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3 Steps to Boosting Your Immune System Successfully

April 25, 2019 — by Valeriya Vimon

boosting immune system

Your immune system does a remarkable job defending you against microorganisms that cause illnesses, but sometimes it does need a little bit of a boost. Generally speaking, a healthy diet along with a regular exercise routine can make a great difference in giving your immune system the upper hand, but if you suspect that your diet is not providing you with enough nutrients to support your immunity, there are many types of supplements you can find in a reputable brick and mortar or online chemist shop. In view of this, let’s focus on three of them that have proven to work for many people.

Manuka Honey

manuka honey

The natural compounds found in manuka honey, a variety of honey made by the bees that live around the native manuka bush in Australia and New Zealand, can help your immune system fight off infections. That’s why it is not a rare case that a chemist shop would promote it as a super-food. The reason for that is a compound that stimulates the production of cytokines – small proteins that organize immune responses, such as the production of immune-boosting cells. If you are used to using regular flower honey as a natural sweetener, keep in mind that this one is much sweeter, denser and more concentrated so one tablespoon, twice a day would be the right dosage.

Olive Leaf Extract

olive leaf extract

Another supplement you can take to support your immune system is olive leaf extract made from freshly picked olive leaves. Laboratory studies say that oleuropein (widely regarded as one of the most important constituents of olive leaves), has proven powerful antioxidant effects which might be responsible for some of olive oil’s anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting properties. You can take this extract either in capsule or liquid form.


astragalus tea

As a plant, Astragalus is nothing new to the traditional Chinese medicine since it’s been used for centuries, but it has recently become widely used in many other countries around the world too. Apart from boosting the immune system, it can also reduce inflammation. In addition, thanks to the adaptogen (a natural substance that works with the body to regulate the effects of stress and fatigue), the astragalus root can protect you from emotional, physical, and mental stress – all of which can weaken the immune system. The astragalus root is most commonly available in capsule and tablet form, a liquid extract or as a tea made from root shavings.