Step-By-Step Kids Scooter Buying Guide: Scoot Your Way to the Perfect Family Outing

July 19, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon

I used to have a lot of problems walking with my two boys; they’re both very lively sort to say, and they’re always goofing around, running like crazy and disobeying me when I scream at them to calm down and hold my hands. I didn’t know how to solve this problem until a friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful idea: putting them on wheels! You may think that restless kids on wheels are a lot more dangerous, but on the contrary. Naturally, you’ll take your kids to ride their scooters in the park where no vehicles are allowed. Also, when they’re slowly driving their scooters, you won’t have to be afraid of them falling off and breaking a leg or an arm, which often happens when they run like nuts.

Micro Sprite Scooter

Yup, a 2 wheel scooter for kids did solve my problem right after I managed to learn how to choose the right one. Believe it or not, scooters have all kinds of features that make them differ by brand and type. It matters a lot whether your kid is 2, 3 or 13 years old because apparently, a scooter for a two year old is not the same as the one suitable for a 13 year old. Starting from this point, I made a research on the points one needs to consider before buying a 2 wheel scooter for kids.

If your kid is between 2 and 7 years old…
You can actually introduce your kid to the world of scooters starting from the age of 2. These scooters are actually a lot smaller and lighter as they need to suit the child’s height and weight. Have in mind that children in this age are generally beginners in the world of riding a scooter, so it’s best that you include beginner’s safety equipment as well. Also consider the use of a three-wheeled scooter if your kid is 2 years old, because these are a lot easier to master when trying to learn how to ride. If your kid is over 4 years old than a 2 wheel scooter for kids is the option to go with, as it will instantly allow your kid to get used to the two wheels.

If your kid is above 7 but not older than 13…
Scooters for this age group are a lot different. They;re bigger and heavier, according to the kid’s age, size and weight. Also, there are no three-wheeled scooters for kids in this age category. It’s presumable that the kid is able to ride the two-wheeled scooter. Also, a kid above age 10 probably masters the scooter quite well so he’ll be able to go to school with it and accompany you without any additional care while you walk in the park. How convenient is that? Your kids don’t bother you, you’re able to walk in the park for hours, enjoy and still have them around. Ah, heaven.

So, to conclude it all, don’t stress about your family walks being disturbed by an injury or a crying kid because his brother doesn’t play with him. Put them on wheels and enjoy while they amuse themselves and enjoy manipulating their scooter in all directions.