The Steps to Incorporating the Charms of the Outback in Your Outfits

April 8, 2019 — by Valeriya Vimon

Australia sure has plenty to offer to every traveller, whether it’s sandy beaches you’re after, perfect surf spots, unforgettable dining experiences at some of the many restaurants famous for the savoury meals and patisseries with mouth-watering pastries, but given the vast territory of scenic rocky parks and red deserts, the Outback is one that keeps attracting many with its wild beauty.

If you’re not exactly keen on exploring the Outback or don’t have the money to embark on a journey through the unknown, you can at least take its charms to the city by using some symbolic pieces in your outfits.

The Hat

The Outback became alluring also with the help of films like Baz Lurhmann’s Australia and it’s easy to incorporate the style you see in the films in your daily looks with accessories, starting from the Australian hat as a statement piece choosing from one of the most iconic hat brands Akubra.

Depending on the design and materials you’re after, you’ve got plenty to choose from without the worry the hat wouldn’t fit in with the rest of your outfit. It’s sure to give you some of the wild charm and make your look livelier, more fun if you will. Besides, it’s sure to protect you from the harmful UV rays too!

Australian hat

The Bandana

If you’re not up for dressing up entirely Outback, you could stick to more accessories; same as the Australian hat, the bandana is another piece that can spice up your outfit, it doesn’t matter whether it’s casual or smart casual.

The bandana is a great accessory for men and women equally, and you can have fun figuring out the ways to wear it. Other than around the neck, it looks perfect around the head too and can be functional in hot weather, preventing sweat. Additionally, it could serve as pocket décor.

The Belt

Now you don’t necessarily have to need it to be able to wear it. Many tend to view the belt merely for its functional aspect forgetting it’s an aesthetic piece as well that can complement any look. Available in a variety of materials, designs, colours there’s the right one for every taste, though if you’re looking for the rugged style, leather is the option to go for.

The Boots

You can’t say you’ve adopted the look unless you’ve found your pair of boots and what speaks Australian Outback better than RM Williams, right?! You can wear boots year round on different events feeling support and comfort every step of the way.