Crossfit: The Steps to Making it Part of Your Lifestyle

January 18, 2019 — by Richard Dawson

Don’t you wish to find that magical pill that would make your body fitness dreams come true? I know I do! Sure, there are people blessed with metabolism that burns a great deal of calories, but the rest of us are struggling to get a hold of our weight.

Truth be told, without a little sweat, no pill or change of diet can lead to the best results, so like it or not, exercising should be part of your fitness goals. Thanks to how universal crossfit is, ideal for people of all age and physical fitness, it’s the perfect workout to keep you motivated and best of all is it offers plenty of variety, so you’d have no excuse blaming it on the same old routine.

If you’re more of a person who prefers working out alone instead of in groups, you could still exercise at home, in your own comfort. All you’d need is some basic equipment to assist you, as in the case with weightlifting and the necessity for a crossfit belt to give you the much needed core and lower back support.

Crossfit Belt

The reason this makes an important piece has to do with the fact much of the exercises involve weights, except for bodyweight-only like push-ups, squats, and hip raise, meaning it’s advisable to invest in rack for the bar, weights varying in sizes (but nothing too heavy if you’re a beginner), a crossfit belt, dumbbells, kettlebells, rings for muscle-ups, plus rubber flooring for protection and your gym is ready.

What’s great about these pieces of equipment is they don’t take up too much space, so even if you don’t have a room that you can use specifically as your gym, you can at least create a workout corner because apart from the racks for the bars, you’d be able to easily store the other pieces. In the case with the rings, you can put them up anywhere using vertical space instead of floor.

In this age of internet, you’d be able to find many videos online that would teach you the specifics of crossfit, give you insight into the training, different exercises you can do, but it’s still advisable to talk to a certified crossfit coach and take an introductory class.

Given that it’s strength training, and how easy it is to push yourself too hard, it’s important to know your body limitations and don’t do more repetitions in a short amount of time if you feel your body doesn’t cooperate. Likewise, don’t forget to warm up prior to the workout and stretch well afterwards, and to be on the safe side check with your doctor to see if your health is up to the challenge.