Acquiring an Aged Care Certificate is Your First Step to a Bright Future

June 22, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

When we’re young, we see we can do anything which makes us feel on top of the world. From succeeding in personal relationships, to making advances in the work fields, youth equals to being unstoppable. However, things change with time. Regardless of whether you have grandparents or not, you see life in old age isn’t that merciful with everyone. As soon as retirement takes place, people start to feel like they aren’t as useful anymore and not exactly contributing to society which can result in a depressive sort of mindset. Even worse when health problems appear.

 Aged Care

No matter if you have had experience with helping the elderly or wish to do so, it is never too late to drop your current career path that you don’t exactly enjoy, and take the chance to make people’s lives better by choosing to get an aged care certificate III. We hear it often, education is the key to success, but it depends on the quality of education since it can greatly influence the quality of life you have. With this certificate, not only will you have better chances for employment, but you will also know you make the world a better place by helping the elderly.

Nowadays everything is simplified, and the perks of this are also having the opportunity to find your ideal course online that will prepare you for the job fully. With the aged care certificate III you will cover both theory and practice through seven core units, six elective units, and 120 hours of industry work placement. Some courses offer Victorian government subsidies through the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG), and once you have found the course, you can inquire about your eligibility to the subsidies.

Being an aged care worker is much more specific than being a nurse because the problems and needs of the elderly are different and you will get all the knowledge on urology, neurology, rheumatology, diabetes, pharmacology, palliative care as well as mental health nursing. When you complete the course and acquire the certificate, you will be able to get a job as an aged care professional, community support worker, day activity worker or an in-home respite care worker which means you get many possibilities, including setting your pathway for nursing.

Along with meaning, you make an investment in your education and life. Therefore, getting the certificate means you get the chance to do a rewarding job knowing you can make someone’s ending years better. Nothing could replace the smiles of the elderly when you see them appreciating all your dedication and care and enjoying the comfort of your company.