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The Multiplicity of Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Explained

April 26, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

There are many reasons why one could go on forever touting the benefits of spiral bevel gearboxes, the hardest thing being deciding which ones to ponder the most. In this article, we’ll try not to lose sight of the key facts that need to be highlighted as to gain firm basic knowledge about this old-fashioned, yet forever revolutionary invention. In addition, we’ll present our own suggestion in the light of the listed facts.

The proper function of a bevel gearbox is based upon a method called Klingelnberg palloidspiral gearing. The spiral tooth is the essential tool that makes the transmission of the high torques possible as it creates the contact. The material used for the making of the bevel gear sets is alloy steel of high quality and they are hardened afterwards so that maximum efficiency can be reached.

Vogel spiral

This reliable and quite tangible technology is implemented in many industries and there is a countless number of manufacturers offering their gearboxes. However, since nothing beat German technology – they speak the language of quality, efficiency and affordability combined, our suggestion for industries that are looking forward to their expansion is to opt for nothing less than Vogel spiral bevel gearbox.

Apart form being a German company that is offering only high quality products in the field of gearbox manufacturing, Vogel’s standpoint is developing energy-saving instruments, the efficiency of which won’t compromise the quality. The Vogel spiral works with the highest allowed limit in regard to thermal performance. It features friction-locked fit that is positioned between the bevel gear and the shaft.

Space and weigh efficiency are yet additional benefits of the sturdy, compact and rigid design. The motor of this gearbox is mounted by using lantern and coupling. Their main purpose in the industrial applications is increasing economic use when it comes to daunting industrial applications. This brand is well recognized due to their success in meeting special requirements: high speed and compatibility with various applications.

The most important thing that professionals always check is whether the clamping sleeve, the shaft and the bore are not covered with residual dirt. On the coupling there is a sticker on which one can find specification that state the level of the recommended torque.

It should go without saying that a Vogel Spiral Gearbox can save any industry money and time, it is the type of technology that can take the efficiency on a higher level all while empowering another device.