The Benefits of Glass Water Bottles

May 18, 2022 — by Valeriya Vimon


Whether talking about losing weight, building muscles, being thirsty or anything else, the first thing we do in these situations is to drink water. Staying hydrated is essential for our health and well-being, and drinking the needed amount of water per day is one of the things that’ll keep your body running. Even if you don’t feel the need to drink water, having a water bottle next to you might help you stay on track for achieving the needed amount. Speaking of water and water bottles, consuming fresh and clean water is essential for staying healthy and hydrated, and it seems that the easiest way to have an access to clean water is by keeping it in a clear glass bottle.

Benefits of Using Glass Drinking Bottles

Water Tastes Better

The one thing we know is that plastic water bottles are a huge No-No when it comes to drinking water. Even if made from the safest possible plastic, still, there’s a chance for a leak of chemicals at some point in time. This can mainly happen if the water is exposed to direct sunlight. On the other hand, stainless steel or some other metal bottles can give water that bad metallic flavour over time. And you can literally feel the taste when drinking water from a glass bottle for a week or so, and then going back to drinking from a metal bottle. Luckily, glass is made from natural and abundant raw materials like soda ash, sand and limestone which explains the reason for its numerous benefits. Glass is a material that doesn’t retain flavour and the water will stay in the very same condition even if kept in it for a day. So, yeah, glass drinking bottles are superior containers that are the first choice when it comes to choosing quality water bottles that won’t change the taste of water.


Won’t Leach Chemicals

As we already mentioned, plastic is a material well-known for its possibility to leach chemicals into the water. But did you know that some metal bottles can leach chemicals as well?! While metal bottles like stainless steel can’t do that, unfortunately, some other metal bottles like aluminium can leach aluminium in the water and then into your body, and they’ll stay there forever. Unfortunately, if a bottle is made of aluminium, the chances it contains plastic are huge, which doubles the damage. Glass water bottles, on the other hand, are perfectly safe as they don’t contain any chemicals during their process of production. So, no BPA, aluminium or any other harmful substances that can disrupt the hormones in your body.

Better at Keeping the Environment Safe

Even though stainless steel is considered a safe metal option for making water bottles, still, it can emit high levels of carbon during the production which pollutes the planet. So even when recycled they aren’t as safe as glass bottles. Glass bottles can be melted and recycled endlessly for making new glass bottles or other glass products. And the best part is that their quality will always be the same. Plus, they don’t leach any chemicals during the process which is great for the environment.


Durable and Long-Lasting

While it’s true that glass is prone to breakage, you can opt for the ones that come with a silicone sleeve for added protection. Precisely this sleeve makes them super durable, so, even in case of a fall, the glass bottle won’t break. Additionally, glass on its own is long-lasting and can last a lifetime even when used and washed on a daily basis.

Dishwasher Safe

Speaking of washing, glass water bottles allow being washed in the dishwasher and at the highest temperature. By doing that, you can have peace of mind that your water bottle will be completely clean and sterilised. Well, this is another great advantage glass bottles have over stainless steel bottles. While stainless steel bottles allow being hand-washed, they aren’t dishwasher safe which means that you’ll constantly have to wash them by hand. Unfortunately, washing them by hand may not allow you to completely clean the bottle and any residues in it can be harmful to your health. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with glass bottles and precisely this benefit makes them more hygienic than any other water bottle. So, to give you an answer to the most commonly asked questions about water bottles ‘Are glass water bottles healthy?’ and ‘Is water in glass bottles better?’, the answer is yes. Water does not only tastes better, but drinking water from glass bottles is healthier as well. And even though glass is a natural material, it also seems that glass bottles are also more affordable than stainless steel bottles which is another bonus you can add to your list of benefits.