3 Steps to Finding the Right Dog Playpen and How to Clean It

December 11, 2019 — by Richard Dawson

Every dog owner wants to provide the best for their dog and while sometimes they can frustrate us with their canine habits, they are still dear to our hearts. when it comes to giving your dog the playtime it deserves without worrying about its safety as much, you can get a playpen. While this may look like you are caging your pet, if you know what to look for and keep its environment tidy, your dog will have plenty of room to do some of its daily activities without feeling left out.

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Where you want your dog to roam safely is going to be a determining factor for the construction of the playpen. In case you want to place the dog playpen inside, make sure it doesn’t take up the majority of a room and that it doesn’t prevent your dog from having its everyday exercise and play.
Also, for indoor playpens, it’s best that you go with a floor-friendly surface that won’t cause any damage and it should also blend in with the interior. If you want to place your playpen outside, then make sure it is waterproof and strong enough to withstand the elements, but if you are not sure whether or not you are going to stick with the initial decision, you can always go with a playpen designed for both environments.

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Obviously the bigger the pen, the more freedom your dog will have but this also means that the price tag is going to be higher too. You should look for dog playpens that can allow your pet to play around without feeling trapped and there should also be enough space for food and water bowls, a dog bed and some toys too.

If your dog is big and hyperactive, the best option would be to go for a wooden or steel playpen but if you have a small dog that doesn’t jump up and down most of the time, you can always go with plastic playpens. If your dog likes to chew on stuff, getting a plastic playpen isn’t recommended as it can get damaged very easily, so steel is the best solution in this case.


A pen should also be easy to set up as no one wants to spend a lot of time on that and also try to avoid playpens that need additional tools to set up. Lightweight playpens are always a plus but if you go with a big steel playpen that won’t be the case. To get the best of both worlds, go for aluminium pones as they are lightweight no matter the size and have about the same strength as steel playpens. If you are going to be putting away the dog playpen frequently, go for a foldable one with simpler design – this will allow you to clean it more easily.


Regular cleaning will not only keep everything looking good and tidy, but it will also contribute to both your dog’s and your health. A good rule of thumb is to clean and disinfect the playpen every week even if it is a portable one, but depending on your dog’s activity this can vary.

Every cleaning sessions should start by removing all the bowls, toys and other items inside it so you can dispose of the waste and clean everything properly. Rinsing the dog playpen is next and for this it is best to use a hose if you have a portable plastic or steel (wire) playpen, but if you have a large indoor playpen this won’t work. In that case, you should rinse the playpen with warm soapy water and then wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

Good scrubbing should always be a part of the routine no matter what type of material your playpen is made from. Using your usual go-to cleaning agent in your kitchen and some elbow grease, give the walls and floor some love – a hard bristle brush is ideal in this case. When you are done rinsing the whole thing, once again use warm soapy water and a clean cloth and let the playpen dry off completely – it is best to leave it in the open air.

Once you are done with the playpen, it’s time to clean your dog’s belongings. Bedding and blankets can be put in the washer after you give them a rinse with hot soapy water and the toys and bowls can be cleaned using the same cleaning agent you’d use for the playpen.