Step by Step Into Why the Lady is a Camper

January 23, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon

That old, or even better, ancient pitch, that wicked witchcraft of a burning sunset extinguishing its fire behind a glorious hill, surrounded by vast greenery that arouses the need to proceed adventuring with the strongest of will… That irresistible and irreplaceable connection with the self one is only to experience by letting the wind run its fingers through their hair… The whisper of life’s true essence we cannot hear when stuck in the rat race of a busy town’s atmosphere… That’s why the lady is a camper.

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And although this lady camper bets her bottom dollar that the wind, the sun, the river, the hum of the birds and the moon and the stars are more than enough to feed the soul by letting you take moonbeams home in a jar, they cannot crack the camping nut alone, so let’s see what you must not forlorn.

If you want to be able to get warm once the moon takes over the reign over the endless dark blue, you’ll need to make tea for two, three or more in the RV you all adore. Good company is key, but safety and convenience are a must and this is where an RV beats a tent in the blink of an eye. With all of the necessary RV accessories online bought or perhaps from a specialized shop ready at hand, you shouldn’t wonder why the lady is a camper in a van.

From the awning that provides the shade, to the camping stove where all the magic of delicious food unfolds and much, much more – without the right RV accessories online available, I must admit, camping would be, well… just the slightest bit of a bore. It will all have to be set as it once was back in cavemen days and this lady and her crew are as keen on innovation as on all that is nature, for Nature herself always changes and evolves. That’s why the lady is a camper that knows how to combine the new with the old.

Camping sure comes in many forms, and I don’t know what might work best for you, but I know that it always gets a nicer hue when you’re with people you can say “I love you” to. Being able to make memories under the stars, away from the crowd, but feeling never so not alone, while having the comfort similar to your home is an innate need each and everyone one must experience through their own example. That’s why the lady is a camper.