Steps to Choosing the Right Bed for Your Large Dog

March 25, 2021 — by Richard Dawson

Pampering your dog with its own bed is as important as teaching your dog good behavior with the help of the right tool. Although dogs won’t mind laying their heads down literally anywhere around the house, it’s fundamental that your dog has its own space for napping and sleeping at night. The choices for dog beds are huge, and although smaller dogs can fit almost in any type of bed, large dogs, unfortunately, can not. Usually, they are twice as big or maybe more than small dogs, (depending on the breed), which also explains why you can’t just toss the bed anywhere in the house. Just like the dog, a bed of this kind will take up a lot of floor space, which is why you need to choose the right size, so you could find its ideal place.

What Is the Best Dog Bed for Large Dogs?


Without a doubt, the best dog beds for large dogs are the ones of the right size and the ones that feel cosy and snuggly. But in order to choose such a bed for your dog, first, you should observe your dog in order to find out what it likes.

Measure Your Dog to Find Its True Size

The ideal way to measure your dog is while sleeping, as this is the time when it’s peaceful and lays down comfortably. Take the measuring tape and start measuring your dog from the tip of its nose to its tail. Once you have it, add around 25cm in order to determine the ideal dog bed length.

Choose a Bed According to Its Sleeping Position

The Superman

Sprawled out on the tummy, this position allows your dog to pop up and be on its paws right away since your dog probably doesn’t want to miss a chance to be in any of the action. By sleeping in this position, your dog is probably taking up as much space as possible, so what you need to do is to choose a comfortable bed. The ideal dog beds for large dogs like your own superhero are pillow beds and mat-style beds. They are large enough to accommodate stretched-out limbs but cushiony enough to ensure comfiness. The filling of this bed can vary between different brands and manufacturers, and memory foam cushion beds are especially a great choice. The memory foam will mould beautifully to contour your dog’s big body, giving it the support it needs. The benefits of choosing such a bed are many, but the most important thing to have in mind when choosing such a bed is to get one with a washable cover. That way, you’ll be able to keep the bed clean and tidy with little to no effort

The Doughnut


The doughnut is a common sleeping position that involves the dog circling in one spot. That way they look as round as possible, resembling a doughnut. It has been said that this is dogs’ favourite sleeping position when the weather is cold, but some of them love sleeping like that since it makes them feel safe and protected. The ideal beds for such dogs are round beds that have side padding or square beds with higher side padding.

The Belly Up


No matter how funny or strange it may sound, but some dogs really love sleeping on their back with their tummy up. Given the fact that both its tummy and intimate parts will be exposed, it surely takes a lot of confidence to sleep like that. The ideal large dog beds for these dogs are the trampoline-style dog beds and beds that have lots of padding to support their spine.

The Flip Side


Just like humans, dogs also love sleeping on their side and flip sides whilst sleeping. They love sleeping with their legs flopped out, and if there is something against which they can position their back, even better. If your dog loves sleeping in this position, you should consider the idea of choosing a bed with bolsters or padding. You can also consider the idea of investing in a padded cushion/pillow style bed as these beds give a lot of support to the hips and shoulders.

Think of Your Dog’s Special Needs

One thing is certain, the older the dog, the greater the chances of it having a health issue. However, regardless of age, for one reason or another, dogs can have a health issue, just like humans. So if your furry friend has one, make sure to choose an orthopedic bed. Usually, these beds are mat and pillow memory foam beds which are great for dogs with sore joints, spine problems, arthritis, etc.

How to Clean a Large Dog Bed?

Just like us humans, dogs can also be sensitive to some detergents and cleaning supplies, which is why cleaning them properly is essential. While vacuuming the cover frequently, you should also spot clean and wash the bed properly and regularly. This is essential not only for preventing the bad odour but also for the health of your dog.