Car Seat Covers: Important Step to Preserving Your Vehicle Interior

August 19, 2020 — by Richard Dawson

Like vehicles themselves, car seats have also become more and more advanced with a more ergonomic design, materials and controls. Along with car seats their respective accessory (covers) has also progressed, maybe not as much, but it has come a long way. Car seat covers were first introduced in 1932, 5 years after the first seat cushion was patented. Before there were car seats, there were flat bench seats. After the second World War, vehicles came with bucket seats – a more comfortable and stylish upgrade that had to be covered with a cloth like-fabric to protect it from wear and tear.

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In 1969 cars started featuring pockets and so did seat covers. Covers with a tight fit were introduced in the 80’s thanks to elastic bands which made them even more popular. Car seat covers saw a boom in the 90s as different features were being introduced as well as cover patterns and styles. This trend continued in the 2000s and of course 2010s and now we have covers that match the interior with features that can make your ride way more comfortable than it already is.

Benefits of Car Seat Covers


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Car seats on most modern day vehicles are more comfortable than their older counterparts. By installing proper car sit covers you’ll be able to make your car ride even more enjoyable. Not only can you get a seat cover with a more comfortable fabric but you can also add some functionality. This could be a cover that can heat the seat or massage you after a hard day’s work.


The sun, kids and pets are able to damage your car seats, which can not only look unappealing but it can also make your car seats less comfortable. With car sit covers, you can not only protect the seats from UV rays or your dog but you can also protect them form everyday wear and enhance their lifespan.

Simple & Easy

Apart from being an affordable accessory, covers are also easy to put on and take off thanks to the elastic band that hugs the seat which keeps the cover firmly in place without making it difficult to remove it.


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Since covers are easy to install and remove they are also extremely easy to maintain. All you need is a towel, some water and about 5 minutes of your time to make your car seat covers look as new and doing this on the regular will keep them that way.


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Now more than ever cover patterns and styles are virtually endless – from covers with the tackiest of designs to minimalist covers that can go unnoticed for someone who’s entering your car for the first time. You can surely make your car seats custom with today’s covers.

Can You Wash Car Seat Covers?

Seat covers can be washed with the majority of them only with cold water and mild soap. There are covers that are made to be machine washed, dryed and even ironed too. This should only be done if the manufacturer of the cover says so in its manual.

What to Look for in Car Seat Covers


There are three types of covers when it comes to the fit. Universal covers are what you’d expect them to be. These covers can fit on any car seat and are easy to install and take off too. Custom fit covers are made in different sizes and shapes and can be used on specific types of vehicles. Semi-custom covers fit a particular car model but they can also be used on other car models that have the same seat design.


Cotton covers are the best solution if you live in an area with a hot and humid climate. Cotton is a breathable and long-lasting material that can be machine washed and requires low maintenance. Neoprene covers are durable and water-resistant making them ideal if you live in an area where there’s a lot of rainfall. There are also different types of neoprene covers which are made of materials other than neoprene such as polyester and some that offer additional padding and protection from spills.

Sheepskin covers are best if you live in a colder climate since these covers are thick and soft, thus providing a lot of warmth. Saddle blanket covers are made of a woven fabric which has a western look to it and it is tough meaning it will last you a long time. Leather covers are the most luxurious looking covers and also the most expensive but they will provide you stylish seats that are easy to maintain. With leather seats there aren’t a lot of options since you can only go with brown or black. You can also find imitation leather seats that mimic the look and feel of leather and come at a lower price. These are available in different colours.