Tips on How to Properly Store Your Caldwell Hunting Supplies and Gear

March 22, 2019 — by Richard Dawson

When the end of the hunting season is near, you probably just put aside your firearms and hunting supplies all in one place without paying too much attention to how they’re stored. This might seem like something normal for you to do, but what time can do to all these supplies when they are not properly stored can be devastating. I own a couple of pieces of Caldwell shooting gear and it would break my heart if something were to happen to my beloved items as a result of my negligence. For that very reason, I make sure to take good care of them and give them all the love they deserve. Here’s how.


Before you start putting away your gear, make sure you’ve checked it for any wear and tear it may have, especially the clothing. If you need some new clothes or gear just buy them right away as prices are usually low towards the end of the season. Although Caldwell shooting gear and supplies are made from pretty tough materials, if you’ve been using them mercilessly for a long time now, it would be better to get new ones. However, it all depends on your needs and budget.

Remove Batteries

If you are someone who uses a lot of new tech pieces, you probably have electronic devices like GPS, a radio or a camera. Simply empty out the batteries of every device and put them aside in a dry and dark place, to prevent corrosion. Even if the batteries still corrode over time, at least you won’t have corrosion inside the devices.

Break-Down Guns

Storing your Caldwell shooting gear and guns is very important as they can have some residue left even if you clean them between every hunt. It’s important that you break them down to all the working parts, including the barrels, and make sure you use some solvent to get rid of debris and residue in the bore of the gun. Run the brush from the breach to the nozzle a few times with subsequent patches, and after you’re done don’t forget to store your guns with the barrel facing upwards. This is done to avoid warping.

Replace Insoles

Believe it or not, your boots are something that you use the most during hunting season, so replacing the insoles and the end of one is a very good idea. All that stomping and merciless contact with the insoles doesn’t only generate wear and tear but it also creates some uncomfortable odors and moisture build-up, no matter how clean you may be. Replacing them with a new pair is something that will give your feet a new and comfortable surface and it will keep it safe from any bacteria that can cause infections.