Performance Exhausts: The Easiest Step Towards More Power and Efficiency

May 22, 2019 — by Richard Dawson

Installing an aftermarket performance exhaust system on your Mitsubishi is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to improve its performance and fuel economy. Stock exhaust systems are made for the average everyday driver. This means that they’re made using affordable materials that make the vehicle’s overall cost lower, they are silent-running and restrictive, and they don’t provide the optimized flow that you would get with aftermarket Mitsubishi exhaust systems. Here are some of the ways that aftermarket performance exhausts will take your Mitsubishi to the next level.

Mitsubishi exhaust systems

Eliminate Restrictions

The whole purpose of your Mitsubishi’s exhaust system is to push out the waste gases from your engine out the tailpipe as efficiently and quickly as possible. That being said, your exhaust pipes should ideally be restriction-free and your exhausts should flow freely out of your vehicle. However, as briefly aforementioned, vehicle manufacturers are looking to cut costs left and right, which results in the exhaust systems being manufactured using a pressing or crushing method, which is cheap and easy. Performance Mitsubishi exhaust systems are manufactured without cost-savings in mind, and they’re made using high-tech mandrel bending which utilises a flexible steel rod that’s inserted into the pipes to prevent them from pinching and crushing. As a result, mandrel bends help eliminate backpressure, thus restoring a ton of torque and power to your Mitsubishi.

Larger Pipe Diameter

Although properly bent pipes help improve exhaust flow for more power and torque, the size of the pipes itself can be a significant factor as well. Stock exhausts usually use small-diameter pipes for the aforementioned cost-saving reasons, which can choke your engine’s horsepower potential. Think of your exhaust pipes as a 2-lane highway for the exhaust gases. Surely, traffic would be better off if a few more lanes are opened up. This is what aftermarket performance exhaust pipes offer – larger diameter pipes which allow for higher gas flow.


Although not related to performance, the altered sound of your Mitsubishi will be one of the most noticeable differences when installing an aftermarket performance system. An aftermarket muffler will transform your Mitsubishi into a growling, rumbling beast, without having to crank up the engine’s volume. If an aggressive growl isn’t something you want, then you’ll easily find mufflers that tame your exhaust’s sound and make it more subtle without impairing its performance. In other words, you can still boost your Mitsubishi’s horsepower without waking up your neighbours.