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The Sacredness of Amens & Hallelujahs Cannot be Digitalized (Stepping Up for Paperback Wisdom)

October 5, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon

Perhaps, we are past those times when we need to hold on to a Bible day in and day out as our moral compass. Perhaps, now with the dawn of the internet era, books have indeed become somewhat redundant and holy ones are not an exception. I am firmly convinced that we cannot spend a day without coming across inspirational quotes, written all over some beautiful pictures, while scrolling down our Facebook homepages. However, are we to forget the origin of most of these quotes? Are we to forget the essential wisdom and its original package? Are we to deprive ourselves from being able to underline our favorite lines from the apostles whose lives most closely resonate with ours? I think not.


What’s more, it’s not like the old wisdom lacks a dash of innovation altogether… If you care to do a quick search online, you’d find, for instance, The Holy Bible New International Version and many more alike, where the language is simplified, but the wisdom is even fortified as to suit these modern times. I believe that the Bible is much more than a symbol, it’s a portal to a grand world of stories that should be treasured deep within our hearts and minds and passed on to future generations. We cannot simply like, pin or tag wisdom away – there’s something intimate, even magical about holding a book with so many answers, being able to take it with you even on a spiritual journey far away from all human and Wi-Fi connection, up there on some glorious mountain.


A book such as the Holy Bible new international version or maybe traditional can also make for a lovely evening spent with close family and friends. Me and my lovely daughter Georgia like to play a game of open and relate, usually after a tiresome evening of piano practice, when she feels as if she’s carrying the whole world on her shoulders and even Georgia on My Mind can’t seem to make things right. The game’s all about opening a random page from the Bible, with her eyes closed, while calling on her guardian angel to help her regain her strength within the lines chosen by fortune. Yes, we do like to add our own twist to spirituality and the most important part is – it makes us feel closer both to each other and to the brave people of the past whose lives are wonderfully depicted within the lines of the Holy Bible.