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How to Extend the Life of Your Tom Ford Sunglasses

March 23, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon

Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories in fashion. But unlike most other accessories which we only wear to make us look great, they also serve an entirely different and much more important role – protecting your eyes and sight from the sun and the harmful ultraviolet rays. However, even though there are more affordable pairs of sunglasses that may do a great job at keeping UV rays away from your eyes, if you are someone who loves fashion, you probably don’t want to miss out on the opportunity and wear something unique and bold, like Tom Ford shades.

The Unparalleled Style of Tom Ford Sunglasses

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Tom Ford’s sunglasses come in some attractive, interesting and original designs, offering beautiful opportunities for enhancing your fashion style. Aside from their beauty, they also offer exceptional quality, with materials produced by the international standards for sunglasses. But being so fashionable has its price. And with Tom Ford’s sunglasses being so expensive, whether you have a pair, or you are just buying one, you should learn as much as you can about keeping your sunnies safe, prolonging their lives, and available spare parts like Tom Ford replacement lenses.

Finding the perfect sunglasses, a model which you like and which you think complements your face and suit your fashion style, can sometimes be really hard. Nevertheless, if your budget has allowed you to look at some of the best brands, and your favourite pair is Tom Ford, it can be devastating if something happens to it.

Taking Proper Care of Tom Ford Sunglasses

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When you are buying fashion accessories which are quite expensive, learning how to keep them safe is very important, not only to protect your own budget but also because fashion should be an art form and not a superfluous hoarding activity which creates too much waste for our planet to bear. So, of course, knowing that you can buy replacement lenses for Tom Ford sunglasses if the originals are damaged is a relief, but what are some ways to keep it from happening for as long as you can?

The first important tip regarding sunglasses care is to always store your pair away from the sun when not in use as the UV rays gradually destroy the coating and may damage the colour of the frames. That said, make it a habit to always put your shades back in their case and never leave them lying around. Also, avoid keeping them at places where there is high heat for prolonged times, like in the car during summer.

But while all these simple tips work great when it comes to protecting the frames, it’s a lot more complicated when it comes to protecting the lenses which are especially susceptible to damage.

Prolonging the Life of the Lenses

When it comes to caring for your Tom Ford lenses, the first thing you need to do is protect them from scratches. Though some lenses are more resistant to scratching than others, regardless of the price and the quality of the lens, there aren’t sunglasses that are indestructible. As you know lenses get dirty pretty easily. This is because they pick up oils from our skin, residue of makeup and other cosmetics, but also grime and dirt from the outdoors. In the summer when you wear them more often, you’ll probably need to clean them almost every day.

Remember to avoid using fabrics that can create micro-scratches on the glass, like the go-to thing most of us use for glass cleaning – our t-shirts. You should also avoid using chemicals that can be harmful to your lenses, such as alcohol, vinegar etc. The best and easiest way to clean your sunglasses properly is with a little bit of dishwasher. Simply run warm water over your sunglasses and soap your fingers with some dishwasher and rub the lenses with the soapy fingers. If you prefer using a cleaner instead of a dishwasher and water, only use approved lens cleaners.

Furthermore, learn how to properly put your favourite sunglasses on and off your face. Instead of always holding one arm, try getting them by the piece that goes over the bridge of your nose. That way you can avoid stretching the lenses, as well as loosening up the frames or bending one arm. However, good sunglasses can be adjusted. Also, don’t forget to learn about proper care of different types of lenses etc.

If Everything Else Fails, Tom Ford Replacement Lenses Can Come to the Rescue!

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Even the highest quality lenses can get damaged and lose their ability to provide UV protection over time. In fact, sometimes your lenses may be damaged without you realising it for a long time. This is because scratches aren’t always visible. If you are having a hard time cleaning your sunglasses, and it seems inexplicable, or if they cause you eye strain all of a sudden, this may just be the case.

This and many other things may indicate that you need replacement lenses for your Tom Ford sunglasses. While there is a debate about whether scratched lenses can lose their ability to protect you from the UV rays, the one thing that’s for sure is that scratches, even small ones can cause headaches and eye strain. And if you are a proud owner of a nice Tom Ford sunglasses model, you want your gorgeous accessory to only bring you joy.

You can also get replacement lenses for Tom Ford sunglasses if you want to make a small or big update on the lenses, or, in other words, add or remove features. For instance, you may decide that you want mirrored or polarised lenses.

The most important reason you should replace the lenses instead of just tossing your Tom Ford sunglasses away is nature preservice. Repairing instead of throwing away is obviously the more environmentally conscious option. So, by keeping your pair of sunglasses safe for a long time, and then repairing them instead of throwing them away, will save you time, money and a fashion treasure, and at the same time will allow you to lead a greener lifestyle.