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Steps to Calm Anxiety and Stay Relaxed

March 16, 2021 — by Valeriya Vimon

With so many people suffering from stress-related issues, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are so many products on the market for relieving it. The internet is flooded with different articles about fighting against anxiety, books are being written about it, whole businesses are developed around it, people are fighting with it so much that a lot of them decide to share their experiences to try and help others. And with so many options, how do we choose the best one for us?

Unfortunately, not everyone’s stress is the same, and not everyone can help themselves by doing the same things. Maybe that’s exactly why there are so many things you can try. Some people get relaxed by laying in a bathtub, and others need to burn off some steam and run or punch a bag. But many people have found that sticking with the basics helps them most.


Getting Relaxed Against Stress

It seems somewhat ironic, but yes, many people can get relaxed by trying or choosing consciously to be relaxed. There are many ways you can try this. You can get essential oils for relaxation and disperse them through the air, let the smell get you to some more relaxed place. Essential oils are great for this method because smell is a very powerful sense that affects our emotions, and you can take advantage of that to positively influence your mood and your state of mind, and in turn, get more relaxed.

If you decide to try relieving stress by getting relaxed, you can also try meditation. If you are new to meditation, relaxing essential oils can help you get focused, so that you can become mindful more easily. If you don’t like meditating, you can also try hobbies that get you to something similar to a meditative state, such as knitting, drawing, painting, sketching, colouring, solving a jigsaw puzzle etc.

Aside from essential oils for relaxation which can help you get to a calmer place, from which you can than get to a more focused place where your troubles are abandoned for a while, for many people music is the best road to relaxation. Listening to music we like can also have a very strong emotional response, which as a result can help us decrease our stress levels.


For some people, this may come naturally. You come home from work, you are stressed out, you lay down and forget about the outside world right away. Or you come home and you play the music you love, which makes you happy, calm, hopeful or any emotion you find satisfying, and your stress seems to melt on its own. Or you come home and you take a shower, and you feel as if you wash your worries away. However, if you aren’t one of those people, you can try as many things you want, and in as many combinations as you need.

For instance, you can try playing music, smelling a relaxing aromatherapy blend and colouring, all at once. This way you’ll stimulate four of your senses with something positive, which can have a great result, and help you melt the stress away. You’ll feel the relaxing smell of the essential oil blend; you’ll hear the beautiful music; you’ll see beautiful shapes and patterns which you’ll colour and you’ll feel the touch of the colouring pencils.

Getting Tired against Stress

For some people, all this relaxing stuff doesn’t really work. A great method for people who like to fight off stress can be to get active. Walking, running, punching a bag, dancing, working out, the feeling of getting stronger, the laboured breathing, the muscle pain, can all help your body fight off stress by giving you some happy hormones. Getting tired will also help you sleep, and getting a good night sleep is the best remedy against stress. And bonus, being active will help you stay healthy and fit.

Getting Organised Against Stress

You can’t predict what’s going to happen during the day that might set you off. However, while you don’t have control over all those things, you do have some control over your own day. For many people having small routines throughout the day can have a very positive effect.


Many people do this without realising, but if you aren’t and you need a way to calm your anxiety, you can try it. One thing you can do, to start your day calmly, is to make a small ritual about how you get ready for work. For instance, you can create a five-minute facial care morning routine, or you can create another self-care ritual, like a ten-minute morning workout.

Routines like this can give you a sense of discipline, of organisation, which can help you better deal with the chaos and the stress-causing things around you. Furthermore, self-care can have a very calming effect on people. When we take care of ourselves, we get more self-aware, self-confident, self-respecting. So, by taking care of ourselves, we may remind ourselves that we can do it, we can finish our job, or that scary task, we can tell what we think, we can stand up to bullies, that we are worth it, that we shouldn’t allow co-workers, or random people, or some unimportant situations to ruin our days, that anxiety isn’t some invincible monster, and that we can be calm.