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Adult Sex Toys Worth Making Some Noise

May 18, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

So, you overheard your neighbours having more fun in the bedroom? We all want to be the loudest in the bed, however, sometimes all the sparks die and if you don’t do something about it fast, it can break your relationship. Well with just a few clicks, you can search for adult sex toys online However, to ease the search for you, in this article you are going to find useful tips how to ignite your sexual desires both yours and your partner’s.



The first thing that comes up when you search for adult sex toys online are dildos. A toy that has been used even 3 millenniums before. You probably do not know that even Cleopatra had a dildo and even a vibrating one. History says she was a smart woman and indeed she was! Inside the wooden dildo, she put dozens of bees and sealed it and voila – she had vibrations. Today you can find different types of dildos: big, medium and small, yet the technology incorporated there will wake up Cleopatra from her grave! You can choose the vibration type, the tempos and even some dildos come with a clit-arouser offering a chance to experience multiple orgasms.

Vibrating vaginas

We do not need to use pie to feel a wet vagina these days. In fact, the kinky part of technology has offered men the right way to satisfy themselves – a vibrating vagina! This contraption is so advanced that will offer you a chance to use lubricant and vibrate allowing to experience pleasure in those dark and dry days, where women are busy and you do not have any luck.


Whether you are on an expedition on the North Pole, or you just plain lonely, a blow-up doll will make you feel a lot of blow ups (if you know what I mean). However, having a sex doll while having intercourse with your partner, can only lead to another level of pleasure. Why not use the doll on yourself while your partner can have a break and enjoy a fellatio from you at the same time. Just imagine what you can do, on the bed – the most creative place on earth.

Bondage equipment

Handcuffs, whips, rope balls, collars and mask, oh it’s Vanilla Ice movie all over again. Those fetishes can become reality, you and your partner will go to another level of love, another level of a relationship. Not many couples practice this, just imagine how deep your love can go.


In conclusion, with this equipment, you will make so much noise that even the cops will show up at your door, and that is a good thing! Going 69 or whipping, you and your partner will experience so much pleasure that at the end you would not want to stop!