School Tents – Step Up Your Institution’s Safety and Entertainment Game

November 15, 2019 — by Valeriya Vimon

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Outdoor canopies and tents are a smart way to extend the space available to schools. From outdoor dining areas and classrooms to high performing sun protection, covered playgrounds and safe cycle storage – there is no doubt that school tents provide various benefits. These units can be installed over the walkways or outside of the classroom. They are designed to make sure that the students are safe from the inclement weather whenever they are outdoor. Ideally, outdoor canopies for schools should block direct sunshine, wind, and rain, making outdoor play possible at any time. These units are also great to use when setting boundaries, which ensures that the kids stay together. And besides that, they also make life easier for the teachers.

Extra Space to Learn

Investing in school tents will certainly provide you with more space you and the students can use. Considering the fact that certain subjects are best taught outdoors, canopies ensure that your students’ outdoor learning will take place without any interruptions. You will no longer have to worry that much about the weather conditions – these structures are a cost-effective way of creating extra space.

Improved Play Opportunities

Kids love playing and there is no doubt that these activities promote their development. Canopies make for better play opportunities. They are the ideal addition during the rainy season or when the scorching Australian sun is too hot to handle. Thanks to school tents, children will no longer have to be stuck in class every time the weather outside looks unbearable.

Colder Classrooms

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By having a canopy installed around a classroom, the indoor environment of that particular room will be much more pleasant. This is due to the fact that canopies provide shade for the windows and help reduce the temperature indoors. And besides this being great news for the students, it is also perfect for the school’s administration as they won’t have to invest in pricey air conditioning. Plus, having school canopies installed next to classroom windows will also reduce the effects of direct sunlight on the furniture inside. And let’s not disregard the fact that students will be also protected from glare on their screens, which will make it easier for them to use computers.

Dry Walkways

You probably haven’t considered this placement, but these structures can also be used on sidewalks. This makes it possible for pupils and staff to safely and carelessly walk to class whenever it is raining or snowing. And besides that, they also help reduce injuries and accidents that may occur when students run to avoid getting wet. Furthermore, consider installing canopies in waiting areas as well as for aesthetic reasons. In this case, make sure you buy high-quality units to so that you enjoy these benefits. As is with most things, before deciding on a specific model, your best bet is to shop around and look for a tent that has the desired features and aesthetics.

What Kind of Weather Are You Up Against?

The climate of the area in which the school is located is of great importance when choosing a school canopy. Make sure you have an idea of what kind of weather you will be going up against. Is that particular area typically facing heavy winds? Are there high chances of rain constantly? Will cold air be your biggest enemy? Or maybe excessive sunlight? Knowing the climate in the area of the school can help you pick the perfect outdoor canopy tent for your specific needs. Regardless of the elements, you should always go for a model that has a water-resistant roof and a rust-resistant frame.

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You may also want to consider investing in flooring, sides, side covers and gutters so that you are able to better manage any unwanted water or wind that comes your way. If the scorching Australian sun is your biggest enemy, get a tent with an UV-resistant fabric roof for peace of mind. Tents with sides are always a good choice as they can provide shade from all angles.

What Are Your Size Requirements?

When it comes to setting up tents for schools, size is a huge factor to consider. It is a given that bigger tents provide more space and can accommodate more people and objects. Nevertheless, they also typically cost more and take more time and people to properly set them up. Similarly, smaller tents have less volume and square footage but that also means that they are more limited in terms of shelter. However, keep in mind that smaller structures are also much easier to transport and therefore, easier to set up. Before buying, consider your school’s needs as well as the size of the property so that you can choose the right-sized outdoor school tent.