Steps to Building a Solid Streetwear Wardrobe

December 13, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon

Streetwear. It’s the one style allows Kanye West to walk the red carpet in baggy jeans, a white t-shirt and boots and then top every best dressed list. Although it might seem like it’s a lazy look, the truth is that coming up with a stylish streetwear outfit still calls for smart fashion judgement and a collection of some fine streetwear staples. So before you head out on an expedition across the large number of Australian streetwear clothing stores, here are some pieces with which you can start growing your street savvy wardrobe.

Streetwear Clothing (1)

Go Large, or Go Home!

A good tip for always looking urban, no matter what you’re wearing, is to choose a piece that’s two sizes larger than your actual size. However, don’t wear a baggy top with a baggy bottom, it never looks good on anybody. The rule is to combine an oversized piece with something that’s form-fitting, like for instance a baggy sweater with skinny jeans. Another way to wear oversized clothes is to do so in layers. A cool look is a flannel oversized shirt over a monochrome t-shirt and some black jeans. When you’re wearing oversized shirts make sure to have all buttons undone to keep everything nice and loose and avoid looking like an old person. And be careful, some shirt designs do not look good when worn in layers. It’s best to get informed about how to match patterns and materials before you go browsing through the vast Australian streetwear clothing range.

Embrace the Blues

Although there’s nothing that screams streetwear more than joggers and oversized hoodies, you can’t exactly wear them everywhere, right? And the beauty of denim is that it’s so versatile. Torn up jeans for showing your youthful side while hitting the streets, a denim jacket to complete your smart casual work outfit and those formfitting skinny jeans that are always a sexy choice for a Saturday night out. The advantage of denim is that it goes great with most other textiles, whether cotton, flannel, or satin.

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Don’t Sweat, Put On Some Sweats

Of course, not every day will be a jeans thing. Some days you’d want to let your body breath a little and that’s when a good pair of cotton sweats can basically mean life. Although they are generally considered quite the opposite of fashion, sweatpants have now become a favourite in certain fashion cycles with famous designers like Alexander Wang creating luxurious sweatpant lines. But let’s be clear – sweats part of your streetwear look are not the same sweats you’d be wearing to the gym. If you want to feel comfortable and still look fashionable, it’s best to steer away from colourful neon models and go for something more simpler in a muted down colour palette of mostly grey and black.