Kitchen Utensils Every Cook Needs

May 18, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

Every good cook knows that in order to make the kitchen an enjoyable and easy place to work, having the right kitchen utensils is essential. And each of them has those few items they just can’t live without – the tools they use over and over again until they are practically falling apart.

Kitchen Utensils

Can openers, graters, cutting boards, spatulas and knife sets, these are just some of the many kitchen utensils for sale available out there. Selecting the right ones is important as this will have a great impact on your preparation time and frustration level in the kitchen. The quality of the utensils is another fact to keep in mind as quality kitchen utensils are designed to make the most laborious task easier and quicker with minimal mess and waste, hence facilitating your life in the kitchen.

If you are cook looking for kitchen utensils for sale, here is the list of the vital tools you will need in your toolbox.

Kitchen Utensils

Can Opener

A can opener is one of the most used items in a kitchen. From canned vegetables to soups, beans, and chillies, even fine cooking requires a can opener from time to time. If you decide to go manually, look for can openers that feature ‘comfort’ handles and easy-to-turn cutting wheels. But if you want the convenience of electricity, electric can openers are also available.


While slicing a block of cheese can be a fairly easy task to do with a knife, grating it can be a problem without a handy grater. In addition, you can use a grater to grate more than only cheese. You can use it for grating potatoes, carrots and any other vegetable you want.

Vegetable Peeler

Peeling vegetables with a knife, although possible, can be frustrating and difficult to achieve. With a quality vegetable peeler in hand, you will be able to peel potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and more in no time and your fingers will be safe as well.


Flipping different kinds of food by using a fork aside from been inefficient is also dangerous. Plus, the metal fork can cause damage on the cooking surface. Use a quality spatula instead to turn over thick foods like fried rice, or to flip pancakes or to mix scrambled eggs.

Wood Spoons

When you use metal utensils to stir foods in nonstick pans, you scratch the nonstick coating off. Using wood spoons will prevent scratch and prolong the life of your pans. Choose to buy a set with varying handle lengths and you will be ready to mix anything you want.

Wire Whisks

This is an essential kitchen utensil to whip up fluffier eggs, lump-free sauces and light-as-air cakes.

Quality Knife Set

Don’t waste your money on low-quality cutlery. Although buying a high-quality knife set may require a higher initial investment, its lifespan and cutting ability will prove it is worthwhile.

Cutting Board

You will need to choose a good, sturdy cutting board for all your chopping needs. A bamboo cutting board is a good option as it is sturdy, Eco-friendly, easy to clean and doesn’t warp easily.