Fun Hobbies to Try with Your Kids

November 3, 2021 — by Richard Dawson

Not many things can bring you closer to people as having a common interest or sharing a hobby. And sharing a hobby with your kids is truly spending quality time with them. Hobbies have always been important, but with anxiety and stress becoming such a huge problem in the world, and with us being more and more separated by screens, even if we are sitting together, they have become a necessity. So, it’s no wonder that we hear about them more and more. Depending on your children’s age and their interests, you can choose many different types of hobbies. Here we are going to talk about three hobbies, which are similar in some ways but quite different in others, and that can be interesting for different types of personalities.

For the Competitive and Restless


There are a lot of activities you are probably doing with your children, whether it’s dancing, walking, running, playing catch or any physical activity. However, sharing a hobby is something that’s a step further. It’s finding a common interest, something that may last a lifetime, something that will come with a lot of unique benefits. If you love cars, racing or, you specifically love remote control cars, the RC world is diverse, fun, and definitely, something that is attractive for most children, and for a lot of adults.

It’s also a great option if you are looking for a common pastime that will keep your child engaged and active. This hobby offers a lot of different opportunities for activities you can do together. You can race against each other, you can go to events, you can repair cars or build models, and so on. You and your kids can pick an RC car model of a vehicle you love, one similar to your regular vehicle, or you can go for something that your little ones love. In any event, the RC hobby is truly fun, and it’s certainly one that can hold children’s attention.

This means that it can give you the opportunity to spend more time with your kids, and, more importantly, that they will be able to reap all the benefits that come with the hobby. Having fun and playing is, of course, always beneficial for children, and for adults as well. But RC cars, in a way like educational toys, are also good for their cognitive development, as well as developing better motor and social skills. Plus, it’s a great hobby to help you teach your child about responsibility, collaboration, healthy competitiveness, etc. And while working on your RC car model with you, they can also learn about the basics of mechanics, which may spike their interest in science.

For the Creative and Quiet


If your idea of a fun time is more on the creative side, and if your child loves spending time creating art then this can be your focus. A lot of children like doodling, colouring, drawing, sketching, painting, and so on, so, while you may not be able to make this your common hobby, something you do together, learn together, and get better at together, modelling or sculpturing can both be great alternatives. You can easily find the modelling equipment you need to start this hobby. Besides art supplies for modellings like clay and tools, are fairly inexpensive, compared to paraphernalia for other hobbies.

Plus, modelling, is also quite simple to start and do, regardless of your age, your skill levels or your natural talent. Hobbies like this, are very fun, but more importantly, they are excellent activities for mental health, both for children and adults, like all creative hobbies, as well as hobbies that keep your hands busy and require your focus. For kids, particularly, modelling and sculpturing are very beneficial. Creating figures helps them build finger, wrist and arm strength, and It’s good for their cognitive development, problem-solving skills, motor skills and dexterity, hand-eye coordination, etc.


Moreover, modelling lets kids be creative and make their own decisions. This boosts their individuality and independence, challenges them to stay focused and persistent and it helps them express their emotions. One of the most important reasons why sharing a new kind of arts and crafts hobby with your child is a good idea, is because you will introduce them to new forms of self-expression. Creating models and figures may help them learn their own tastes and interests, and even maybe help them discover natural talents. Aside from modelling or sculpturing, you can also try learning other types of creative skills as a common hobby with your children. For instance, you can both learn to knit, play an instrument together, make jewellery, origami, etc.

For the Nature Enthusiasts


There are many ways to get your children excited about nature, from going on walks to going camping. However, if you are looking for a hobby you can do together at home, one great option is gardening. Tending to plants, regardless of whether they are house plants, vegetables, spices, flowers, etc., is very beneficial for your mental and physical health. While an outdoor area is an advantage when it comes to gardening, it’s not crucial.

You can get lovely pots, or use any containers you have at home if you like upcycling, and you can start planting on your balcony, or you can go for indoor gardening. There are many ways to make gardening fun for you and your children. You can decorate the pots, you can experiment with plants, plant vegetables or spices and cook together, and so on.