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3 Ways to Dress Up Your Blank Walls

October 6, 2022 — by Valeriya Vimon

Decorating a blank wall is a challenging task, even for interior designers. There’s no simple solution to this age-old puzzle in home decoration. There are countless ways to style the blank slate of your home, and the best choice will depend on the space available, the nearby windows and furniture, the amount of effort you’re planning to invest, as well as your personal preferences.

That being said, I hope that the following three ideas give you some inspiration to beautify the blank walls in your home.

Create a Striking Ambiance with a Wallpaper

wallpaper design blue
Source: urbanroad.com.au

While home design trends come and go, wallpapers have always been on top of the trends list. They’re a great alternative to conventional wall paint, as they’re available in countless stylish prints that will last you for years. Here are some of the advantages of installing wallpaper in your home:

Available in many styles and colours – Wallpapers come in a variety of prints. My personal favourites are these soothing blue wallpaper designs that range from simple patterns to botanical prints and even abstract landscapes. They beautifully incorporate motives from nature and bring a relaxing ambient to any part of your home, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom.

Long-lasting – Another major advantage of wallpapers is their longevity. If you install it properly, a standard wallpaper should endure at least 15 years. After 7 years, the blue wallpaper I installed when we moved into our new house still looks as good as the first day. However, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, make sure to take proper care of your wallpapers.

Classy – Wallpapers are still considered uncommon and one-of-a-kind by some people. This is because they’re used to conventional wall paints. So, including a distinctive design, such as a blue wall paper mural on your walls is a great option if you’re looking for a sophisticated and unconventional design strategy.

Cost efficient – Since wallpaper is durable and lasts for many years, you won’t need to replace it frequently. This means that wallpapers are more cost-effective.

What to Consider when Choosing a Wallpaper?

As stylish as wallpapers are, you need to take a few things into account when selecting one for your home:

Colour scheme – Find a wallpaper pattern that goes well with the room’s general colour scheme. If you’re interested in blue wallpaper decor have in mind it goes amazing with neutral colours, greens, and earthy tones.

Natural light – Note the temperature and natural lighting in the space. It’s safer to utilize darker hues when there’s a lot of ambient natural light,

Water resistance – Wallpapers enhance your bathroom décor and bring a lot of visual interest. However, before you decide on a design, make sure that it can withstand humidity.

Get Creative with Your Wall Décor

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Source: urbanroad.com.au

Certain rugs look so gorgeous that it feels tragic to place them on the floor. Rugs are the ideal three-in-one design solution for any bare wall that needs some texture, colour, and warmth. Go large and bold or tiny and modest, but make sure they are correctly hung so that gravity doesn’t ruin your woven pieces of art.

Check out the variety of traditional oriental rugs that will bring your blank wall to life! These rugs are available in wide a range of colours and patterns. They’re intricate, mysterious, and chic, making them great conversation pieces for your living room. Couches and rugs complement each other like peanut butter and jelly because they both serve the purpose of making a space more comfortable. Choose a traditional rug in a warm tone to create a soothing ambiance in your space.
You can accessorise any space with beautiful and detailed decorative rugs. Some carpets are created with such meticulous attention to detail that it would be a pity to leave them on the floor where they would go unnoticed. Make a one-of-a-kind centrepiece and add charm to any décor by hanging your rug on the wall. For instance, instead of laying a prized antique carpet or souvenir rug from a recent trip on the floor, why not hang it on the wall to maintain its beauty and lengthen its lifespan?

How to Hang Your Rug

There are a number of different ways to hang traditional oriental rugs, and the ideal one will depend on the size, weight, and the area where you’ll display it. A few common methods include using Velcro tape, a curtain rod, or clips.

Although hanging a rug on a wall isn’t difficult, it does need some planning to make sure it’s positioned properly. Regardless of the mounting method you choose, you must start with a thoroughly cleaned rug before deciding on the carpet’s orientation. It won’t matter for some carpets which side is up or down, but for others, especially ones with intricate patterns, the placement on the wall is really significant.tt

Decorate with Wall Art

Art prints are my last suggestion for spicing up your bare walls. A well-designed art wall conveys the elegance and standards of the home’s owners as well as the home itself. Walls filled up with lovely artworks improve the look of your home, boost your mood, and promote relaxation. The presence of attractive wall art transforms dullness into joy, creativity, and improved living. Only a few carefully chosen stunning wall art décor items will bring about justice to your blank walls.