Animal Alert: Steps to Take to Prevent Unwanted Visits from Animals

December 20, 2019 — by Valeriya Vimon

Animal lovers don’t think they’d ever find themselves in situations where they wouldn’t take the animals’ side until unwanted animal visits happen or worse, become frequent to the house.

It’s easy for neighbours’ domestic pets and wild animals (e.g. hares, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, mice) to become pests and start destroying things in your yard, garden shed and home, or even pose a threat to your well-being like getting visits from snakes, so it’s okay to want to protect your home.

There are many ways you can do so without harming the animals hence you wouldn’t have to worry about the well-being of your unwanted visitors, and no, it doesn’t make you less of an animal lover either if you take some measures! Now, let’s go through some of the steps you can take to ensure your safety and privacy.

snake and bat repeller


No matter what animal problem you’re dealing with or trying to prevent, there’s the right type of electronic animal repeller for you. Unlike the good old chemical sprays that aren’t that effective and have to be applied and reapplied time and time again, this is an alternative that works on a battery as in the example of deterrents with accumulatory battery that get charged by solar power.

They’re much better than motion activated sprinklers too since these can be annoying to you and your pets (if you have them). The fact that they’re solar powered means they’re eco-friendly and using them wouldn’t affect your energy bill.

Along with this they’re great to be used around children, pets, and wild animals because they’re harmless as they work on vibrations and sounds depending on the model and the animal you need them for.

Given that not all animals are the same, to answer the question do animal repellers work, they do, but depending on the animals’ reactions and size, you might want to consider the size and features of the electronic animal repeller.

Then again, the choice might also depend on the size of your property, and in cases like keeping snakes away from your home, it’s advisable to use more than one or two deterrents at the same time, four to six if the property is large for better result.

When in doubt on how to use them, how to best position them specifically, some online stores have detailed info about this along with having all the features listed, as well as the warranty and reviews, so shopping online also makes for a great purchase.

electric fence for snakes

Shield Your Home with a Fence

If you’ve had more unwanted visits already, it can surely feel like times of war when you’re on the lookout for the “enemy” day and night so why not do what ancestors did when they wanted to protect their homes and build a sturdy fence.

When dealing with animals that jump or dig, you have to pay attention to the size of the fence as well as the installation, preferably about one or one and a half feet of the fence buried and more than five feet above ground to keep them away.

A quality electronic animal repeller that’s created with the principles of latest technology and a top-notch fence are much better solutions than resorting to keeping a dog or a cat as your guards outdoors because they might end up in danger themselves or in the best case scenario they could befriend the visitors.

Cleanliness is Key

You’d be surprised how much of the problem can be taken care of when maintaining the outdoor space spotless. Wild animals are attracted by food, both from your garbage and trees in your yard, therefore it’s essential to always clean the area, not leaving out any fallen leaves, fruits, vegetables or nuts and always keeping your garbage in the garbage can.

Having in mind there are animals that would do anything for food, even go inside your garbage cans, it’s crucial to choose a robust model with a secure lid. Likewise, if you have pets, make sure not to leave any pet food outside.

Don’t forget to count on your gardening skills too because having grubs in the yard that you’re not aware of could also invite the animals; check for them, see whether they’re feeding on your grass and get rid of them if they are. In case you’re dealing with squirrels, you’d want to trim trees to prevent them from entering your home.

garden with flowers

Cover Up

When you have areas that are easy to get into, like spots under the garden shed, the patio, vents, the chimney or water surfaces like ponds and pools, it’s necessary to cover them up because animals looking for a warm place to stay in the colder months or thirsty ones wouldn’t hesitate to break in.

It wouldn’t be that difficult to cover them up using chicken net, chimney caps, steel screens and specialised pond and pool covers – affordable, easy to install and durable enough solutions to protect your home.