The Products You’ll Need to Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

August 17, 2016 — by Richard Dawson

I’m sure we’ve all been through the “big responsibility” talk with out parents when we were kids and wanted to keep that stray dog we found on the street. Well they were right. It is your responsibility to make sure that your pet enjoys a healthy and happy life. Pets are not just some accessory that you use to get likes on Instagram or pick up chicks in the park. If you are not prepared to take care of your pet, you might as well download a virtual pet app on your phone, or go hunt Pokemon or something.

Whether you own a dog, a cat, a fish, some rodent, or even a reptile, you need to make sure you buy pet products that are necessary to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Dog and Frisbee

Let’s start with the toys. Toys can be a perfect tool both for entertaining and training your pets. When it comes to dogs, make sure the toy is just the right size. If it is too small, the dog might swallow it, too big and it won’t be able to get a firm grip. For serious chewers, go for hard rubber or nylon toys. For light chewers, vinyl and latex are a much better option. Cats, on the other hand, need toys to keep them occupied while the owner is away. Something that swings or dangles and triggers their hunter instinct is a perfect choice. It can be made from various materials, just make sure it’s durable and can take a lot of biting and scratching. For birds, some mirrors, bells, swings, and ladders are enough to keep them occupied.

Of course, every pet needs its own personal space to sleep, chill, or or do whatever it is they do. For dogs and cats you will need to get a bed, a cushion, or a crate, made from soft materials that will provide warmth during winter and keep them cool during the summer. Birds need a cage wide enough so they can spread their wings and fly, and also keep them safe in case you have some predatory pets (I am talking about you Mr. Snuggles. Bad cat, bad! Fish, of course need a aquarium with the right amount of water and all the proper filters and pumps. You can keep small mammals either in a glass or fresh air habitats, the same goes for reptiles, just keep in mind that most of them are ectothermic animals and require an additional heart source.

It goes without saying that all pets need food that contains all the nutrients they need. Healthcare is also very important. Furry pets need flea and tick control, dental care pet products for animals with teeth, and regular check ups at the vet. And finally, the most important ingredient for a happy pet is love.