3 Steps to Getting the Adequate Fishing Rod and Making the Most of Your Favourite Sport

September 1, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

Fishing has been present for as long as we know. It’s an essential part of the Bible since Jesus brought abundance to people and allowed them to sustain their lives by becoming fishermen. Though primarily it was used as a means of getting a healthy delicious meal on the table, in centuries it has grown into a sport of its own and to this day it brings about relaxation around the world.

You feel fed up with life and your energy is completely drained? You want to bond with your family and friends but don’t know how to make the time for that? You wish to get away from your surroundings for a while and be somewhere else? The answers lies in fishing. It will be the energy booster you need and the perfect opportunity for a fun family gathering in the great outdoors as you marvel at the beauty of nature.

Fishing Rods

It might seem like it’s a monotonous activity that doesn’t require that much effort, but assuming that would be as wrong as assuming yoga only requires sitting in one spot all the time and staying motionless. Unless you fully engage in fishing and use specific techniques and manoeuvring, you won’t have any kind of fish to fry at the end of the day. Among the most important aspects of why it’s such a pleasant pastime choice is that you get to work on your patience. Of course, there are times you’ll spend too much time waiting in vain, only to have the fish slip away once you catch it. Instead of getting angry and start breaking whatever comes at hand (your valuable equipment for instance), you could view these situations as lessons that can be of use further in life.

Before you actually head out to the nearest river or lake, you should be aware that a fisherman is nothing without the use of a fishing rod; well, except for those really skilled ones who rely only on their bare hands for a catch. There are all kinds of fishing rods you’ll find, so you can rest assured you’ll acquire the exact one you need. However, having such a vast variety of choices can be a bit confusing because you might not know what to pay attention to when you’re making the purchase, so here are three steps to help you through.

First things first, you have to be sure of the purpose of your rod. Considering there are different kinds of fish, you’ll have to use different rods so it’s important to know your target. You can’t expect to catch a salmon using the rod you usually catch trout with because there are high chances it will break. In the same aspect, you have to know the place where you’ll go fishing: will it be the vastness of the ocean as you surf fish, or will it be the small lake nearby? This will determine the length of the rod you require.

The next step is looking for the right amount of power. This is related to the weight of the bait as well as the weight of the target fish. As we mentioned in the first step, the kind of fish you’re after can be your fishing rods purchasing guide. For bigger fish you’ll need to have a more powerful rod that won’t easily bend or break unlike the one for small fish. Flexibility plays a role here as well. If you’ll be fishing for fish which do move a lot, you’ll do best with a slow-action rod that quivers equally in all parts, whereas with a sensitive fast-action rod you’ll only see tip movement.

Last but not least, consider the material of the fishing rod. The best kinds of rods are those that are composite because of their durability and flexibility. The all-time favourites, however, are graphite rods as they are suitable for most anglers and they are powerful enough to catch large fish as well. Make a wise purchase and you’ll have a fishing rod that will serve you for years to come.