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4 Easy Steps to Prevent Snoring

May 19, 2022 — by Valeriya Vimon

We all know how difficult and annoying snoring can be. If you’re a snorer, you’ll experience breathing pauses through the night, morning headaches, gasping or choking at night or some chest pain. If you have already gone through something like this, your best bet is to see your doctor, as they can help you overcome this condition.

Many factors can cause snoring: the anatomy of your mouth, if you have a thick and low soft palate, if you consume alcohol before bedtime, if you have a crooked partition or chronic nasal congestion and your sleeping position. But there are ways you can fix this problem and have a good night’s sleep once again.

Chin Strap

An anti-snoring chin strap is a contraption that you wear under the chin and is usually made of stretchy material or neoprene-like fabric. It stretches around your head and holds your chin while you sleep. This way, it holds your mouth closed and prevents snoring. This stops air from going to and from your throat, reducing the fast fluttering that is the main source of snoring. A snoring chin strap may not be the greatest option if you snore through your nose because it is designed for mouth snorers.


There are many options, and a strap that works for your friend might not work for you. You’ll need to try out different ones to get to the perfect chin snoring strap for you. You’ll come across different designs and levels of adjustability. Also, some of them are more comfortable than others, depending on the material they’re made of. Some have a sizing chart and can be small, medium or large. These chin straps are easy to clean and maintain, plus you can store them without taking up a lot of space.

One chin snoring strap can last at least a year if it’s made out of durable materials. But experts recommend replacing it after 1.5-2 years at least. Always look for a manufacturer that works with warranties, so you can replace it or get it fixed if something happens. People often combine this strap with other devices such as CPAP machines or nasal sprays. One disadvantage of it can be the discomfort it may provide until you get used to it.

CPAP Machines

A CPAP machine, or continuous positive airway pressure machine, is a device that helps you breathe better at night. Its engine generates pressurized steam, passing through an air filter and into a flexible tube. After that, you get purified air into your mouth or nose through a mask that is fastened around your face. The constant flow of oxygen allows you to sleep comfortably and breathe easily.

Over time, manufacturers developed technologies that make these machines even better. They work for everyone no matter the age, sex or how long you’vee had the problem. CPAP machines have an algorithm that recognizes when and how much help you need breathing. This algorithm detects your breathing pattern and accommodates your needs, so you don’t have to keep waking up and adjusting it yourself.

These machines are quiet and often have a light sensor that adjusts their screen brightness, so it doesn’t interrupt your sleep. They have a humidifier installed so your mouth doesn’t go dry and make you feel uncomfortable. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain. You’ll need to rinse off the mask and the tube with warm water and mild soap to get the most effective therapy that’s also hygienic.

Snoring Mouthpiece


A snoring mouthpiece works by gently moving the lower jaw forwards. The tongue-base musculature, and the lower jaw tissues, change their position and behaviour, and they can no longer relax into the back of the throat. When you wear it, it clears the airways and eliminates snoring. This provides a more comfortable and enjoyable night’s sleep. There are two ways to fit a snoring mouthpiece.


This method works by putting the mouthpiece in a hot water bath. This will soften the material and make it flexible or waxy. After that, put the mouthpiece in your mouth, bite down hard and hold it like that for a couple of seconds until you feel that it hardened.   This creates an impression of your teeth and ensures that the mouthpiece fits properly. At last, you rinse it with cold water and is ready to use. This fitting procedure can be done as many times as you need, and the product will last around 18-24 months.

Custom Made

To get a custom-made mouthpiece, you’d have to go to the dentists, and they’ll take the impression of your teeth. These pieces are very precise and adapt to the position of the jaw. The only disadvantage is that it can be expensive to make it.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Besides buying these devices to help you with snoring, you can also change your sleeping habits and lifestyle. Trying some of these things can help you a lot, and because every person is different, different things will work for everyone.

Sleep on Your Side

Many people snore when they sleep on their back, so doctors often recommend changing their sleeping position and starting sleeping on their side. The placement of the head makes a lot of difference. You can try to place pillows to help you get this habit and prevent you from laying on your back. 

Lose Weight

Experts recommend that overweight or obese people lose weight as soon as possible. The fat around your neck makes the diameter of the throat smaller, which can trigger snoring. So, by losing weight and the fat around your neck, the chances of reducing snoring are big.

No Alcohol Before Bed

Drinking alcohol before going to bed increases snoring and causes obstructive sleep apnea, even in persons that don’t have it. Alcohol loosens the muscles, including the ones on your throat, and causes snoring. So, either reduce it to one or two drinks or cut it off completely.

Change Your Pillows

Allergies from dust mites that accumulate on your pillow can also cause snoring. The best way to avoid this is to replace your pillow every 6 months and put it in the fluff cycle every couple of weeks. This will keep it clean and dust mite-free.

In Summary

Snoring is a very annoying and very dangerous condition. It can lead to serious diseases and health problems if you don’t treat it on time and regularly. Try to change your bad habits and lifestyle and see if that helps. If you don’t feel a difference, try some of the snoring devices that will surely help you get a goodnight’s sleep.