic Package

A sturdy, lightweight tray is the starting point for a D40 tray package option that’s built to last, but steel is heavy and prone to rust. That’s why an aluminium unit made from 2.5mm checkerboard stock is the perfect, corrosion-resistant platform that the best tray packages are built on. Together with a TIG welded C-channel main frame, RHS sub frame, and an integrated headboard, is the ideal package for preventing unwanted flexing and serious rearward protection.

Premium quality, powder-coated base tray packages are outfitted with a slew of essential road safety and cargo securing features, including:

  • LED tail lamps and indicators;
  • 3mm heavy-duty mudguards;
  • Stainless steel tiedown points;
  • Chassis mounting brackets; and,
  • A rear under-rail tie-down bar.

Base tray package options allow you to take advantage of the full tray space that an uncluttered loading area provides; and if your Nissan’s equipped with special D40 Navara accessories like rear cameras or sensors, blind spot monitoring, or lane assist, base tray packages can even be outfitted with the mounting hardware that’s needed to support them.

Accessory Tray Packages Give You the Space to Stretch Out

D40 tray packages with underside accessory tool boxes boast all the heavy-duty features that base tray packages have, but also include precise-fitted aluminium tool boxes that feature:

  • Fully TIG welded seams;
  • Full weatherproof and dustproof seals; and,
  • Stainless steel T-handle locks and piano hinges.

Accessory tool box tray packages are the ideal out-of-the-way storage solution for cargo straps, cables, and other small items; and like base tray packages, they allow you to keep your D40’s loading area open without forcing you to store your cargo strapping gear behind a seat. If, however, you want to keep your cab clear of all non-essential clutter and prefer the uncompromised security of a covered tray container, then opting to take your D40 accessories upgrade to the next level by adding a canopy is the step you need to make.

Full Canopy D40 Packages Give You Maximum Flexibility

Nissan Navara d40 with accessories

No matter, if you’re a tradie, a chippie, or just someone who enjoys taking your D40 to the bush, when you’re looking for the maximum amount of covered space that a Navara tray has to offer, what you want, is a package that has both underside tool boxes and a canopy. These intelligent packages feature a fully reinforced, aluminium 1840mm (W) x 850mm (H) x 1800mm (L) canopy that boasts:

  • Internal RHS bracing with a fully reinforced floor;
  • Weatherproof quality rubber seals, and,
  • Stainless steel T-handle locks and piano hinges.

These accessory packages are built and configured for maximum utility, and even allow space for other accessories, including:

  • A jerry can holder;
  • A rear tyre carrier; and,
  • A rear access ladder.

These D40 package options even offer jack-off compatibility. That means even when you have a canopy, but sometimes need the unrestricted capacity that your tray can provide, accessing it is just a matter of unfastening your canopy and raising it off of the tray.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, Navaras are unquestionably one of the most competent mid-sized platforms ever built. Whether it’s at work or play, they do everything well, but it takes comprehensive, turnkey accessories to bring out their best.

Reliable, heavy-duty Nissan Navara D40 accessories, including precision-fitting turnkey tray combination packages, are the right choice to get the most from your Navara. And with a range of top-notch turnkey options to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll find one that fits your requirements perfectly.