Taking RCing to New Heights: FlySky Transmitters and Receivers – High-Quality, Affordable Control Systems

February 13, 2024 — by Richard Dawson

Regardless of whether you’re a licensed commercial drone pilot or just a serious RC enthusiast, there’s one thing that every radio-controlled operator can agree on: the importance of having high-quality transmitting equipment. You can have the best car, drone, or boat on the market, but without a controller that’s capable of conveying your commands and giving you palm-felt feedback, you’re probably missing out on a lot of what your preferred RC platform has to offer.

A lightning-fast, interference-free connection between transmitter and receiver is what’s needed to get the most out of any RC application. That shouldn’t mean you need to invest more in your controller than in your vehicle, though. That’s why enthusiasts who’re serious about drone racing, driving, or competing on any other multi-channel RC platform, insist on upgrading to transmitter/receiver combinations from companies whose focus is on affordable, high-quality control systems.

FlySky Control System Upgrades Help Take Your RCing to the Next Level

FlySky Transmitter

Let’s be honest: when you’re looking to upgrade your RC control system, finding the right balance between cost and responsiveness is a challenge. There are a lot of choices available; but with a product lineup that extends from their entry-level FS i6 transmitter combos for aerial applications, to their pro-class Noble NB4s for all types of surface applications, Flysky® technology gives enthusiasts the performance they want, at a price that they can also afford to be enthusiastic about.

Flysky provides a full selection of long range, low-latency transmitter/receiver combos for any 2.4MHz RC application or operator skill level. And with an array of options and smart features not found on any other roster of controllers, Flysky transmitters and receivers are the ideal upgrade option for eliminating the following RC problems:

·   Intermittent or sporadic signal cutouts, even at short distances;

·   Frequent signal interference from other transmission sources;

·   Slow responses to commands that should occur instantly;

·   Not enough channels to utilize all of your vehicle’s features; or,

·   A limited ability to activate certain vehicle features.

With FlySky’s own patented adaptation of Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS) spread spectrum protocol technology, their transmitters are among the most effective in the world at reducing latency, interference problems, and channel availability. In fact, you only have to look at two of their most popular controllers, the FlySky FS i6 transmitter and the FlySky NB4 transmitter, to see just how much versatility their systems have to offer, but without breaking your budget.

Time Gain Air Superiority with FlySky FS i6 Transmitters and Receivers  

Flysky’s entry level FS i6 transmitters, together with their FS iA6B receivers, are built around straightforward ergonomic design, and reliable 2.4MHz AFHDS / AFHDS-2A protocols for controlling multi-rotor drones, robotics, and engineering vehicles. In spite of its classic looks though, the i6 isn’t just a rewrapped version of an ordinary out-of-box controller. It begins with a capacitive, backlit LCD touch screen display that makes setting up, programming, and monitoring transmitter and receiver functions easier than ever, and it gets better from there.

Standard features for the high-powered FS i6 transmitter and receiver combo include:

·   Entry-level 6-channel PWM, or upgradeable 10-channel PPM operation with telemetry capability;

·   Customized gimbals with dual bearing supports;

·   Momentary switches and self-centering proportional wheel switches;

·   4 stick mode selection; and,

·   USB and DSC (Direct Servo Connect) port connections.

The i6 uses 4 x 1.5V AA batteries; and with a signal travel distance of 500 ~ 1500m, it’s intelligent enough to know the importance of issuing timely, 4.2V low voltage alarms. In short, it’s the budget-minded transmitter that both beginning and experienced operators can appreciate for its price and performance.

FlySky’s Noble NB4 Transmitters and Receivers Give You Total Control on the Ground


While Flysky’s FS i6 is the perfect introduction to economical aerial operations, their 2.4MHz NB4 transmitter, paired with either an FGr4, or Micro FGr4S receiver, is the dominant control system for surface vehicles. The NB4, also known as the Noble NB4, redefines the expectations of trigger-type transmitters, effectively doubling the controller’s range of functionality by creating two devices out of one.

The NB4 features a patented wheel mount that allows it to rotate 180° on its axis: the perfect accommodation for left-, as well as right-handed drivers. Embedded forced feedback, and a fully adjustable trigger size and throw, also help to give it the perfect grip, feel, and input that driver’s need to maintain a high performance edge at all times.

But make no mistake, though: the FlySky NB4 has more to offer than just a few ergonomic tricks, as it also boasts an array of innovative technical features that include:

·   An HVGA 3.5” colour capacitive touch screen display;

·   Standard 4, with optional 6 and 8-channel operation;

·   Patented AFHDS-3 technology, resulting in an ultra-low latency of less than 3ms;

·   USB data and charging port connections; and,

·   The ability to perform system setups and adjustments through Bluetooth.

The FlySky Noble NB4 also isn’t a pushover when it comes to power. The controller is equipped with two batteries: one in the handle, and one in the base. While the handle-mounted 1S / 4.2V lithium battery powers the transmitter, the removable power bank at the base gives operators the ability to keep the transmitter in a constant state of charge. There’s never a need to interrupt a session to recharge or switch batteries, making it possible to get maximum enjoyment out of every one.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your preference is for aerial or surface operation, having the right transmission equipment can make or break your RC experience. That’s why when you’re ready to make an upgrade, once you’ve had a chance to look at all the available equipment options, you’ll realize there’s really only one manufacturer that can give you the advantage of both price and performance.

FlySky makes its Noble NB4 and FS i6 transmitter and receiver combinations for enthusiasts who want premium performance, but without a premium price tag. You won’t find a control system manufacturer who understands performance better FlySky, or one who’s more committed to keeping the cost of innovation to a level that we all can appreciate.