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Power Up with Motorized Roller Blinds and Make Managing Natural Light Easy

June 30, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

In recent years, slowly but surely, blinds have started to replace curtains. Blinds are cost effective, durable and practical. There are many styles and materials to chose from, which makes blinds very versatile. They can be mounted both inside and outside a frame, which adds to their versatility. In this article, I’m going to discuss one type of blinds in particular, roller blinds.Motorized Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are made from a type of fabric specially designed to be operated by beaded side controls or a spring mechanism. They can be custom made which means, every single blind is made individually and it is not mass produced to fit the needs of all customers. Additions can be made to prevent a choking hazard in kids and animals by making them cordless. When it comes to convenience and practicality, motorized roller blinds are the future. With a single remote control, you can control all your blinds and set their limits individually to get the perfect amount of sunlight inside your home.

To make sure you order the perfect blinds for your windows, you need to properly measure them. There are different approaches to measuring blinds, but they’re generally very similar. You measure at three spots: top, bottom and middle from window frame, as well as right side, left site and middle and you pick out the smallest measurements. This is for inside mounted blinds. For outside mounted blinds you need to add about 50 mm extra to the sides for an improved light control and privacy.

Some tips for measuring blinds correctly:

  • Always measure in millimeters (mm);
  • Measure all windows separately, even those of similar width and height;
  • Always use a steel tape for improved accuracy – ensure the tape measure is straight and tight while measuring;
  • Do not deduct;
  • Stacking height of the blind is something that should not be forgotten.

The conclusion to all of the aforementioned is that blinds are slowly but surely replacing curtains. Motorized roller blinds add convenience and ease to adjust the blinds in your entire house with the push of a single button. They’re also quite safe, meaning, there are no strings or cables that get entangled. Plus, they prevent heat from going out during the winter and keep coolness inside during hot summer days, which is beneficial for energy savings. Making your blinds move on a scheduled time will increase safety against burglars, meaning even if you are not at home, your blinds will occasionally move to scare burglars off thinking that you’re actually home.