Stemless Wine Glasses for the More Practical Wine Lovers

June 29, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon

People who enjoy life can’t imagine tasting a mouthwatering meal without the company of the distinct flavour of a good wine. There is something about wine that captivates generation after generation and we have ancient civilisations to thank for paving the road for winemaking. There’s no doubt that wine has reached the status of an essential party drink. A sip of it contains a great deal of magic, instantly transporting you to sunny regions such as the likes of Tuscany and Bordeaux.

Stemless wine glasses

To all the wine lovers, there is more to wine drinking than meets the eye and the process of choosing the proper glass is just as exceptional as choosing the right wine. We see the exquisiteness of glasses during weddings and gatherings, but why should they just be reserved for specific occasions when you can make your home drinking into an enjoyable experience as well with the adequate glass. There is an extensive variety of glasses designed for this purpose and you can easily find the ones to match your needs from the many choices online as you can read through their informative descriptions, with wine glass stemless in design being the one you should be after. Though wine connoisseurs will argue that a stem one is the proper choice simply because it keeps your body warmth away from the wine, there are reasons as to why stemless glasses are just as ideal.

You might think a glass is just a glass, however, these are designed accordingly to the different types of wine. If you are more of a fan of the flavours of red wines, you have to have in mind this kind of wine requires enough space and air which is why you should be after glasses with a wider bowl. In the case of a white wine preference, you are probably aware most white wines are kept chilly, so it’s logical the glasses created for them are narrower in shape to be able to preserve the coolness. Wine glass stemless models will surely make your wine drinking a more special one as they will become part of both your important moments and the relaxing ones.

You know how easily breakable stem glasses can be, and this is what makes the stemless types more durable. They are easy to maintain, offering stability, so there is not much chance left for a spillage, thus they help you save on detergents for removing stains from your precious rugs, clothes and furniture. Unlike stem ones, they are also easier to store and you won’t have trouble finding the right place to keep and showcase them. Sit back, relax and let your palate indulge in some quality wine.