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Brightness Transformation: Three Steps to Enhancing Bathroom Décor

June 18, 2019 — by Valeriya Vimon

Though often neglected décor-wise, bathrooms are rooms that deserve the same if not more attention when it comes to the style because we spend considerable time in them; just think about it, you wake up, you go brush teeth, take a shower, prepare for work, shave, put makeup on, then end the day by taking a relaxing bath.

Like it or not, the décor still affects us and playing the decor game is easy when you know you can count on the help of greenery, fixtures and playing with styles, though one aspect that’s not to be underestimated is brightness.

There are three ways you can work on transforming the bathroom with it: by counting on the help of waterproof roller blind for bathroom, changing the colour and changing the lighting.

The Blinds

Same as elsewhere in the home, the window treatments have a role bigger than that of just adding to the style, knowing they give you control of the natural light, privacy and even blocking out noise and insulating.

The bathroom seems to be a somewhat troublesome area for window treatments because of the humidity though when you get mould and mildew resistant fabrics there’s nothing to worry about; they’re easy to clean and maintain too.

Apart from providing you with the aforementioned benefits, the waterproof roller blind for bathroom is ideal for adding some texture and of course brightness to the room, especially if it’s the Clearview sunscreen option. These are the reasons why roller blinds are the treatment you can’t miss out on when wanting to wave gloominess and dullness goodbye.

The Colour

In case you’re aiming for more a drastic transformation, along with the choice of roller blinds colour, take the colour of the room as a whole in consideration. When you’re planning on a budget, you can’t exactly have the freedom you want to have going as far as changing bathtub, shower cubicle, counters and floor tiles but it’s no reason to give up on change altogether.

The answer lies in paint and you can make of it a fun DIY project where you get to do all the painting, further cutting down the costs. This includes painting the walls, ceiling, even the furniture, from counters to vanities, just remember to be careful with the brush, particularly if your bathroom is small and there are more chances to mess up.

Great colour options that would make a difference brightness-wise other than white are bright yellow, blue, peach and green. They’re ideal for adding warmth too though if you’re striving for a mix don’t exclude wallpapers!

The Lighting

You can’t consider you have enough brightness and warmth unless you include the lighting in the project. Thankfully, there are many options both in terms of bulbs and fittings so you’re sure to find what suits your taste most.

The LEDs in warm white in a combination with dimmers are the perfect choice when you want to have control of setting the ambiance.