From Dream to Reality: Steps to Buying the Perfect Land for Your Dream Home

June 21, 2023 — by Richard Dawson


Building your dream home is an exhilarating journey, and it all begins with the perfect piece of land to bring your vision to life. From picturesque countryside settings to bustling urban landscapes, the right location sets the stage for the home of your dreams. In this post, I’ll walk you through what you need to know to buy the perfect land for your dream home. So, if you plan on moving, get ready to embark on a journey that will take you from envisioning your dream to making it a reality!


3 Steps to Removing a Dangerous Tree from Your Property

September 15, 2020 — by Richard Dawson


To save Mother Earth, planting trees  is crucial. They remove carbon dioxide from the air, absorb gaseous pollution and hold pollen, dust and smoke on their surfaces. They also provide an enjoyable green view that experts recommend for eye resting. But, what happens when the tree is old, sick and poses risks to you and your neighbours?

Dead or dying trees or branches can fall at any moment, not just during severe weather and storms. So, they need to be properly removed. Since this is a very dangerous and time-consuming task, it’s not recommended for homeowners to do it. Contacting a tree removal service would be the recommended thing to do.

The following three steps can help you deal with a dangerous tree as to avoid causing harm to your or your neighbour’s property.

Recognise the Signs of a Dangerous Tree

A professional tree removal service company can help you decide if a tree should be removed. But before contacting the tree experts, there are some signs that you can check yourself first.

professional arborist inspecting the tree base

Inspect the Base of the Tree

Start from the bottom of the tree. The three roots can be a solid indicator of a tree’s health. If you notice that the tree’s roots are noticeably damaged or decaying, this can suggest that it has lost his structural support. This tree can fall anytime. Make sure to also look thoroughly at the base of the tree where it meets the ground. If there is any space between the tree and the ground, a new lean may have occurred. This means that the tree can be structurally unsound and in great danger of falling.

Additionally, a professional tree expert can determine if the tree has been rotted or eaten by insects. If you notice that mushrooms growing on the ground at the base of a tree or even on the tree itself, this may be an indication of major problems in the roots or the trunk, so you might want to call a professional tree removal service as soon as possible.

Analyse the Tree Trunk

The tree trunk can contain most of the evidence if a tree is dead, infected, sick or rotting. If the trunk is missing large pieces of bark, you should be concerned. The cracks, crevices and cavities in the trunk can also indicate that a tree is no longer structurally sound. However, cavities don’t necessarily mean that a tree must be removed. The smartest solution is to consult a professional tree expert who can advise you if a cavity or crack has become too large for the tree to sustain.

Examine the Tree for Leaning

It is not uncommon for trees to lean naturally. However, a leaning tree can be an indicator that the entire tree is dead or dying, and may fall soon. If you can, go to an area from where you can observe the whole tree and examine it carefully for leaning. If you notice that the leaning progresses, better contact tree removal company for advice.

a leaning tree

Check the Regulations

Before taking further steps, it’s not a bad idea to inform yourself about tree protection laws in Australian states and territories. Many of the trees are protected under the ACT TreeProtection Act 2005. The legislation differs two types of trees: a regulated tree and a registered tree.

A regulated tree is a tree that is 12 or more metres in height or more than 1.5 metres in circumference at one metre above ground level. Additionally, a regulated tree can have two or more trunks that are one meter above the level, with a total circumference of all trunks being 1.5 metres or more. The crown can be wide 12 metres or more.

A registered tree is a tree that has been identified as exceptional because of its, cultural heritage, landscape and aesthetic or scientific value. These trees are listed on the ACT Tree Register or Provisional Tree Register.

So, before removing or pruning trees in your garden, check if you need development approval from the Tree Protection Unit at the Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) – this includes the trees in your backyard. You can consult a tree removal company that can explain to you all the details.

professional arborist cutting a tree

Find a Professional Tree Service

The last step of your tree removal journey is to find a trustworthy company that can successfully remove the tree from your property following all the procedures. Such a company should have a highly experienced staff that can do a free on-site verbal assessment, so you can get a clear image of what you are dealing with. If the tree cannot be saved and needs to be removed, the tree removal service company can carry out a risk assessment and tree removal plan, remove or cut the tree safely and even arrange traffic management if required. Make sure you choose a company that would also tidy up the mess and remove all the marital from the site, as well as complete all necessary tree removal paperwork required by your local government.

Since tree work requires a high degree of training to meet nationally recognised safety standards, make sure that you hire a tree removal company and tree workers that hold relevant licenses or tickets for the task they are carrying out. Also, the tree company must have adequate insurance so that you are adequately covered for any damage. Ensure your tree company has a workers compensation insurance policy within the State the work is being carried out. Make sure you are not at risk of being liable should an injury to a worker occur.


Steps to Choosing the Best Commercial Laundry Detergent for Your Hotel

April 4, 2018 — by Valeriya Vimon


If you’re in the hotel business, you already know that your guests expect flawless, crisp clean linens. As a rule, sheets are expected to be fresh and comfortable, towels are also expected to be pristine and soft, and there’s no place for stains that can make guests question the hotel’s cleaning standards. For this reason, every hotel’s management team should pay a lot of attention to how the laundry is being washed.

If you handle the hotel’s laundry on-site, you should definitely do a research on what kind of commercial laundry detergent is best to use. And since your hotel probably has a variety of different types of linens that need to be washed, you need a good commercial laundry detergent that will be suitable for most of them – whether that means washing feather soft pillow cases or table cloths. Our tip is to look for concentrated detergents that are suitable for deep cleaning of all natural and synthetic fibres.

For the ultimate linen quality, choose a detergent that is effective in both cold and warm water. Washing linens with cold water is known to be much better than washing them with scorching hot water which over time can ruin their colour and structure, and possibly shrink them. On the other hand, cold washing can also result in a lower electricity bill as you won’t need to heat the water. Look for a detergent that promises the same results in all temperatures.

Whether a detergent is good or not – it all depends on the ingredients it contains. For instance, enzymes are a great ingredient found in commercial detergents. These biological catalysts speed up the stain removal process and can target a variety of stains – from grass to cooking oil and biological-based stains. Formulas that include oxygen bleach, sufactants, and sequesterants are very effective in sanitizing and brightening a wide range of fabrics and colours.

Generally, there are two types of laundry detergents to choose from: liquid and powdered. Both forms clean well, however, liquid detergents are more effective on greasy and oily stains. Powdered detergents tend to be less expensive, but they are not good for dissolving in cold water, which might be a problem. Lately, single dose pods have been very popular among homeowners as they are quite convenient to use (no measuring cups – always the exact dose). However they are the most expensive option for hotels as sometimes you might need to use several pods for a single extra large load.

And finally, if your hotel is fully occupied most of the time, your laundry service will be super busy too. In that case, it is best to buy large quantities of it. Purchasing your commercial laundry detergent in bulk is the best way to save money which you can further invest in new linens.


Moving to Australia: Steps to Applying for a Skilled Immigration Visa

September 29, 2017 — by Valeriya Vimon


Every country is beautiful in its own special way. Some have mesmerizing landscapes and pristine nature, while others can boast with a high standard of living. Australia is one of the lucky few that have both. A sunny, almost tropical climate and natural beauty, together with the many promising job opportunities, an unemployment rate of only 5% and one of the world’s most efficient health care systems is what makes Australia the number one destination for foreign migrants. And armed with the right set of information, you too can become part of the millions of people working and living in Australia.

Skilled Visas

Do You Have What Australia’s Looking for?

Australia is more than happy to welcome those individuals who can bring a desired skill that will benefit the country. Whether you are looking to settle temporarily or permanently in Australia, you should check whether your profile fits the list of eligible occupations created by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. According to this, you can apply for a Skilled Independent Visa 189, Skilled Nominated visa 190 or Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) Visa 489.

Besides having the relevant work skills, to qualify for a work visa you must also fulfil some additional requirements, such as:

  • be under the age of 45 at the time of invitation,
  • have competent English knowledge, usually shown through an IELTS test score,
  • pass a suitable skills assessment for your occupation by a relevant authority,
  • score at least 60 on the points test,
  • meet the general health requirements and character requirements,
  • do not have any debts to the Australian government.

Prepare the Necessary Documentation

Once you’ve checked that your occupation is part of the skilled occupation list and you are able to fulfil the rest of the requirements, the next step is to get the proper paperwork. Because it’s a complicated bureaucratic process with several steps, immigration consultants can help you make sure you don’t miss an important document or deadline. The law does not necessary require to use one, but like all life-changing steps, it’s always reassuring to have someone competent guide you along the way.

Moreover, Australian immigration laws change frequently, and missing even a tiny alteration can result in having your visa denied. Because MARA approved immigration consultants are required by law to stay up to date with the visa requirements, they can save you from making costly and time consuming mistakes. A MARA agent can also help you find the proper authority in your country to have you skills assessed. Your skills assessment report, IELTS scores, passport copy, birth certificate and other documents relevant to the visa you’re applying for, such as diplomas and previous work experience should be sent to the Australian immigration department in the form of an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Submit an Expression of Interest

This is the last step in the visa application process. At this stage, you should have all the other supporting documents neatly filled out and gathered. They will be the confirmation that the data you’ve entered in the EOI is correct. If there’s any discrepancy once you get to the immigration office, your application might be cancelled despite having received an invitation. The EOI is submitted via Australia’s the special online SkillSelect system. Once you’ve completed this, provided that you’re deemed eligible by the immigration office in your country, you’ll be invited to a meeting. If the verification assessment and all formalities go well, you will get your visa approved. The only thing you need to do from here is to pack your luggage and book your flight to Australia.


3 Steps to Successfully Tackle Your Office Relocation

September 28, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


It’s human nature to get bored with the surroundings every now and then, feeling in need of change, but when it comes to actually implementing that kind of change and relocating, that’s where we realise all the work we’d get at hand so staying put doesn’t seem that much of a bad option. Regardless of whether you’ve undertaken such a step before, having experience or not won’t help much if you don’t stay organised and let stress take over.

If you thought residential moving was complicated, wait till you see what commercial is like with many more people involved. Sure, it’s always time for celebration when there’s business expansion, but not so much when you have the worry of moving offices so it might not be the time for champagne toasts just yet; you’d better wait to get to the new place. Not saying residential moving is any less demanding, but there’s more at stake when it’s the case with your business. You can stall as much as you’d like to get everything packed with your home, but when your business profits, productivity and clients are all connected with the move, any stalling, even for a day, could mean considerable costs and loss.

Business Moving

First things first, no matter the kind of your business and the distance to the new office, your safe bet are certainly going to be business moving professionals who’ve had tons of experience. This way you avoid leaving matters into the hands of your coworkers or friends who might damage something in the process, not to even mention the potential risk of sustaining injuries – moving desks and tech bits and pieces can be challenging at times. Since there are many companies offering commercial moving services, it might be a bit confusing when it comes to knowing how to find the reliable one, but thanks to the Australian government’s ABN (Australian Business Number) lookup you can check if a company is registered. If it is then there’s no reason to worry as only registered companies can offer insurance for your belongings.

The second step that can ease the whole process is giving an insight to moving experts, so it’s important to do some planning before hand. Best way you can do so is by assigning tasks for everyone in the office. This can help you decide whether you’ll do the packing and unpacking yourselves or rely on professional help. It’s working in everyone’s favour, especially your business, to finish off with this experience in time thus making an inventory can put you steps ahead in the whole process. If you feel like there’s more than you can handle, you can always get a commercial estimator on site to do the math.

The last step is getting rid of unwanted items, same as you would do with unnecessary items you have at home in case you were moving. Whether you want to donate them or throw them away, you can be sure a moving company could also be of help in this case. This is your chance to decide whether you’re keeping the existing office furniture or disposing of it and replacing it with something brand new for your brand new space. When you follow these three steps, you can move stress out of your way.


3 Safe Moving Steps to Help You Organise at the Drop of a Hat

August 22, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


Back in the days, moving was this scary task that caused much stress in people because of all the time, effort and the money they’ll need to spend just to change the place they live in. While this was way back in the past, believe it or not, some people still stress about it even though it’s the 21st century and there are all kinds of ways to make these things much easier. That being said, moving has evolved from being a daunting, time-consuming and expensive task for the family of 2 (you and your partner because your kids are always busy) into a job for teams of 4 or more professional movers. That means, we drink coffee and enjoy while we pay some amount of money to people with developed systems to move all our stuff into our new home.

However, even though the entire procedure has been facilitated a lot, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to participate in it at all. You still need to prepare your stuff for being transferred and help with the packing as you want to know what went where. That being said, things can still become a little messy, so read on how to avoid a nervous breakdown and move without making a big fuss.

Packing and Moving

Step One: Talk to the Movers You Hired

It’s needless to say that for a smooth move you should hire a professional movers Sydney company. Whether you’re going to do an online request or find someone who has an office near you, it doesn’t matter. Once you decide you’re going to work with these guys, ask them to come and make an evaluation of all the things that need to be moved. They’ll tell you what can and can’t be done and of course, they’ll make an estimate of how much it would all cost you.

Step Two: Help with the Packing

Some professional movers Sydney wide offer packing services and some don’t. However, even if the company you’ll choose offers packing services, you’re going to want to have control over the situation. Fragile things, personal stuff and most importantly documents and valuables need to be taken care of by you. Don’t take the risk. Also, if you do use a packing service, make sure everything is packed according to a list so you know the content of each box. That way you can organize the delivery procedure and have all boxes ready to unpack in the proper room.

Step Three: Prepare the Final Destination

A.k.a – your new home. Choose a day or two before the move to go there and prepare everything for unpacking. That means you should clean the space, disinfect if you must to and generally make everything sparkling before your stuff come in. Then, simply start bringing the furniture in. After all beds and chairs are delivered, start opening the boxes. Since you’ll already have a plan of what will go where, you should finish unpacking in no longer than two days.

So, is moving into a new home possible in less than a week? With the right plan and a small investment in the proper help, it sure is.


How to Choose a Removal Company in Few Easy Steps

August 9, 2016 — by Richard Dawson


It can be a difficult task trying to find the right removal company for you. The first thing you need to do is find every company that is certified in the matter in your area. The trouble with this is knowing how you can actually find potential removalists. One way is by asking people you know about their own experiences with removal companies. It’s a great way to find out their opinion on a company first hand. You can also search your yellow pages as most directories even have websites now where everything is listed. You can also use a search engine where you will find countless results of removal companies that will do your move for you. There are plenty of ways to research removal Sydney companies, remember to write them all down or save the website for later.

Removals Sydney

The next step you should take is shortening the list of all the companies you found. It might consist of a lot of companies as there are a lot out there these days. You should consider ticking off the ones that can’t provide you with all the services you might need, so make sure you know what you need before you actually start ticking them off. You should find out if all the companies you wrote down will cover the area you are in as well as taking all your belongings to your new home. If a company doesn’t cover your area then you should tick them off the list as well. Next thing you should look for are reviews of the remaining companies you have. Any company with a bad review should be ticked off your list immediately. Last but not least, you should do a little research and find out of the professionals working are members of a professional association. This should narrow down your list quite a bit, you should enquire, and get at least three quotes if not more.

Some companies offer home surveys which are invaluable when it comes to choosing the right company. Arrange for at least three of the companies on your list to house for a home survey. Most companies offer to do this for free so they can give you a thorough consultation and discuss any concerns you may have. This is the perfect time to discuss what is important to you, any access issues you might have, any questions you want to be answered, how many things you will need to move, have it explained all in detail how everything will go, and anything else you can think of. This will also help you decide which company you like the most.

After all of that, comes the perfect time to compare the quotes you received. You want to take a long look at all the quotes to compare the prices. You should also make sure that you compare the notes you have taken and the different services that each removalist has offered. You should compare the services, the quality of the company, the volume they can carry as well as anything else you can think of. Really sit and think long and hard before you confirm anything. It is a really big hassle for a moving company if you cancel at the last minute so be sure in your decision! Hopefully, after sitting down you have finally made up your mind about a removal Sydney company that meets all the requirements needed for you to move. When you have chosen go ahead and book the company you like for the date you need. Hopefully, after reading this article you now the step by step process you should follow when deciding on a removal company.


Hiring Residential Moving Services is the First Step Stress-Free Move

May 19, 2016 — by Valeriya Vimon


It has finally happened! We bought a house, and we’re finally moving from our small apartment in a building with a rather disturbing look (don’t mind my detail-oriented eye, I can’t forgive things like an old, completely forgotten building facade). And while I can’t hide my excitement about our new home, my husband can’t stop getting nervous and cranky because of the entire moving process. He actually thinks I am going to leave everything on his back and worry later. However, what he doesn’t know, is that his otherwise perfectly organized wife, has everything under control.

I understand why he’s making such a fuss about the move – it’s a serious task. It requires time, organization, preparation and some heavy lifting, which means we’ll probably have to sacrifice an entire weekend in order to get everything done. But, from what I’ve gathered, if you develop a system and stick to it, moving won’t be such a scary task. Especially if you take advantage of the Holly Grail in moving: residential moving services.

Residential Moving Services

Stop Procrastinating – Get Organized!

You really can’t delay the moving process to eternity because you’ll be forced to leave your previous home eventually, especially if you’ve put it on sale. And if you wait until that moment comes, then you’ll really stress about it. So, start on time with the whole organization process: who will do the move and when? As for who, I strongly recommend you look for companies that offer residential moving services if you want everything to be done smoothly and efficiently. As for when, make a time schedule and stick to it no matter the distractions (and trust me, there will be so many of them: movies, gym time, guests, a small vacation etc.)

Stay Focused: Arrange, Pack, Label and Prepare

Don’t panic when you see all your stuff and furniture that have to be packed, and you have to do it. Even when you hire a company that offers residential moving services, you still need to prepare everything so it’s easier for you to organize yourself later in your new home. That being said, get plastic bags and bins and a bubblegum wrap and start packing things that are delicate, like the ones made of glass. Place them carefully in a box and label it. Labels can literally save your life when you start unpacking.

Finally, Take Care of Electronics So You Save Yourself from Headaches

Everything electronic will be unplugged and all cables should be carefully wrapped along with the device so you don’t go crazy afterwards thinking how to re-connect all of them. Make photos of how everything is connected and where should all cables be plugged-in. This will save you time and nerves later on.

With the help of these simple steps, I’m going to get everything transferred in our new home in no time. And afterwards, I’ll just arrange everything perfectly, clean the house and voilà – job flawlessly done.