Benefits of Adding Side Steps for your 4×4 Vehicle

November 9, 2021 — by Richard Dawson

Four-wheel drive vehicles are amazing, that’s for sure. They come with a lot of bells and whistles that most people will find immediately amazing. They are also a very versatile platform for installing new accessories, such as the side steps. They sometimes go by different names, such as side bars and nerf bars, and they’re often mistaken for running boards. They can easily provide a lot of advantages, as they’re generally an excellent accessory and upgrade for your car. They don’t take long to install, they’re quite affordable, and very sturdy too, which is only a small reason why you should have them installed.

 Easier Access

 A major advantage of 4×4 side steps is the sheer fact that you’ll be able to access your vehicle easier. That might not seem like such a big deal to some people, but it can actually make a huge difference. Even if you’re not movement-impaired in any way, simply being able to hop on the vehicle without any kind of struggle should be a huge boost. On top of that, installing 4×4 vehicle side steps will also allow any movement-impaired person to easily get in, and it also provides a grippy surface that won’t let you slip. They’re sturdy and durable, so you can easily lean onto them without any worry of them breaking, and you’ll be in the vehicle without a single hassle.

sides steps on 4x4 vehicle

 Exterior Protection

 When you’re driving on the open roads, dirt and rocks can easily shoot up the car. That’s an unavoidable problem because it’s down to Mother Nature, what you can do is prevent those tiny hazards from causing any damage to your car’s sides. The good news is that simply by virtue of having 4wd side steps your vehicle’s doors will be automatically protected. Part of the appeal of 4×4 vehicles is driving off-road. If you’ve ever had issues with dirt, rocks, and gravel damaging your car’s doors, then side steps are definitely the answer. They definitely provide more protection than you’d think.

 Streamlined Look

 While not a practical benefit, side steps can provide several aesthetic upgrades to your vehicle. This specific benefit is not so much a question of style, but rather, having a streamlined look that allows your vehicle to look complete in the sense it’s not missing any visual elements. That comes strictly from the fact that side steps give off a visual sense of your vehicle being closer to the ground. That might not be the case under the hood, but when looking at the vehicle from the outside, it will definitely seem to have a streamlined look that gives off a sense of completeness.

 Stylish Edge

 While we’re on the topic of stylish looks, vehicle side steps can be a huge aesthetical upgrade. While it sometimes serves a supplementary purpose, it will give your vehicle the aesthetical finish it definitely deserves. On top of that, you can mix and match your side steps with different colours and aesthetical styles so that you’ll be able to find a look for your vehicle that will absolutely feel completely yours. And all that can be achieved from something as simple as the side steps. Before you know it, you’ll be planning all of your visual upgrades around the side steps because you’ll definitely love the aesthetic boost they can give.

side steps on 4x4 vehicle

 Easy Cleaning

 This benefit is two-fold in that they’re very easy to clean and that they allow your vehicle to be cleaned easier. The reason for that is that if you step on dirt or grime, the first thing you’ll do is step on the steps. Even if you’ve stepped on something as thick as mud, almost nothing will make its way into the car so you’ll have far less work to clean on the inside. That can save a tonne of time and money because if you’ve got dirt and grime inside the vehicle, you know it’s a complete hassle thoroughly cleaning everything. That’s also not to mention how easy to clean side steps really are.

 Protect Your Knees and Back

 Getting in and out of 4×4 vehicles can be a problem sometimes. That’s because a lot of them are taller than the average car, and you have a vehicle that’s designed to handle the Australian outback, then you definitely know that can be a problem for some people. Getting in and out can cause some issues with the knees and the back that on their own might not be that significant, but once you factor in everyday stress, the aches quickly pile up. Simple by having something to lean on as you’re getting in and out is a huge health benefit, and you’ll immediately see why.

side steps for 4x4 vehicle

 Running Board Difference

 Just like side steps, running boards can serve as an extra stepping surface to get in and out of your vehicle. But they’re different than side steps in how they mount on the rocker panels. They’re mounted flush and don’t leave a gap as side steps do. Moreover, they’re generally a bit wider and feature a flatter profile. Running boards feature a tread that runs throughout their length instead of step pads. They’re commonly found on SUVs and larger pickups, adding to their aesthetic value and providing an extra step.