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3 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Gift: Seductive Plus Size Lingerie for Her

March 5, 2019 — by Valeriya Vimon

Nothing says „I love you“ like buying a piece of sexy lingerie for your better half regardless of the occasion, right? However, although the desire for seeing the excitement on your girl’s face may be real and the intention to get her something that she’ll really like is genuine, in most cases guys have a hard time finding the right pieces that will be just the right style and fit for their partner. Even more so if they are looking for womens plus size lingerie.

But worry not, this is why I’m exactly here – to give you some tips on what to pay attention to when shopping for womens plus size lingerie that will leave her in awe and inspire her to give you a night you won’t forget. Let’s get to business, shall we?

1. Pay attention to the colours she loves wearing most

Of course, you should definitely factor in what you want to see your lover in, but it’s also safe to consider what colours she wears most and what’s her style. Think about it, does she wear mostly jewel tones or pastels? Does she look sexy in red? Or do you prefer seeing her in white sexy lingerie looking like an innocent goddess? Pay attention to the clothes she wears when she goes out to dinner with you and start from there.

2. Be a little sneaky and look in her underwear drawer

Being sneaky in this case will pay off big time. You can see what kind of underwear she prefers – whether cheeky shorts or thongs. And while you’re there, check the sizes she wears and the brands she likes most. Pay specific attention to the pieces that are at the front of the drawer as those are probably the ones she wears and likes most.

3. Consider her overall style and taste

Some women love wearing super feminine and romantic clothes while others prefer a more sophisticated or darker look. So yes, my advice is, if you want her to feel good in her skin and confident in how she looks, buy her something that’s similar to what she already has. That way she will wear it frequently and won’t feel like you’re trying to get her to change her style.

Bottom line is, different women have different body shapes and different styles, and most pieces of lingerie look different on plus size women. After all, size is just a number, so when buying a present for your girl, besides the three things that I mentioned above, consider also what would you like to see your lover in and maybe go with the choice that excites you. Go get your gift today and make your girl the happiest in the world.